Hi everyone! I’ve had a TON of requests for the 2018-2019 year at a glance calendar page that comes with my dated planners.

Normally I don’t offer that page as a stand-a-lone but since I’ve had so many requests I decided to go ahead and make one for you guys.



I added some fun features to it so you can plan out your overall homeschool year, they include:

  • Start and End dates
  • Semester and Quarters
  • Holidays and Vacations
  • Field Trips


I also use a highlight to mark the dates as well so it’s easy for me to see them on the calendar. And yes, I use the same color highlighter as the topic boxes on the form as well just to make things simple Smile


Download the 2018-2019 Year at a Glance Pages below:


I hope these calendars help you in your planning!

Happy Homeschooling Smile


  1. Hello!

    I purchased the elementary version daily packet ( calendar learning/ weather stuff.. can they be re- sent to me? I didn’t read that the link expired til I tried to print them for school this evening. Thank you,

    Hillary beck
    1. Hi Hillary, yes we can resend them as long as your purchase was within the last two years, just send me an email 🙂 You can click the ‘about me’ then ‘contact’ link at the top of my blog.


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