In last week’s Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway video, I featured my new steam iron, the Laurastar Lift Xtra Titan! As promised, today, I’m doing a full unboxing and review so you can see everything this amazing steam iron can do!

I’m sharing a few of my favorite tips too, so grab a cup of tea and join me for this fun review!

I have the Laurastar Lift Xtra in the Titan colorway, it’s a classic mat black finish, but it does come in other colors as well. It’s not only beautiful but a true powerhouse in my sewing room! It features the Laurastar DRY steam, which is perfect for quilting. Wet steam can distort, stretch, and even shrink your quilt blocks. With this dry steam that doesn’t happen, so no more distorted quilt blocks, just nice flat seams every time!


  • It’s compact, so it fits right on my pressing table.
  • The handy cord holder helps keep my cord out of the way.
  • It comes with a soul plate that reduces the temperature for delicate fabrics
  • The Dry steam purifies hard-to-clean areas from dust mites, bacteria, and fungi
  • Dual-Shut-Off Modes: 10 Minute Auto-Shut off OR Continuous-On mode
  • One heat, so you get the perfect dry microfine steam every time!
  • Uses tap water, so super easy to refill!

Make sure to check out the Laurastar website for more info, and use code: Erica23 for 10% off your order!

Watch my Laurastar Lift Xtra Titan Unboxing and Review video here!

Things I use my Laurastar Lift Xtra for:

  • Piecing quilt blocks
  • Steaming creases out of quilts that have been folded in the closet
  • Blocking knit and crochet projects
  • Pressing finished cross-stitch pieces
  • Steaming delicate fabrics like silk, satin, and tule (think prom dresses!)
  • Disinfecting curtains, mattresses, pillows, couch cushions, and more!

What would you use this steamer for? Leave a comment below!

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