I know some of you were probably wondering what I meant when I said to make an animal wall for the Discovering God’s Animals study! Well, here is what I came up with. I purchased some blue butcher paper from a local teacher supply store along with a jungle animals border and some sticky letters.

I simply {ya right} found some blank wall space in our homeschool room and since we don’t allow blank wall space, I covered it up! Okay, fine I tore something else down, moved it to a new location so we had room for our animals. And voila! Presenting our new animal wall:

I’ll be using wall safe tape to put up the animal cards just so they can be taken down & re-used without being damaged. As we study each animal we’ll add them to the wall.

If you missed the original post, the Expedition Earth: Discovering God’s Animals is a FREE animal unit study that is designed to go with my Expedition Earth: A Journey Through God’s World geography curriculum!


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