Our Curriculum Choices: 2014-2015

Hi everyone, it’s that time of year again! And I’ve been getting tons of emails asking what we’ll be using for our 2014-2015 school year!

So without further ado, here are our curriculum choices for the 2014-2015 school year.


Teeny Tot: Kindergarten



Tinkerbell: 3rd Grade



Turbo: 5th Grade



Strawberry Shortcake: 6th grade




Extra-Curricular Activities:



We are trying out a new history program this year, the Homeschooling in the Woods Time Traveler’s units. They look like a lot of fun, and we’re excited to give them a whirl! Right off the bat I will say that they’re kind of labor intensive to prepare. It took me a solid FULL day to print everything, organize it all, then another day to add it to my lesson plans for the year. But it’s more hands on and exciting than Abeka and we’re just ready for a change. Honestly Abeka is fine and we’ll probably go back to it at some point, but I wanted to do some more fun things while my kids are still young and we’re not worried about high school credits…which is just around the corner for us…ugh!

We’re also trying a new Bible program The Picture Smart Bible. My kids have loved Grapevine, but we’ve done almost all of their units, and the Picture Smart Bible looks like it’s an excellent choice for a little older kiddos as well. So we’re really excited to try something new.

Strawberry Shortcake chose photography for her extra elective this year. My friend Ernie at Foto Finch has developed a photography curriculum for Jr. High to High School students, but I took a look at the lessons and think that she’ll do fine with the Composition & Photojournalism one. I’ll have a review coming up soon once we get more into the program. But I can tell you she’s excited to get to start photography. Maybe she can take over my blog someday ;o)

The last new to us curriculum we’re trying out is the Vocabulary Workshop. I wasn’t thrilled with Wordlywise, and so I moved to Evan-Moor Vocabulary Fundamentals which were fine for last year. But I had a friend who teaches English that suggested Vocabulary Workshop so we’re going to try it out for a year. Just a note…it is a secular curriculum.



And there’s our 2014-2015 curriculum choices!



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Aside from the preschool and kindergarten curriculum all of my units are geared towards elementary aged students from about  kinder-6th grade.


Letter of the Week:


K4 Kindergarten Curriculum:


Road Trip USA & Road Trip USA Animals!


Expedition Earth World Geography & Animals of the World:


World’s Greatest Artists Vol. 1 & Vol. 2


World’s Greatest Composers Vol 1 (Vol. 2 NOW AVAIL!)


Classic Literature Unit Studies (Vol. 2 & 3 NOW AVAIL!)


Scientists & Inventors Unit Studies:



  1. Have you planned out your whole,year already? Meaning, a daily schedule for all 180 individual days?

    • Hi Shari,
      Yes, I always plan my whole year. I know some people don’t like to do that in case of changes. But I always find that our year gets crazy and I do not have time to plan during school so I just do it all before we start. If something changes it’s easy to go in and update my lesson plan.

  2. Suzanne Pace says:

    Are you still doing Keepers? I am surprised that is not listed on your curriculum. It’s such and important part of the girls lives. Thanks for all the great ideas and posts. We have been doing Homeschool in the Woods for years and love it!

    • Hi Suzanne,
      YES! We are still doing Keepers, Contenders, and LEGO, I guess I should’ve listed our extra curricular activities too, but didn’t think to do it!

  3. What a great year you have planned. I look forward to following along.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. I love how their books match their “colours”! How did you swing that?!?!

    How many literature units do you schedule? IE how long do you take to go through each one? And can you share your daily schedule or link to it? Thanks!

    • I know, how cool huh! It was just a coincidence!

    • For the lit units, I usually have them read 4 days per week, we do co-op on Fridays. So it really depends on how often you assign them to do a lesson. I would say my kids went through about 5-6 books each last year.

  5. Shammah Garcia says:

    I noticed you switched from Rod and Staff? What are your thoughts on it?

  6. Looks like a wonderful year. I have an older version of Typing Instructor for kids, the newer version looks better I’m going to check it out.

