Looking for some super cute and easy quilted pot holder pattern? Look no further! I have a whole set of fun and festive pot holder patterns for you! Today I’m releasing the Wonderland Sweets pot holder.

It finishes at 8.5″ x 8.5″ and is a perfect stash buster! This one features a mix of Sweetwater for Moda Christmas lines from my stash and I think it turned out sew cute don’t you?

I also used The Warm Co Insul-Bright for the batting. It’s a polyester batting with metalized polyethylene film inside to help keep your fingers protected from heat! It’s just like regular batting as far as sewing goes and is the perfect batting for these pot holders.

These are fairly beginner friendly, though the pieces are a bit smaller than my normal quilts so just make sure to be accurate with your seams and you should be good to go!

These also make really fun gifts too! Make all six patterns and gift to a friend, or just make your favorite and combine it with some cute kitchen utensils and a fun cook book for the perfect holiday gift idea!

Of course, they’re so cute you’re going to want to make a set for yourself too!

They’re super fast as well, and only take about 20-30 minutes to finish making them the perfect weekend project! Ready to get started?

Get your Wonderland Sweets pattern and start sewing today!

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