Welcome to our Letter B for Butterfly week! This was my favorite week from last year, and this year I meant to get the butterfly kits and actually release butterflies, but I slacked and didn’t do it, so maybe next time around LOL!


Our Letter B binder page idea came from my good friend and co-writer at Totally Tots, Jolanthe!

Where can you find all these fun activities?

Download the Letter B for Butterfly activities here!

Download the entire Letter of the Week curriculum at once!

Letter B handwriting practice:


Making the Letter B with Alphabet Fun Cards by Wikki Stix:

Letter B Puzzle:


Letter B Number Hopscotch:


Letter B color puzzles:


Letter B number and letter writing practice:


Letter B Counting Cards:


Making the letter B with Magnetic Letter Builders:


Letter B sticker page:


Letter B Pattern Activity:


Letter B counting game, roll the die and see which butterfly makes it to the end first!


Upper and lowercase letter matching:


Number identification cards: We clipped mini-clothespins to the card based on the number on them. I also had her put them in order.

IMG_6501 IMG_6503

Butterfly Lacing Card:


Butterfly Pre-writing practice:


Butterfly Counting Game:


Those are just some of the letter B activities we did this week.

Where can you find all these fun activities?


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  2. Hi,I love your blog and have started using several of the printables. Question for you. . . how do you economically print off everything in color? Do you buy stock in cartridge refills or send it to the printer? Just curious about how you approach the printing side. Thanks so much!

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