  7. Are Grammar program are you using for third grade?

    • Oh I see you are using ABeka. Why the switch from Rod and Staff?

      • Hi Meghan,
        I didn’t mind Rod and Staff, but my kids hated it so we’re just going back to BJU Press. My kids didn’t like Rod and Staff because they had to hand write out all of their lessons and after a whole year of tears from Turbo regarding English I decided it wasn’t worth it to continue. He doesn’t love English anyway, but at least with BJU he didn’t hate it. Otherwise, I do not have any bad reviews for Rod and Staff, it seems like a great curriculum, just not great for my son.

        • My daughter did not do well with it either. The diagramming was too intense. She uses Analytical Grammar now and LOVES it.

        • Thanks for the reply Erica. I am trying to decide between Rod and Staff and Sadlier’s Grammar Workshop. They appear to be very similar in scope and sequence. Sadlier’s looks like its more fun and colorful. The only difference I see is Rod and Staff begins in 2nd but Sadlier begins in 3rd.

  8. For the see the light art DVDs, how do you schedule those? They run about $100 for the entire set but each DVD only have 4 art classes. Did you purchase the whole set at once? Or one DVD per year?

    • I received a couple DVD’s to review, and we only do 1 art lesson per week, so I alternate them in with my artist lessons just for a little diversity.

  9. How do you personally adapt your Classical Literature studies for older kids? I’ve used several of your other items before, and was thinking about adding these this year for my 3rd and 6th graders, but not sure how to adapt them for the older one.

    • Hi Amber,
      I would have them read the original book instead of classic starts. The questions should correlate okay since it’s mostly subject matter type questions and the classic starts are just watered down to make them a little easier for younger readers.

  10. Couple questions:
    1. Can you tell me what you did with the Abeka Phonic Flashcards in that binder?

    2. Why did you switch to BJU English with your older students and what grade did you make the switch?


    • Hi Emily,
      The Abeka reading lessons refer to the phonics flashcards all the time from grades 1 and up, so I just keep them in that binder. They have special sounds like “ck”, “st”, “ph”, etc. on them so they review the phonics cards during their lesson before reading.

      I switch to BJU at grade 3 usually. However this year Tinker Bell is using Abeka for 3rd grade simply because I’ve had it and didn’t want to waste it. But normally I switch to BJU because Abeka language starts getting really repetitive from 3rd on up, however I like how they teach phonics for the younger levels. I will say BJU is more academically aggressive, so it while Strawberry Shortcake handled the switch from Abeka to BJU well, it was definitely harder for Turbo. I don’t use BJU for the early grades because I really do not like how they teach phonics, but once you hit 3rd grade they don’t do phonics anymore, just English/grammar.

      • Did you laminate the flashcards before hole punching them? I have the same set and had never thought about adding them to a binder. Great idea!

        Thanks for your response =)

        • Hi Emily,
          No I didn’t laminate them, just hole punched and put them in the binder. You might consider it if using for multiple years, but so far ours are holding up just fine ;o)

  11. I was checking out the Vocabulary Workshop site and in the 7th grade edition some of the sentences used caused me some concern. Here are two examples

    “Whenever you find (wayward,controversial) children,” the speaker said, “you also find ineffective parents.”

    Though her views about the role of women in society are far from (hostile,orthodox), even conservatives and traditionalists listen to them.

    These were both from just one lesson. Of course, these types of statements can be discussed but I think this type of workbook is something that a child would go through independently and some of these may be missed by the parent. Just something to be aware of and careful when ordering secular curriculum.

    • Hi Melanie,
      Thanks for the heads up. I knew there might be some things in there being that it’s secular. I haven’t found a good Christian based vocabulary curriculum yet, so we’re going to try this one this year. I had the same issues with Wordly Wise and this one looks similar, so I plan to try and stay on top of their lessons as we go.

