Merry Christmas 2012 & GIVEAWAY!!


Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,

“Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

~ Luke 2:13-14

Blessings from our family to yours,

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2013!

Erica, Jason, Strawberry Shortcake, Turbo, Tinker Bell and the Teeny Tot!

While we’re off spending time with family and friends, I wanted to leave you with a little holiday cheer that can be found over here at the Confessions home…courtesy HP Pin the Halls!



As part of the HP Pin the Halls program, I was super excited to receive the EVNY 20 TouchSmart AiO to review, and it was just in time to help me make that super cute video for you! I was also dying to try out the new Windows 8 platform, and true to rumors, it’s super cool! Just like my tablet, it’s a touch screen, which makes it all the easier to use. It is also great for running apps, and you can even remotely play music, videos etc. from your smartphone or tablet! Here is the beautiful screen! So nice and clean, I almost hate to touch it, but its so fun, can’t resist!


Of course my kids were already familiar with the touchscreen, so this was an easy transition for them! Not so much for me as I’m typically telling them to keep their fingers OFF my monitor!



And one of my other favorite things…notice anything missing from this picture? Um…can you say NO CORDS? Ack! Cords are the bane of my existence and this sweet computer is all wireless! Wireless keyboard…wireless mouse…wireless…as in NO wires! Yipee!!



Here are the details for you tech savvy folks:

HP ENVY 20 All-in-One PC with Windows® 8 is equipped with the latest Intel® processors, a high-definition display, 10-point multi-touch technology and a beautifully simple design. The sleek and polished look of the ENVY AiO is a true showstopper offering the latest innovations in entertainment, photo sharing, videos and music for the entire family. The ENVY AiO line comes configured for the tech-savvy family, offering Beats Audio TM and exclusive HP innovations such as the HP TrueVision HD webcam.

  • Ideal for space conscious consumers seeking a sleek all-in-one design and simple one cord setup
  • Features 10-point capacitive multi-touch technology in a 20-inch flush glass display
  • Offers powerful 3rd Generation Intel processors and up to 2 terabytes of storage
  • Equipped with Beats Audio and HP TrueVision HD webcam, HP Connected Remote, Photo, Music, and Backup


In my last post, I mentioned the HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One Printer – Which just so happens to be the perfect companion to the ENVY 20 All-in-One PC …



The new HP ENVY120 e-All-in-One printer is a stylish, sleek Web-connected printer perfect to fit in any room in the house. Designed with the living room in mind this all-in-one features an incredibly slim and compact design as well as whisper-quiet operation and a large, adjustable touchscreen that retracts after printing to maintain its streamlined appearance when not in use.

Here are some of the fun things you can make with your new HP ENVY 120! You can see them better in my HP Pin the Halls board.



And since it’s Christmas… I wanted to help start your new year off with a bang! Thanks to HP Pin the Halls program, I have one of these super sweet HP Envy printers just for one of you!! No kidding! And not only that, I also have a $50 Gift Card to Snapfish, and a FREE Holiday value pack that includes free photopaper, envelopes, and a “swatch book” that has printing project ideas!

 I mean, I figured with all of you out there madly printing my curriculum, it just seemed like an appropriate way to say thanks!

I know it’s Christmas Eve, so I’m giving extra time on this giveaway, so you have until Jan. 4, 2013 to enter!

Fill out the rafflecopter below to enter!


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Click below if you missed any of my posts on the HP Pin the Halls program!

For more information click on any of the product links below:

For more great ideas visit the HP Holiday Headquarters and the HP Creative Studio! There are some great ideas, printables, and more that HP has for you!

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy trying to pin some great ideas on my Christmas boards as well, and they have links to some of the products I have coming up! Check out my pinterest boards here:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!



  1. I love going into the woods with my family to find our Christmas tree. Then bringing it home to decorate while listening to Christmas music.

  2. Thank you for this! Merry Christmas, Erica!
    Our faves are the advent calendar and cutting down a Christmas tree in the woods!

  3. My favorite tradition is celebrating Jesus’ birthday. My MIL doesn’t even put up the tree until after the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve.

