So, I already changed my room around a little bit. I didn’t like some of the setup and wanted to get a spot for my ‘poster center’.

Here are our desks and workboxes. I like the boxes separating the kids, it helps with focus issues.

Here’s a closeup of one of our ‘workstations’. The drawers are Smart Space 10 drawer rolling carts from JoAnn’s. I also found some colored ones online at ebay, and several people have said they found them at Sam’s Club as well. Unfortunately they are double what I paid as they were 50% off at JoAnns when I got them.

Here’s a closeup of the drawers, I put 2 velcro dots on them, one for the number cards, and one for an extra card like ‘work with mom’. The kids also put the number from their number strip on the 2nd dot when they pull the drawer to work on it.

I love these carts, they really take up LESS space and the drawers pull completely out just like if they were to take it off the shelf. They pull them out then stack them on the floor to the right as they finish. The drawers are also a better size for books and such so I don’t have to bend my books getting them into the shoebox size. If there’s anything too big, I just set it on top of the cart. I also use the top of the cart for them to stack their finished worksheets and such. They work quite well if you need something that takes up less space!

Below is our Science/Computer/Random Activity Center! This is also our play room which was formerly known as the living room. I change out the activities on this table based on what we’re doing that week. Tomorrow it will be our magnifying center for our nature walk finds.

Here’s our alphabet tree and new ‘poster center’, Its the little poster on the wall to the right of the tree. I put up a velcro wall sticker then put the opposite hook velcro on the backs of all the poster so they can be put up and taken down easily. It’s a small spot, but is all I have and will work for us! Next to that is a bookshelf of games and construction paper.

My very large whiteboard I got from a church school closing sale for $5! Sweet!

Here is our animal map, verse board, calendar, and a magnetic whiteboard for our letters, next to that is a bookshelf with lots of puzzles and fun games and you know… stuff…

Here’s a closeup of our calendar. I put it on a cork board and put push pins on each day. I usually have them do some sort of pattern using the colored links. Then each day they have to count the calendar. I find this works wonders in teaching number recognition. Right now it’s my kindergartner’s job to teach my tot. He gets practice without realizing it, and she learns what her numbers look like! 2 for 1!

This is my old whiteboard, which is now being used for our sign language cards, and soon to be spanish cards, but I ran out of tape :0)

Last, but not least, our reading area, some soft pillows and fun books, mostly readers that my 2nd grader can read on her own or to the others.

Well, that’s our room…for now anyways!


  1. I love your school room. I also like the idea of your kinder teaching your tot the calendar. I'm going to do the same. She'll love it 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I'll keep checking back on your blog. I think we're doing some of the same curriculum …Also, did you take the Library of Memories class? I thought I recognized your blog from that class for some reason. Either way, great blog :)Isabel

  2. I LOVE your workboxes! I have been very picky about what boxes I am going to use. I have searched tons of workbox set-ups and almost bought some Sterilite boxes several times. But I love those carts so much, I think I will order them. They only have the colored in stock…but they are supposed to email me when the clear becomes available. A couple questions to clarify…The boxes pull all the way out and do not have lids…correct? Are the boxes a hard plastic or more like a Sterilite type material? How well do they stack? Is the overall cart sturdy? Thanks for finding and posting this!

  3. Hi, thanks for the comment. Yes the drawers pull all the way out, and no they do not have lids. The boxes are a sterilite material, and they stack very well, just the little handles stick out on the front so the stack gets angled. But that's not been a problem for us thus far. They seem pretty sturdy as my baby climbs in them all the time LOL! The cards are pretty sturdy, but I did NOT put on the wheels that came with them. I think that helps them stay better when being tugged on daily. Hope that helps, I tried to email you back but can't so I'll reply on my blog, and comment on yours!

  4. WOW! Wish I knew how you had the time to do all this:) Looks great! I am a new homeschooler to 3 kids…8th, 4th and 1st. I can't even seem to get a craft in:P I LOVE your school room…look forward to reading more!

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