      • Melanie says:

        Yes, after looking into the Vocab Workshop I looked for over an hour for a Christian based curriculum and there really isn’t any. I found Wordly Wise used for next to nothing so I’m trying that this year for my 7th grader. I did order the Vocab Workshop for my 4th grader and thought I’d give it a try. If anything it will motivate me to stay more involved rather than sending them away with a workbook by themselves. 🙂

  12. I’m always impressed when I see your curriculum plans for the year. As well as the fact that you’re able to plan out the entire school year ahead of time, I’m doing good if I get the following month prepared ahead of time.

    We’re going to be using your Road Trip USA for the two girls this year and I’m super excited to be doing it!! I think that it will make for a more in depth study for them along with our reading books we’ll be going through (one of them literally asked me if TN was in the US!!! I about dropped my jaw to the floor! And she’s 9)

    • Hi Chrystal,
      Thanks so much, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the curriculum. I am always blessed to hear how God uses my blog to encourage other families! Hope you have a great year :o) And don’t worry, they don’t know these things until we teach them, this year she’ll learn where TN is ;o) LOL!

  13. Have you by any chance done a lego education review or written about what you’ve ordered and how you use it? it looks like it would be a $300 investment so would love to get as many thoughts from you on it as possible.

  14. Hi Erica,
    Do you use All About Spelling in place of your ABeka’s spelling curriculum for your 3rd grader? Do you like it? We have been using ABeka’s spelling with the rest of the curriculum for the past 3 years and like it ok, but would like something a little more “fun”:) My 8- year- old doesn’t really struggle with spelling at all, so we don’t need to spend a lot of time on it. But, I’ve heard good things about AAS. and would possibly like to try it if it wouldn’t add too much more work for me. Is it easy to use?
    I’m also wondering what you like about BJU’s writing as opposed to ABeka’s for 3rd grade.
    One last thing, how do you find time to plan curriculum and lesson plans out for the year when your children are so young?? Mine are 8,5,3, and 12 months and I can’t seem to get organized!

    • Hi Libby,
      Yes, I use AAS for 3rd grade and up spelling. I do not really like the Abeka Spelling curriculum, it’s mostly a memorize this list and then test on Friday type curriculum. And I’ve found my kids do great at memorizing a list each week, but then forget it all the next week when they have to learn a new list. With AAS they learn the phonics of how most of our words are put together which allows them to be able to piece together words for themselves.

      I move onto BJU English at 3rd grade because Abeka tends to get really repetitive after that point. I do not use BJU prior to that because I do not like how they teach phonics and it’s all over their K-2 English/phonics lessons.

      As far as planning goes, I take out a couple of days where my husband or mom can help watch the kids, and sit and plan like a maniac ;o) I have a whole section in my homeschooling 101 book on creating lesson plans and getting organized that might help!

      • Hi Erica,
        I’ve home schooled in the past and will be doing it again starting in the fall. I noticed you use AAS and Spelling you See. Is there a need to use both or would you recommend one over the other? We use MUS and my kids do very well with it. I’ve never used either AAS or Spelling you See. My kids are 9, 7, and 6.

  15. What made you decide to use The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading instead of All about Reading for your youngest?

    • Hi Lanae,
      We’re actually getting Phonics Road for review but I’ve heard great things about it. And I do plan to use All About Spelling L1 for her next year. Historically speaking we’ve used Abeka reading and I’ll be incorporating those lessons as well.

  16. Diane Ryks says:

    Thank you for sharing your choices. It is really encouraging even to those of us ‘mature’ homeschoolers. I’ll be doing my final planning next week for the year. With 9 students K-12, it takes time to plan out the year, but we are able to accomplish more than on the fly all the time. We’ll be graduating our 3rd student this next year and having things planned now with allow me time to work on transcripts and graduation stuff.

  17. I looked at the typing program you are using. Do you know what the difference is between the Typing Instructor Platinum and Typing Instructor For Kids Platinum? I read the descriptions for each and they sound similar, other than that the kids version has 10 lessons and the other 20.