  4. I love celebrating Noche Buena with all my family and relatives, followed by opening of presents!

  5. I ;ove decorating Christmas cookies!

  6. My favorite Christmas tradition is caroling with family and friends by the fire. So fun! :)

  7. Celebrating the whole Advent season!

  8. The one that we started with our kiddos is watching the movie Nativity on Christmas Eve, we also open one present (which is always PJ’s and I did it when I was a kids and now I do it with my 6 kiddos).

  9. I love being with family I only see a handful of times a year! :)

  10. My favorite Christmas tradition is singing carols and watching “the nativity” together on Christmas night. And then also seeing family on Christmas Day. We lived away from home for several years and its nice to be able to be close to family during the Holidays.

  11. Our favorite activity is baking cookies, advent calendar and watching White Christmas

  12. Decorating the Christmas tree.

  13. Mary Monroe says:

    lots of things 😉 but 3 at the top of my list of cooking with the kids, putting up the tree and having an ornament for each year with each family members name on it !!

  14. Packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and going around to look at Christmas lights in different neighborhoods.

  15. Lie the Christmas ev get together with m family; food and games

  16. I look forward to decorating the tree.

  17. london ingoglia says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies and taking them around to all our awesome neighbors. It’s just a nice way to let them know we appreciate them. : )

  18. My favorite holiday tradition is a baking day that we have with my mom, aunt, cousin, her daughter and my girls at the beginning of December. It’s a time when we can spend time together before the holiday rush. :) Merry, merry!

  19. My favorite holiday tradition for our family is driving through Celebrate Jesus. It is a drive through live display of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Lights, people, animals. To see my kids wonder, love it!

  20. Getting a real tree & decorating it! And mailing Christmas cards and receiving them from far away friends and family.

  21. My favorite tradition is on Christmas eve, we eat lots of good food, watch a new Christmas movie and the anticipation the kids have when putting out snacks for Santa and the reindeer is priceless.

  22. Making cookies for Santa. :)

  23. Our favorite holiday tradition is seeing family that we only get to see once a year.

  24. Baking cookies with the kids…

  25. Kayla Rice says:

    Decorating the tree with the kiddos.

  26. Cutting down a Christmas tree together!

  27. My favorite Christmas tradition is sleeping as a family in the family room on Christmas Eve with only the Christmas tree lights on. It is so much fun to wake up Christmas morning all snuggled together and open up presents from our “beds”.

  28. Taking my kids to see Christmas lights and visiting the Christmas Train (and Santa) at Irvine Park are my favorite traditions.

  29. Our favorite tradition is our birthday party for Jesus. The kids love that!

  30. My favorite is baking cookies with my kids

  31. I love going to the children’s service at church with my family and my parents.

  32. I love having the family together and celebrating Jesus’ birth and looking at lights!

  33. I love spending christmas day in our pajamas ….the entire day!

  34. Making Christmas goodies together

  35. Denise Smith says:

    Going as a family to cut a tree down and having all the kids over Christmas Day for gifts and dinner.

  36. Karen partin says:

    My favorite Holiday tradition is baking cookies and trimming the tree with my kids . Merry Christmas !

  37. Being with family and gift giving is my favorite. I just love the attention we all give to one another and the beams on other faces as they open a gift specially picked for them.

  38. Darla Bunyan says:

    One Christmas Eve, My husband and I let the kids open 2 presents, a new ornament for the tree, and Christmas PJ’s, then, we make goodies for Santa! The kids LOVE it!

  39. My favorite tradition is monkey bread birthday cake for Jesus. What’s a birthday party without a cake!!!

  40. After Christmas Eve service at church we drive around and look at Christmas lights.

  41. I might have a new one …. Love the minivan express idea! Going to do it tonight on Christmas Eve. Also, pancakes and homemade hot fudge sundaes Christmas Eve night. :)

  42. Crystal Cross says:

    Letting my kids open their Christmas Eve gift (always pajamas), and spending time with family.

  43. My favorite tradition is donating to the local food pantry and adopting a family. My kids get invokved and love picking out presents for the family.

  44. Nicole Carlson says:

    Each year with my parents and our family we go and cut down our Christmas tree. We pack a lunch and spend time walking through the forest and in fellowship. It is great.

