Letter F for Fish

Welcome to the Letter F! We’re going to be having fun with fish this week, hope you enjoy!
Letter F Memory Verse:
  • For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16
  • For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23

For our verses and accompanying games/stories we use the following books:
ABC Memory Verses & My ABC Bible Verses

Song time:
Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Vol 1
Hide ‘Em In Your Heart Songs – Vol 2

Letter F Writing Practice:


Making the Letter F with Biggie Beads by Fun Fusion!


Letter F foam craft: We read Rainbow Fish and then made a lowercase f fish out of foam shapes. I added in a couple foil ones for the sparkly scales.


Fish Measuring! This is a new game for us, and we’re going to use goldfish to learn the difference between long and short. Should be fun and yummy!

Letter Ff Do-A-Dot Page: We use Do-a-Dot Art Markers with this!

Letter F Tracing: I laminate this and use with Expo Dry Erase Markers for pre-writing practice skills.

Capital/lowercase Sorting: Simple, just sort the uppercase and lowercase letters.

Fish Bottle Cap letter Matching: Please note, the original idea for this game came from Tot School and Carisa’s blog. I ended up making my own letters as I wanted lowercase and she didn’t have them. These letters work well if you use a 1 3/8" circle punch to punch out the letters then xyron them onto 1 1/2" wooden disks from Michael’s. Click here to see the process of making the letters. If you’re looking for more challenge, use the uppercase card with the lowercase letter disks or visa versa!

Fish Builders: These activities are great for spatial relations, patterns, logical reasoning, geometric concepts, & computation skills. Click here to see CREATIVE COLOR CUBES ACTIVITY CARDS!

Fish Clip Cards: I use these with either mini-clothes pins, colored paper clips, or put a hole in them and have her attach chain links to them. This time we’ll use goldfish to put on the cards. Whatever you use, just have them put on the correct amount for the number on the card. These are also good for having them put in numerical order.

Fish coloring page:

Fish Color Puzzles: I cut these little guys out then cut them in half in as many interesting ways as I could think of to make tiny color matching puzzles.

Fish Counting: Practice counting the fish and then put the correct number in the blank square. (Note: To save on paper, you could just print the numbers from one game and use them on all the other alphabet counting games!) This time I made it into a little booklet, and put velcro dots on the pages and numbers, so she can stick the correct number on to the page then flip it and do the next one.

Fish Floor Numbers: I made these large floor numbers so that we can play a hopscotch type game. I call out a number and she jumps to it! You could also have them put the cards in numerical order.

Fish Graphing: I laminate this and then have them either color in the dots with dry-erase marker, or put bingo markers on it. We’re going to use goldfish this time around!

Fish Lacing Card: I make sure to laminate this one for durability, then punch with a hole punch every inch or so for lacing practice. Teach them patterns to do with this as well, like up from the bottom each time, or in-out-in-out…I did both in this picture to illustrate:

Fish Magnets: I use it with a cookie sheet and these pom-pom magnets I made from pom-poms and self-sticky magnets from the craft isle in Wal-mart. I also use these magnets from Amazon: Power Magnets, 0.78 inch Diameter, Assorted Colors

Fish Pattern Activity: Just use the pieces to practice pre-math pattern skills.

Fish Pre-writing Practice: I laminate this and use with a dry-erase marker for pre-writing practice skills. You can also print this in grayscale and use for scissor skills practice!

FishPuzzle: I laminate for durability, then cut into 6 pieces for a good beginner’s puzzle.

Fish Scavenger Hunt: fill the box with things that start with F! Some ideas: fox, fork, firetruck, frog, fake food, fish (of course!), flag.

Fish Size Sorting: I’m doing a variation on the usual size sorting game (small, medium, large), this time I’ll have her put them in order small to big or big to small.

Finger Tracing Paint Bag: This is simple and fun, I filled a bag with tempura paint, you could also use cheap shaving cream. Then I’ll tape it to her desk for her to practice writing her D and d in using her finger. You could also skip the bag and put shaving cream on your counter if you’re feeling brave ;o) After we do the letters we do numbers, shapes, and whatever else we can think of! (Sorry, i used the picture from Letter D because I’m lazy!)

