Good morning to all you kindergarten teachers out there! I have another fun free kindergarten printable worksheet for you today! To help Tinker Bell with her number writing practice, I created some blank printable seasonal calendar worksheets.

kindergarten seasonal calendar worksheets

–> Click here to download the Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Worksheets <–

(Downloading: If you have troubles downloading, RIGHT click on the download link and select “SAVE LINK AS”. You will then be prompted to save the file to your computer.)

I only show a few calendars above, but this download includes 17 different calendar choices!  While I am located in the United States, I know I have several international followers as well so I created calendar themes that will fit the needs of everyone no matter your location. (Or at least I tried to anyway! Let me know if you need a different image and I’ll try to accommodate.)


How do you use the Monthly Calendar Printables?

Each month I pick a new Calendar based on our season, and have her write in the number for each day. I keep the calendar worksheet in her math workbox and so she just adds a new number every morning. On Mondays she adds the numbers for the prior Saturday and Sunday to her page. When that month is completed, we pull out a new month worksheet and start all over!

These monthly calendar worksheets great practice writing numbers, counting, and also helps them get used to seeing a calendar, and noting what day today is, what yesterday was, and what tomorrow will be. And even what month of the year it is.


I hope you enjoy the Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Worksheets!

These activities are part of my K4 Curriculum geared towards kindergartners. If you have a preschooler you might want to check out my Letter of the Week Curriculum, click on the images below to see more activities.

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  1. You always have the most perfect post at the most perfect time for me! I have been searching the past few days for calendars just like this and couldn’t find exactley what I wanted, and then today, here they are! Whether it’s small things like this (however not small to me) or big things, you always say what I need to hear or post something I need! Thank you!

  2. I get so excited every time I see a new post. if you are tracking the statistics on your site, the increase in clicks or views are all me. I am going over your site over and over trying to read every article and download every printable. Thank you so much!

  3. Last week I printed off the number mazes for my 7 year old son who just finished 1st grade homeschool. I took 2 of these pages to church for him to do. He loved them! Then he drew pictures and words on the back including “I want FOOD.” It was the evening service and it was going over. Thank you for the printables. They are great!

  4. Thanks so much with another great tool! Love your blog! BTW…For me, the image of the umbrella hides the word “Saturday” and the image of the sun and clouds hides “Friday” and “Saturday.” Perhaps it has something to do with me, but I thought I would let you know. 🙂


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