I wish I could take credit for these sweet little guys (and if you know me at all, you know I am going to attempt my own!) But I found them on Oh So Happy Together!

They’re a perfect addition to our Felt Doughnuts, Felt Pizza and Felt Sandwiches, most importantly, they look easy enough for me to attempt even with my poor sewing skills! For more of our felt food creations click here!


  • Brown felt (I made 4 cookies out of 2 8.5 x 10 pieces of felt)
  • Gingerbread cookie cutter or object (for tracing shape)
  • White and black embroidery floss, and needle
  • Colored felt circles or plastic buttons
  • Fabric Glue if you use felt for buttons


  • Trace your gingerbread man shape on to felt (you need 2 pieces per cookie)
  • Using black floss, stitch on eyes and mouth onto one of the brown cookie shapes
  • Sew or glue on buttons
  • Stack this piece onto another brown cookie shape and stitch together around edges using white floss
  • Serve on cute cookie tray!

Here’s what mine turned out to look like. Not too bad!

Here are some more fun felt tutorials to aid in your newly found obsession:


  1. You are amazing! You make me wish I could home school again! At 63 years old I have learned so much from you! I worked in the insurance industry for years until I had my children Rebekah and Michael. I was 38 and 41 when I had my children. I home schooled until Michael was in high school. Rebekah has graduated college and is now married. Michael is still in College and plays football. I first found you when I you tubed quilting. My best friend of 50 years died and was not able to finish the quilt she started for Rebekah so I wanted to learn how, thank you for your videos. I love all that you do and I am sure your mother is delighted with all you do! So I have one suggestion for another project, purely a selfish request but I think would help so many…How about doing a blog and instructions on the Keto diet? It is confusing but can be very helpful for a healthy life style. I am looking into Dr Axe program and thought of you actually I love your style…Just an idea and I am so excited about everything you are doing! Your energy puts a skip in my walk as I maneuver through my empty nest….I am proud of you! I am delighted that I found your You tube….God Bless you…Laurie

    Laurie Johnson

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