  45. Just being with the family.

  46. My favorite tradition is driving around town looking at christmas lights and listening to christmas music on the radio. With cookies and cocoa in the car.

  47. Our favorite tradition is going to the local mall that has a light show

  48. Christmas music and looking at Christmas lights!

  49. Making our Jesus birthday cake together :) Merry Christmas!

  50. I love listening to Christmas music and baking cookies with the kids.

  51. I love just spending time with family doing fun things, whether that be baking cookies, reading books, or doing crafts.

  52. My favorite holiday tradition is Monkey Bread on Christmas morning. :) We are just starting our own – and after this year, it might be the “4 gift” thing from pinterest (something you want, something you need, something you wear, something you read) – so we don’t have a zillion presents that everyone forgets about. :)
    Merry Christmas!

  53. Thegirlwhopaintedtrees says:

    Decorating the tree while listening to Christmas music.

  54. Jill Demanski says:

    My favorite traditions are everyone getting to open a “dinner gift” at Christmas Eve dinner. This started when I was little bc I kept bugging my parents to let me open a gift. And, on Christmas Eve we all get new PJ’s to put on for bed that night! Thank you for this giveaway!

  55. Making pies with my girls! Merry Christmas!

  56. The reading from the Bible about the birth of Jesus. My dad has all his grandchildren take a few verses and they take turns reading it out loud on Christmas Eve.

  57. My favorite Christmas tradition is reading the Christmas story from Luke. Thanks for the giveaway and Have a Merry Christmas!

  58. Our favorite holiday tradition is…… oh my!!!!! There are so many! Probably Christmas Eve Day – it is a day where we eat appetizers all day, spend the day finishing Christmas crafts, watch the “Nativity Story”, read the Bible account of the birth of Jesus, and get our Christmas pajamas for the year :)

  59. I love putting the kids in their pjs, popping up some popcorn, treats, and hot beverages, and piling them into the van on Christmas Eve to drive around looking at Christmas lights in area neighborhoods until they fall asleep. Love it!

  60. Decorating Christmas cookies and reading from our Advent storybook…

  61. Going to church Christmas eve and opening presents Christmas day.

  62. We are starting a new tradition this year with our kids…Christmas night fondue! So excited to do this with them. We also loving sharing in the Lords supper together as a family on Christmas Eve at our church. Our pastor prays over each family individually during this time.

  63. My favorite tradition is baking cookies and then letting the kids choose the cookies to share with Santa.

  64. Baking Christmas cut out cookies is my favorite tradition leading up to Christmas! It’s always fun to see which shapes the kids want to cut out and how they decorate them.

  65. Anita Anderson says:

    Our favorite traditions are, Trimming the Tree together, going to Christmas Eve service, watching The Nativity Story, and spending time with our family! :)

  66. Getting the kids new Christmas p.j.’s and then driving around to see all the lights in our neighborhood with cups of hot cocoa with whipped cream and sprinkles. Then we come home and read the nativity story and watch The Grinch :)

  67. One of my fav traditions we have started is the men in the family cooking breakfast since we have to cook all the other meals.

  68. For dinner on Christmas Eve, we have Make Your Own Pizzas. Everyone gets a small pizza crust to pile with toppings to their heart’s content!

  69. Christmas Eve service with my family

  70. We love getting new pj’s each year. This year, we will put on our new pj’s, fix mugs of hot chocolate, and drive around to look at Christmas lights. When we return home, we’ll top off our mugs of hot chocolate and settle in to watch Polar Express.

  71. Baking cookies

  72. Christmas Eve –a quiet evening with our little family.

  73. I love setting out all of the gifts on Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed!

  74. Tricia Prozik says:

    Our favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas Eve the girls get snuggled into their Christmas pj’s and we all sit by the lit Christmas tree and read the Christmas story together. Forever reminding us what the true meaning of Christmas really is!

  75. Baking cookies together, decorating the tree, being with family & friends, and so much more.

  76. When we were kids my brothers & sister and I used to act out the nativity each Christmas Eve. Our children have done the same several years as well. It is so fun to see all the cousins carrying on the tradition

  77. I love the tradition of opening Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve.

  78. I love being together with our family on Christmas Eve, and inviting friends over for a delicious Mexican dish! Thanks for sharing this Erica, and Merry Christmas!

