Hi everyone! I’ve had a ton of requests for a Jelly Roll Rug tutorial and so I’ve partnered with Roma Quilts to bring you this fun and easy tutorial along with my tips for sewing the Jelly Roll Rug!

Watch my Jelly Roll Rug Tutorial here!

I used 1 Full Jelly Roll and the finished size was approx. 29″ x 44″. But you can use more or less strips depending on what size you want your rug! This pattern is super customizable 🙂


  • Wavy or bowing Edges: If your edges are wavy you are probably too loose when attaching your new strips. If your rug looks more like a bowl than a rug you are pulling too tight when adding new rows. Try to keep an even tension as you add each new row onto the rug, this will help your rug lay flat.
  • Remove the rug from your sewing machine every few rounds and PRESS it and allow to cool flat, then continue on. This will help your rug keep its flat shape.
  • Place an extension table on your machine so that your rug is laying flat as you add your rows.  You can also use books and other objects to keep your sewing surface flat as you work.
  • Washing: You can wash your rug by hand or in a washing machine on cold water and delicate if you have that option. Lay flat to dry.


My Sewing Machines:



I hope those tips help and I would love to see your projects! If you post them on social media make sure to tag Roma Quilts and myself on Instagram so we can see what you’ve made!

Note: I’ve had so many questions about the quilt on the wall behind me! The barn blocks are from Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage book, and the baby pig, cow, and cat blocks are Lori Holt as well and can be purchased from Fat Quarter Shop.


  1. I am having problems with turning the ends; no matter what I do it would seem that the seamed edges wind up facing the wrong way…is that what is suppose to happen?

    Elizabeth Ann
    1. You have to try and keep the tension even when adding the new strip. If it’s too loose you’ll get wavy edges, if it’s too tight you’ll get a bowl shape. It also helps if you pull it off the machine every few rows and press, then let lay flat to cool before moving on.

  2. Looking to make the jelly roll rug smaller approximately 22 x 32
    Can you advise how many strips I would need and if I should cut them in half so I will have a variety

    Paula magnani
  3. I know this is a super old post but I only just found your you tube video. In the video you make a point of saying to keep a soft side and a sewn side together. Not two soft or two sewn. The only way to do this throughout would be to twist your fabric. Do I have to keep the soft against the sewn throughout it is it only the first few rows at the start?

    1. I fold the first row in half to get started since the first curve is so tight. That allows me to keep the sides with the folded edge out. But no, you won’t be twinning your fabric as you go, you want to keep it straight the whole way.

  4. Please advise me of the jelly roll used in the finished rug you showed at the beginning, not the one you used to demonstrate. Your tutorial was spot-on, I love your teaching style!

  5. Hi. I am trying to make my first rug. The roping went well. No needle break or thread break. Now for the zig zag I switched to a bigger needle and thicker thread. My Janome 8200 (Fred to me) does not like it. The thread separates and pull underneath. Changed the tension, now it’s worst. rrrr…. Can I use regular quilting tread? Help please

    Estelle Giroux

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