Hi friends! Today I’m sharing our top homeschool curriculum picks for Spelling!

The curriculum I’m mentioning today are all things that we have used in the past and enjoyed. Hopefully they will help you get started when researching the best curriculum for your family.

Watch my Top Homeschool Spelling Curriculum Picks video here!


Here are links to some of my favorite Spelling resources:


Want more info? Stop by my Spelling Curriculum Forum where I shared some of my favorite resources and my community piped in with their favorites too!

And don’t forget to check out our COAH Community where we all share and discuss our favorite curriculum too!



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  1. Thank you for your review on Spelling you see, Erica! Do you recommend the Instruction Manual for the Americana Level? Also, how do I order through your website so you receive your small percentage?


    1. I almost never use the TM for the SYS levels. They’re pretty straight forward on their own! Just my opinion tho 🙂 You can click the link on my home page in the sensors section just scroll down a tad and thanks so much!


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