  79. The day after Thanksgiving when family is in town , we all decorate the tree together!

  80. My boys get to spend 2 whole days with their grandparents making fun things, swimming in the hotel and just being loved on! That is our favorite tradition.

  81. My favorite tradition is getting together with my entire family to celebrate with a big Christmas dinner.

  82. Connie Schultz says:

    Hot cocoa after snowman building.

  83. My personal favorite is making cookies with my kids!

  84. Hard to pick a favorite…decorating the Christmas tree on thanksgiving night or driving around looking at Christmas lights (kids in their pjs) while drinking hot chocolate.

  85. We love decorating together, looking at lights, and reading advent stories together. Merry Christmas!

  86. Birthday Party for Jesus complete with treats, appetizers, a marshmallow fight, and a present.

  87. Andrea Gardner says:

    First, Merry Christmas!!!

    I have so many favorite holiday traditions (100s of them!)! I think that I will say tracking Santa on NORAD since we are doing it right now.

  88. I don’t know if I can pick just one… I think the effort we’ve made this year to match all our gift spending with donations and contributions may turn into the winner in future years! :)

  89. My favorite tradition is reading the Christmas story throughout December. New tradition this year we loved, watching a Christmas movie eating fun snacks together….plus, going out looking at all the pretty lights, etc.

  90. My favorite tradition is something we do on Dec. 1. We get presents to use through out the Christmas season. Christmas PJ’s, socks, books, new movie, crafts….

  91. I love baking cookies with my family. I also love creating our Christmas Cards.

  92. My favorite tradition at Christmas time is hanging out and watching movies on Christmas Eve and all the fun Christmas parties we attend each year.

  93. Suzanne Ruckman says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is enjoying Christmas Eve service with my extended family, then having chili and tamales for dinner.

  94. So many to choose from – reading Christmas books with my boys by Christmas tree light.

  95. My favorite Christmas tradition is the family gatherings.

  96. Giving baked goods to our neighbors and helping our children learn the gift of giving!

  97. In the past it has been spending Christmas Day in our Christmas jammies …. no matter where we go. But I’m excited about something new this year…..putting a manger & baby Jesus under the Christmas tree for Christmas morning surrounded by love notes from Papa God. I hope this is a new tradition that everyone looks forward to.

  98. I love decorating as a family! :) We drink hot chocolate and eat cookies and popcorn, listen to Christmas music while we do it. It is the beginning of so many other things we love about the season… It is so hard to choose…I love it all! Merry Christmas Erica!!!

  99. My favorite tradition is dinner with family.

  100. I love how we each pick out or make a new ornament every year. It is fun to look back each year and remember when we got them.

  101. I think my favorite is just being with family.
    New pajamas for the kids on Christmas Eve – I love how cute and fresh they look come Christmas morning.!

  102. baking christmas cookies!

  103. Making monkey bread

  104. decorating the christmas tree!

  105. Midnight Mass is our favorite! By the time we get home, the kids don’t mind waiting til later in the morning to open gifts. Keep the CHRIST in Christmas!!!

  106. We get the kids a new ornament each year that holds some significance to something that they learned or did that year. They love pulling them out and remembering each year.

  107. Making a paper chain to count down the days until our celebration. Also, going to my daughter’s Christmas program at church.

  108. I love seeing my daughter’s excited throughout the Christmas season.

  109. My favorite tradition is wrapping presents on the 23rd while listening to Christmas music.

  110. I think my favorite tradition is Christmas Eve Service then opening our presents together after a special dinner with just the (now) 5 of us :)

  111. I love to get cooking and share the yummies with the family at my brother/sister-in laws!

  112. I love watching Christmas movies with my family.

  113. Christmas eve-cookies with Santa, special dinner, birthday cake for Jesus and driving around looking at lights. They also get to open a special present.

  114. I love baking and picking out our tree with the kids!

  115. My favorie tradition is breakfast with mom and dad Christmas morning.

  116. Merry Christmas eve!! My favorite tradition with my family every year has to be setting up our little people nativity set together. I love getting out all the pieces and telling the story to my kiddos as they play with it for the first time each year.

