Today was our Letter D finale! I have to say, wow, I made too much stuff for this letter, I hope you all enjoyed it, we didn’t quite get through everything though! LOL! Oh well, aim high right! Haha!

Here we are making our letter D with foam letter builders. I just cut these out by hand from foam sheets from Wal-mart, so I don’t have a template, but you can kind of figure out what shapes you need. You can also download my printable letter builders here.

We did a fun Dinosaur tangram, I got these cards from Lakeshore Learning.

Putting together the Color Puzzles, you can download them here.

For our fun food, my wonderful mom came up and baked “Dark Chocolate Brownies! and we had milk in our Dinosaur Dixie Cups!

Dinosaur magnet page, we used our pom-pom magnets on this one, I also use these round magnets from Amazon: 100 Pcs Power Magnets

Dinosaur Graphing! She wasn’t too in to this one today, so I just had her do 1 page, and she ended up coloring in all the squares…whatever!

Our Dinosaur number clip cards! She figured out she could make them stand up if she put the clips on the bottoms, so we had a herd of standing dino’s today!

Capital Dinosaur Bottle Cap Matching game! You can download the cards and letters here!

Finally, we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and put our Letter D up on our alphabet tree!

That was it, we finished up with our Dinosaur Reading and called it a week!
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