    • Hi Nancy,
      I believe the platinum version has lessons for older students, and the kids version has mostly the little games and such for them to play.

  18. Erica,

    Thank you so much for this Colorado unit study!!! We are moving there next year and so this will be the perfect way for us to get acquainted with our new homestate. 🙂 The kids will be so thrilled!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents so generously!


  19. Kristi W says:

    I use the Abeka Reading, and I really want to use your literature units this year too. How do you manage using both? Do you use them at the same time? Separately? Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Kristi,
      We use my literature units for our “FUN” reading time. So when they’re just learning to read like grades K-2 or so, I have them do the Abeka reading lesson, and then they also read 1 chapter from a fun book of their choice (from my lit units). Once I’m confident with their reading skills, I let them just do the Literature Units, however I will assign Abeka Level readers at any time I feel like adding in more reading for them. The literature units don’t take that long to read, and considering they should be reading about 45 min/day it’s not a big deal to add them in.

      I also use the Abeka Read & Think Skill Sheets to test their comprehension and get them used to timed reading tests for their annual testing.

  20. Hi Erica,

    I also have selected BJU English/Grammar for my 2nd grader. This will be our first year using this curriculum. I’ve notice you listed a seperate writing curriculum? With your experience with BJU, how is the writing component? Will I need to supplement?


    • Hi Karen,
      I started IEW for my older kids last year and we’re continuing with it this year. Mainly b/c I don’t love the BJU writing portions. We do a couple of them but skip most. They’re more like “Here’s what it should look like, now go write.” But don’t include a lot of help otherwise.

      That works okay for Strawberry Shortcake but Turbo needs more help brain storming and coming up with what to write so the IEW seems to do a better job of teaching the writing process in my opinion.

  21. We used homeschool in the woods american history units for the past two years. I absolutely love them and so did my children. There was a lot of prep work involved on my part but it was so worth it. I am constantly amazed at how much they remember and how they want to did deeper into every little thing. Because of that I wish we had had a bit more time to spread out our lessons. We did an average of 4 units a year and it got tiring keeping up if I was behind in planning. Hopefully your family will love them as much as mine. My children will be entering 7th,6th,5th, and 3rd grade. Even my youngest loved doing the projects, I just filled out the writing for her when she was younger.

  22. Michelle says:

    Hi Erica,

    I’m considering Abeka K5 for my little….Do you find that you need the teacher manuals to utilize the curriculum? Specifically the reading/phonics teacher’s manual?

    • Hi Michelle,
      Yes, I use the Teacher’s Manual for the phonics lessons for kindergarten. Then they do the workbook after the lesson.

  23. I am wondering how you cover 2 levels in all about spelling. Do you not take a week to work on each lessons words and sentences? Also wondering how History in the Wood compares with Tapestry of Grace.

    • Hi Lisa,
      I split each lesson into two sections, and there are about 26-29 lessons per level, so we can usually get through 1-2 levels per year. I haven’t used Tapestry of Grace but I have seen it. It’s a more all encompassing curriculum including most subjects with the exception of math, and possibly science? It’s also much more difficult and time consuming to plan out and organize according to friends I have who use it.

  24. Hi Erica!
    I am doing homeschool this year and it is our first time! I have a preschooler and 3rd grader. I came across your blog today and have been reading but I didn’t see anywhere if you homeschool through a charter school or are you registered as your own private school? What is better? For this year we are going through a charter school but I understand we have to follow their rules and curriculum. I wouldn’t be able to go the private route yet as it is very costly for all the curriculum. Also, going private does it affect further education such as college and universities since it is not accredited? Thank you!

    • Hi Vee,
      We are enrolled in an options program right now, but in the past I’ve just sent in a notice of intent to homeschool and done it as my own independent homeschool. I don’t think it really matters how you file, or that one is better than another, unless your state has specific requirements. As far as getting into a university, they range from their requirements, so you’ll want to check with the specific ones you’re interested into see what they require as far as credit hours.

