Looking for a fun way to practice phonics with your preschooler? You’ll love the Phonics Bean Bags by Educational Insights!




What are Phonics Bean Bags?

They’re really fun double sided bean bags. One side has short vowels and the other has long, the set also includes c and g to show hard and soft sounds. There are 26 bean bags total and the feature cute embroidered images on each bag. They come with a draw-string storage bag and the best part in my opinion…they’re washable! Hooray!




I busted out some of plastic disks that I had and used them as ‘goals’. Then I let her pull a bag out, tell me if it used the long or short vowel, and what the beginning letter was. Then if she got it right she got to toss it into a hoop. The blue one was for short vowels an the red one was long vowels.



Some other ways to use the Phonics Bean Bags:

  • Download my LOTW large floor Letters, then lay out the vowels on the floor and have your child toss the bag on the correct vowel sound.
  • Use the LOTW Large Floor Letters consonants, then have your child toss the bags on to the correct consonant for the beginning sound of each item.
  • Get a large piece of poster board, cut 5 holes in it, then write the one vowel on top of each hole. Have your student try to toss the bag through the correct hole.
  • Take turns choosing a bag, then try to act out the image on the bag.
  • Play Bean Bag “Hot Potato”. Sit all your students in a circle and play music while passing the bag around. Once the music stops whoever has the bag has to say the beginning sound and vowel.
  • Play “I Spy”: Place several bags on the floor, and then say “I Spy something that starts with /d/”. Then let your student try to figure out what bag you’re looking at.
  • Spell and Tell: Set out 3 bean bags whose beginning sounds create a simple CVC word such as bat, apple, turtle. Then have your child try to figure out the mystery word using the first letter from each bag.


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