Alphabet Activity Storage

If you downloaded my Letter Of The Week curriculum, you’re probably asking yourself what the heck to do with it all now…so, I’m not sayin’ this is the best answer, but its what I do for storage:


I already had these plastic bins from Lakeshore, so I used them. I think that hanging file folders would be good, or even a large Rubbermaid bin. You could also use Manilla Envelopes instead of file folders.


For the individual letter games, I use ziplock sandwich bags to keep all the game pieces separate. Then I put all the activities for one letter into a file folder, label it with the letter, and store all of the letter folders in a plastic bin. I also take out the rings I use to bind the little pre-writing books etc, so I can re-use them on other letters. Plus they’re bulky to store.


That way when we get to a letter, I just pull out that folder and all the activities are right there.

All these containers are stored nicely in my homeschool room armoire for easy access.

I’ve had a few readers come up with their own storage ideas and here is one from Mommy’s Little Helper. She used a binder and page protectors to store the letter activities in. I LOVE this idea! Thanks Heather!

So that’s it until I come up with something better. I’d love to see what other people are doing for homeschool storage! Leave a comment if you have pics of your space!


  1. Great idea! I am overwhelmed myself with the amount of stuff we have between both my boys! I don't want to get rid of anything because eventually my baby will use them. πŸ™‚

  2. I have pics on my blog, too. Feel free to take a look! I am learning that it is always a work in process….I am always changing things and my husband thinks I'm a loony toon b/c of it! Right now, I have my storage in our front hallway closet, so I have our letter activities in small gift bags labeled with the letter on the front and then I hang them on hangers!

  3. you must have read my mind! Just this morning I was thinking that I need to get some manila envelopes! What to do with all the envelopes is another story.. we are definitely short on space but we will make it work!!

  4. I love how neat it looks! Organization is maybe my favorite thing. LOL :)I also had a question, if that's okay! I'm pretty new to your blog and LOVE all your ideas. My daughter is a young two right now, so I'm putting away a ton of ideas to (hopefully) use for preschool (next year maybe??). I just wondered when you started officially homeschooling your children (what ages I mean), and also if you do every activity for every letter or if you mix it up each week. Does it get boring for you or your kids to do the same activity with just a different letter, or do you find they do well with the repetition? Sorry, I guess that's really more than one question… I hope it's okay to pick your brain a bit! πŸ™‚

  5. First of all I love your blog and am very thankful for all of the time you have spent making everything. I have taken all of the things that I have made and have a folder for each letter. I have a container that you can hang file folders in and has a lid, which makes nice if it needs to be stored. Love organizing! You can see my school room on my blog.

  6. Familiy of Three: Hi, Of course it's okay to ask! I start with my children when they are 3.5 or so. At first they can't really complete the games on their own, definitely need help and guidance.That's why I do so much repetition, its the same skill practiced over and over, but looks different to them each week. Sometimes they get bored, and so if they don't want to do something, I don't force them at 3! I do find though, that the repetition is great for building skills, ie: counting the calendar daily is wonderful for number recognition and counting order. Also teaches right to left reading.They only play each game once per week, so by the time it rolls around again with a different theme, its usually okay.I'm a firm believer in repetition for young children, its a great way to get skills down pat.

  7. I recently was shopping at Wal-mart, where I found a 26 pocket plastic folder-and at that time I thought it was neat and that I would love to use it ( I really like organizers, etc) but didnt have a specific need for it (yet) and now I think I will be going back and purchasing it…just my thoughts πŸ™‚

  8. Looks very neat! I use hanging file folders.

  9. L: Yes, if its big enough, go get it! I think the hanging folders would work nicely too. Or the large plastic bins with a lid just for good storage! Great ideas everyone :o)

  10. Thanks for sharing this! I was wondering how to store it all … you've inspired me :-)I think we may go the hanging file folder route.Thanks!

  11. I use tubs for my "themes", I have pictures of the specific ones I use on my blog. I'm able to put multiple ones in there or keep it as one and seperate games and worksheets by manilla folders and hanging file folders.

  12. Just started with this, but so far I'm laminating most pieces because I have 2 more (so far) little ones behind the child using them. Also, for the letter practice, I've put letters on each side before laminating (A/B, C/D, E/F). Then I put them in hanging files for each 2 letter combination. So, I'll have 13 hanging files when I'm done.Thanks for all of your hard work developing this. Dawn

  13. love your site! I'm using alot of the stuff. Anyway, wanted to say that last night I started putting together all the stuff I printed for letter M plus a bunch of other stuff from other sites in a book. Instead of a bunch of baggies or file folders I put everything in a scrapbook I wasn't gonna use. I made pockets for the pieces and glued or taped things to the pages. The little tiger was playing with it last night and he seemed to love it. This is nice for if we go places I can just grab the book and he'll have something to help occupy him and keep him out of trouble. Just an idea and something that is gonna work for us. Some things are going in a 3 ring binder and some in sheet protectors for dry erase markers. grab and go! πŸ˜‰

  14. Anonymous says:

    I already emailed you, but you also wrote to post a comment, just in case. So here it goes: I love your ABC curriculum, but do you have black and white versions of the printables?? I don't have a color printer and tend to color my printables then laminate!! Thanks for your help and time!

  15. Anonymous: No i don't have a b/w version avail. but you could always just print in grayscale on your printer and it'll come out b/w.Thanks!

  16. Amanda Draper says:

    I just wanted to say how amazing your blog is! and how helpful it is! I am a mother of 3 and getting ready to start homeschooling. Ive been sick all day in bed and been on your blog all day reading every detail! thank you so much!!

  17. I have a question.. where do you put or store the materials for that week? Do you only pull out one activity at the moment you are going to complete it? Or are they all out for the week? I apologize if this is out there somewhere.. I couldn't figure it out.

  18. I too love your blog and my daughter really loves your activities. I am currently storing mine in file folders but instead of using plastic bags I use envelopes. Since I pay most bills on-line I just use the free remittance envelopes I get in the mail.

  19. I am just beginning to use the, Letter Of The Week cirriculum, for my two (just turned) 3 yr. old Granddaughters. I laminate almost everything and have a binder for each letter. I have turned one of our spare bedrooms into their classroom and have a large Rubbermaid closet that stores almost everything. Then I have several drawers for Art supplies, ect. I will be moving to the K-4 Curriculum when they complete this year. This curriculum is the reason I decided to “Home school” them.
    Thanks for making it available, Debbie, Miss B & Miss P

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