  25. You’ll have SO much fun with Homeschool in the Wood! We did Middle Ages last year and LOVED it!

  26. I want to try something new for Bible this year and I think I’m going to go with the Grapevine Studies. I was wanting to know, do you think it’s necessary to purchase the teacher book along with the student book? Do you use this as a daily bible lesson or weekly? It looks like it could get costly if it’s done daily, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks!

    • Hi Shana,
      Yes, you’ll want to purchase the teacher’s manual as well. It has all of the lessons and instructions while the student pages are just blank sheets they’ll color in. You won’t know what to have them do w/o the TM. You can schedule it however you like, daily, or a couple of times per week. It’s totally up to you.

  27. Lindsay says:

    Do you have any tips for printing out the history? I just received one of the american history time traveler cds and I’m not sure where to start printing. Is there an option to print everything? Thanks!

    • Hi Lindsay,
      Yes I do, and I have a post on just that coming up in a few weeks. But in a nutshell I went through and printed all of the itinerary pages and reading text pages first for my Teacher’s Manual. Next I went through and marked the things we plan to do. Then I went through and printed just what we wanted to do. The itinerary tells you exactly what to print and on what paper so it wasn’t too bad. If you can wait my post and giveaway is coming up August 25.

  28. Does tiny tot participate in your books the classic start series?

    • Hi Kilah,
      Yes, we do some as a group so we read together, then they each do a lapbook on their own. Sometimes she does one, sometimes she doesn’t. I do not expect her to read on her own though obviously.

  29. Hi Erica, I was noticing that you hadn’t listed the Daily Learning Notebooks this year are the kids not doing them anymore? I thought those were great.

    • Hi Heather,
      Sorry, I forgot to mention it for the others, everyone will do one except Strawberry Shortcake 6th grade mainly b/c she has a really full load with everything else already.

  30. I was wondering about your thoughts on Write Shop. I remember you posted on it a year or two ago. I’ve had levels A-D on my shelf for awhile and just purchased the one for middle schoolers for my 7th grader. I noticed you no longer use it. I’m very uncomfortable about teaching writing, especially grading it! I’ve got five children ranging in ages from 8 months to 12 years and need something simple yet effective!

    • Hi Misty,
      I LOVE Writeshop! We just moved onto something a little more intense for the older kids. We didn’t finish it last year, so we’re still working on finishing it this year for Turbo and Strawberry Shortcake.

  31. THANK YOU! Love your blog and so many great ides. I’m switching to Abeka Science this year too:) ANYWAY….could you answer you answer a question for me about Math U See? We use it too. I am struggling on how to plan it out ahead of time. We have yet to finish it within a year…I am thinking maybe I need to have my kids do more pages at a time?

    1. How do you plan out the lessons ahead of time?
    2. Do all of your kids watch their videos on the same day?
    3. What do you use for math fact drills?

    Thank you thank you!!!!

    • Hi Billie,
      We don’t regularly do math fact drills because they do so much repetition in MUS they didn’t need it. But I have used for extra help from time to time.

      As far as planning out our year, you can read all about how to do that in my Homeschooling 101 book, and I use to keep it all organized.

      I usually have 3 of them watch videos at one time, you can use a computer or TV DVD player, and we have enough they can do them at one time. But if you don’t you could just take turns.

  32. Heather Call says:

    Hi Erica!

    First off, I LOVE your blog. Thank you for all the information and get ideas! I am interested in buying a combo pack, but am wondering if you do a combo pack discount for buying the CD? Just let me know! Thank you again for your wonderful blog!

    • Hi Heather,
      I’m sorry, I don’t currently have any combo pack discounts for CDs. Mainly because of the cost of supplies and shipping.

  33. Hi Erica,

    I love your blog! It helps me SO much. One question, My state requires 4 hours a day of school, even for kindergarten. Do you think that teeny tot’s work would amount to 4 hours a day? How would you supplement if you were me? I’m a little lost with filling 4 hours a day for such a young child.