I found a new use for our Large Alphabet Lacing Cards! First we traced the letters with her finger, then we used our 1" building blocks to make the letter D and d. She also picked 2 colors of blocks and did a pattern as she made her letters! Click here to download the Large Alphabet Lacing Cards! We also use them for lacing practice, but this was a new variation since I’ve been making the shaped lacing cards too!

Foam Letter Builders: I cut the shapes from foam and let her use them to make the letters. You could also use my Magnetic Letter Builders as well!

Tangram Puzzles: So a whale isn’t exactly a Fish, but it worked for us this week. She loves doing these puzzles, as do all of my children. I got my puzzle pieces and activity mats at Lakeshore Learning

Letter Collage Worksheets: The download includes letters A-Z as well as a collage idea sheet. We use the collage items as objects to decorate our letters for an alphabet book. We also color, paint, and stamp them. Since we use both upper and lowercase, I have provided both for you! Click here to download the Letter Collages:

Fisher Price Go Fish: We love this game, fish for a number then say the number, count to the number, hop that many times, whatever you can think of!

Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and put up the letter F on our Alphabet Tree! You can download my small alphabet letters here.


Magnetic Foam Rainbow Fraction Circles! Too early for prek? I think not! We sorted by colors then used the pieces to form whole circles!

Craft Fun:

Family Fun Night! Make Fajita’s and watch Finding Nemo or LeapFrog Letter Factory

More Letter Factory Videos: Widgets
Reading: Widgets

See my Money Saving Tips for help with printing, laminating and storage questions and tips!
For more preschool ideas and fun visit Preschool Corner!


  1. Looks like F was tons of fun! My husband and I keep saying we're going to get the Hide Em in Your Heard DVD's again for our youest 2. We had them when our older kids were small.

  2. Jennifer V. says:

    We're doing F this week, too! I cut brown pipe cleaners into 1 1/2 inch pieces, bent them to make them squiggly, and my little one places the correct number of "worms" on the fish clip cards.

  3. My son loved measuring with gold fish when we did our ocean unit in August. We don't get them very often, so he was even more excited to eat them!

  4. Hi Erica,We love using the Letter of the Week stuff. I was wondering if there was a way to make some of the things just black and white, like the tracing cards, so that I can print them on colored paper instead and not have to use all the colored ink. I tried it with my grayscale printing option, but the fish came out black on the red paper.Thanks for everything you do–it is such a blessing!Katie Arnold

  5. KATIE: Hi, I'm sorry, I don't have black and white copies of my downloads.

  6. We are also doing the letter of the week preschool curriculum. We are at the first step. You have so many great ideas! I dont know how which to throw in for the week!

  7. Hi Erica, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work and your generosity in offering your printables. I wish so much that I had found your site before I purchased a very expensive curriculum that I do not like half as much as I like what you have produced. I plan to buy your K4 curriculum for my little guy during this schoolyear at some point and more of your other curriculum also for my older daughter and younger daughter. Again, thank you so much for your hard work.

  8. I wanted to stop and say thank you for offering so many wonderful printables for free! This is my second year using your printables, and my little guys love them. You make is so easy for the rest of us! Thanks again.

  9. Thank you for these “Letter F for fish” printables. My daughter is having fun with them!

  10. Hi! I love your site and I’ve used your printables in the past. Unfortunately I can’t get them to work now… has something changed? It says “The file link you requested is not valid.” and takes me to a page to download 4 Sync. Please let me know – thank you!

  11. These are great, thanks! I linked to them here:

  12. Renee Simpson says:

    Hi there,
    Love all your stuff, but unfortunately I can’t download any of it for some reason.
    Can you please help?

  13. Thanks for this but do have a question, did you made your Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Alphabet Tree?

    Thanks for the help
    Happy holidays to you and your

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