  117. We always make a “Happy Birthday Jesus” cake-that is a cornbread cake with peanut butter frosing & bird seed sprinkles, then we put it out Christmas night for the birds. We also make milk jug luminarias that we line our sidewallk with & light Christmas Eve.

  118. We have quite a few so hard to pick just one….reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 together on Christmas Day, decorating our house inside and out, decorating the tree, making and decorating sugar cookies, making gingerbread houses from graham crackers, letting out kids open a few presents on Christmas Eve and having a “Happy Birthday Jesus” cake.

  119. Going to Mass, the Advent Calendar, our Advent wreath…

  120. Visiting with family. I live a ways away and it gives me a reason to travel to visit.

  121. I love getting the kids in their pajamas and going driving to see the lights!

  122. We are retired Army, so lived off for the first 10 years of our marriage. Now living in my hometown with my family close, we of course go to my mother’s to celebrate Christmas. But, since we always had intimate celebrations before, we have a special dinner (with the good china and candles) on Christmas Eve. Afterward my husband reads the Christmas story from Luke 2 just like my Daddy did. It is a special night.

  123. Kim Pollock says:

    Baking cookies and singing christmas carols

  124. My favorite Christmas tradition is making cookies with my family.

  125. Our favorite tradition is Christmas Eve church service. :)

  126. Caterina Mangano says:

    Christmas Eve! Really all day Christmas Eve, making homemade pizzas (grandmother’s recipes), all our traditional foods, playing Italian bingo,
    Merry Christmas,

  127. It is hard to pick just one tradition that is my favorite…I have so many! But I guess if I had to pick I would say my favorite tradition is my husband reading the Christmas story out of the bible to our kiddos and praying before we open gifts.

  128. My favorite tradition is baking with my kids!

  129. we do christmas eve pizza and then in the morning cinnamon rolls celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

  130. Kristin Gideon says:

    Our favorite tradition is definitely doing our family activity Advent calendar. It’s so much fun seeing what each envelope holds and really brings us closer together during the holiday season.

  131. Driving around, looking at Christmas lights. :)
    Merry Christmas!

  132. Christina P. says:

    We make cookies for Santa and open one gift on Christmas Eve (always jammies). The kids are always so excited about Santa coming, it’s fun ta watch them prepare and anticipate!
    Thanks for the chance to win; Marry Christmas!

  133. We love our advent calendars, reading the birth of Jesus, and of course minivan express!

  134. My favorite tradition is Christmas Day dinner with my family!

  135. We love making Christmas cookie plates for our friends and tracking Santa on the Norad tracker.

  136. Making cookies and candies to give to neighbors and friends is right at the top. Also, learning to let my kids decorate the tree, the cookies, the house and me not stressing over having everything “perfect” is actually quite freeing and enjoyable now. First few years were tough though.

  137. we love decorating cookies to share and spending time with family! Merry Christmas!

  138. Just one?! Eating & laughing together and watching Claymation Christmas as a family. Merry Christmas !

  139. Favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve service at church and then coming back to our house for a meal and celebrating the birth of Jesus with a party!

  140. Baking and delivering our Christmas goodies to all our neighbors! The kids help bake and package and deliver and it’s a great time together.

  141. Spending time with family!

  142. I love making and decorating cookies and a gingerbread house.

  143. Going as a family to pick out and cut down our Christmas tree then coming home and decorating with Christmas music in the background! :)

    We also love watching the polar express movie during the holidays in our pjs with hot chocolate and popcorn!

  144. I love seeing family that we usually only see at this time of year.

  145. Going to church Christmas Eve then driving around to look at lights :)

  146. My favorite tradition? The youngest reader in the family reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 on Christmas Eve. So, so precious.

  147. Elaine Harman says:

    Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at Church!

  148. My favorite holiday tradition is sleeping under the lighted Christmas tree on Christmas night. It’s so peaceful and seems to extend the excitement of the holiday!

  149. I like that we stay home for Christmas, no running around town or visiting. We get to wake up, have our homemade waffles and stay in our pajamas all day.

  150. Our favorite tradition is on Christmas Eve, sitting and reading the Birth of Jesus from the Bible. We drink hot chocolate and open 1 present… pajamas.

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