    • Hi Leigh,
      I would say the K4 is about 2.5 hours or so, you could supplement with extra reading, art projects, some PE activities, and you might even add in a more formal math like Math U See Primer for extra work.

  34. Jennifer says:

    May I ask, what part of The Institute for Excellence in Writing are you using? And how you are using it? There is so much on their website it is hard to know where to begin. Are you doing Structure and Style on your own or did you go with the Student Writing Intensive? Also, the BJU English includes writing ever other week. Are you doing all those lessons as well, or do you use BJU just for the Grammar? Thank you so much. Being new to homeschooling I’ve enjoyed getting tips about your organization and planning. thank you for your help. -Jennifer

  35. I remember you posted about using all about reading in the beginning, but I don’t see it being used this year. Why did you decide to continue with AAS but not AAR?? Do you prefer the abeka letter and sounds over AAR?

    • I am wondering the same thing! I am personally trying to decide for 1st grade: (1) abeka language arts kit (letters/sounds, spelling, language) or, (2) AAR and AAS and first language lessons by the well trained mind. I plan to include this along with My Father’s World 1st grade as bible/core. But really I hope to know what you think about abeka vs. AAR and AAS. Thanks!!!!!

      • I reviewed AAR, but we didn’t fully use it. We’ve just stuck with Abeka reading since we’ve used it for years and I’m familiar with it. But the AAR is great, and they are definitely more hands-on as far as activities to go with the reading than Abeka is. I like both.

  36. For the picture smart bible curriculum are you using the K-3 version? If so how many lessons comes with it?

    • Hi Bev,
      No we’re using the 4-adult one since our kids are older. And instead of the traceable pages for our kindergarten I printed the teacher’s pages, so she’ll just color them in instead of have to trace around the images. There is one lesson for each book in the bible.

  37. I was looking for the Abeka Reading 3 on their website, and cannot seem to find it. Did you purchase it with the kit?
    This is our first year & I have a 2/3 grade level daughter. I plan on doing AAS for spelling, but was going to follow your lead on the Abeka language and reading, while also supplementing with your Classical Literature Units.
    I just don’t see that I can purchase Abeka Reading 3…
    Thanks for your help!

  38. Hi Erica,
    When you say “Abeka Language 3”, what do you mean? They have so many books to add on to the basic workbook. I am curious which you use and which you have decided are not necessary, etc.
    Thank you!

  39. You always amaze me! I was feeling trapped about some of our choices and I decided to see what you have been doing and now I have learned not just one, or two, but three new choices! Thank you SO much for everything you do on your great website! <3

    – Grace

  40. Hi Erica,
    I am just curious….I am ordering that typing and they also have the same program in a kids version…which do you use? My kids are 10 and 12 so I am pretty sure I will go with the adult one…just wanted to see what you use.

    • Hi Jen,
      I previously used Typing Instructor for Kids which is for younger elementary kids. Since we’ve completed that this year I moved up to Typing Instructor Platinum. It’s similar, but a little more advanced. So far it’s working fine with my 3rd, 5th, and 6th graders.

  41. Hi Erica,
    I have enjoyed following your blog for several years and always glean so many great ideas. I am in my 19th year of homeschooling and have one 3rd grader besides the after school kids that I tutor. Here’s what we are doing this year
    Keep up the good work!

  42. Hi Erica,

    I love your blog! I haven’t ever ordered anything from BJU and I am wondering if you order the CD’s? Online? OR just books? I am looking at it for my 3rd and 4th graders for English?

  43. Do you have a post on how you organize for the whole year?? That seems so daunting 🙂

  44. Hi! I am blown away with you and your homeschooling techniques and materials from every year! I haven’t been all around your blog yet but I was wondering if you worked from home to help with income or if you are just a full time mother and teacher? As well as, what are you planning to do for the middle and high school years, or if you had any ideas? I am in the public school system right now and we all learn things like chemistry and algebra and I was wondering if you were going to maybe teach them things like that as well?
    Absolutely beautiful blog and beautiful way of life. I am planning on the home-schooling route considering the public school system is so tiring and has too much pressure. God bless.. 🙂

    • Hi Lily,
      Thank you, there are several options for high school, and for now our plan is to continue to homeschool. Curriculum is readily available these days even for the upper subjects. Students can also participate in a local school district for specific elective classes and there are also a lot of online options if you’re apprehensive about teaching the upper grades.

  45. We used your K4 curriculum and Letter of the Week this last year for my two kids and loved them both. Thanks for all the careful consideration you have put into all your materials! My son just turned 5 and really enjoys math. We need to switch curriculum because the materials I had selected for the year are too easy and not particularly exciting for him to do (Singapore Math). The last few weeks I’ve tried complementing it like crazy with Pinterest games, but I’d like to find a more interesting, hands-on curriculum that interests him. Considering you introduce some more advanced math topics in your K4 than what some people would teach a 4 year-old, has Teeny Tot been bored at all with the Math U See Primer? I was wondering if we should skip up to the Alpha level. My son grasps math really easy and has had exposure to all of the topics in Primer, but hasn’t mastered all of them. Since he’s a young 5 I want him to have fun with it, but don’t want him to keep telling me he knows everything already. Any insight you have would be great. Thanks!

  46. Thank you for sharing your curriculum choices. I love going to different websites to see what everyone else is doing! I guess it gives me reassurance that we are doing great! I really enjoyed All About Spelling when I used it. It is a wonderful program. Now with the iPad, its even more amazing!

  47. Thanks for sharing! We got lots of great ideas from this 🙂

  48. I will be starting homeschooling my children next year (3rd and 4th graders). A few questions. I was wondering what is the expense in buying different subjects from different publishers instead of buying the whole grade kit from one publisher. I would like to do what you do, but seems like a lot of money to buy all the different subject material from different places. Also, are the materials re-usable? I wasn’t for sure if my youngest could use my oldest sons materials after he is finished or do you have to buy everything new again for each child. Your blog has been so helpful:) Thank you so much.

    • Hi Nicole,
      That really depends on which curriculum you purchase. I tend to spend around $400/year total for all of my kids. I spend the most on curriculum for my oldest, then I reuse it for the younger ones. And of course I do my best to get used curriculum whenever possible. But I do have to get new workbooks for everyone as they’re consumable.

  49. I was wondering if you wrote a review for Wordly Wise 3000. We’re considering it and would love to read your comments. Thank you! 🙂

  50. Hi, I see that you use Math U See and I am trying it right now, but I do have a few concerns and I am wondering if you can help me by telling me what you do please. I am looking through the alpha book and it is all addition and subtraction of single digit numbers. This book roughly corresponds with grade one and my concern is that the grade one curriculum in this book has no units/chapters on fractions, money, measurement, graphing, addition and subtraction of double digits etc. I am wondering do you use additional resources to cover these topics or what do you do please? I love all of your work and I love how you share your faith and your time and resources with everyone! Thank you so much.


    • Hi heather,
      Math U See is set up differently so that you r students master 1 skill/concept before moving on to another one. My oldest is now in Zeta and I have to say that I am very pleased with this method. Since she had absolutely mastered her addition/subtraction/multiplication facts it made learning division, fractions, and now decimals so much easier. So the alpha focuses on addition and some subtraction, but mostly addition including carrying numbers and multiple digit addition towards the end of the year. Beta will move into subtraction and multiple digit subtraction including borrowing numbers. Gamma goes into multiplication, Delta Division, and so on. So they will cover those concepts just at a later time when they’re more prepared for them.

      As far as time and money, they are included as well, however I don’t think they cover them well enough, so I’ve always supplemented the Kumon Counting Money, and Kumon Telling Time at about 2nd grade for those subjects.

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