I know with school nearing a close for many of you, you’re wondering what you’re going to do so your kiddos don’t forget all those precious tidbits you so carefully lodged in their brains over the course of the year. While I don’t plan anything super hard core for summer (we all need a break, me included!) I do keep the kids reading over the summer, mostly fun books. They get to pick what they want to read and as long as it’s appropriate for them, that’s fine.

Just to keep all of the other subjects fresh in their minds, we also do some activities out of the Carson Dellosa Summer Bridge activity books! They’re literally ZERO planning on my part, and great for keeping kids skills fresh over the summer.

Keeping up with your students reading, math, and other basic skills over the long summer break is important. I’m not sure if this happens to your kids, but it seems like a few weeks after school is out my kids seem to forget everything they’ve learned the previous year.


Depending on the day, I usually have the kids are do 1 lesson per day out of their workbook. I don’t usually force the issue too much, there tends to be a time each day where they start getting bored, and the Summer Bridge activities are the perfect solution! The great thing about them, is that they’re colorful and fun, so it’s not hard to get them to do a page or two.

Just to make it a little more fun, we use our Educational Insights Smens pens to make it a little bit more fun. They LOVE IT!


And I kid you not, one of them said “Wow, this is so much more fun than regular school!” and the other came up later in the day and actually asked me if she could do some school in her new workbook! Are you serious? YEAH!


Interested in some summer bridge activities?

Visit Carson-Dellosa for more info:


  1. We have field trips around town, a “bucket list,” planned activities – just like during the year. We go to the library often and keep reading, reading, reading! Thanks!

    Julie W
  2. We have field trips around town, a “bucket list,” planned activities – just like during the year. We go to the library often and keep reading, reading, reading! Thanks for this great summer giveaway!

    Julie W
  3. As a homeschooling family, we always keep busy in the summer with our summer school and lots of reading. We’ve enrolled in several summer reading programs as well as summer classes at Michael’s, where they’ll be visiting different countries. We also do the lowe’s and home depot kids workshops. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. We have been using workbooks, and unit studies as well as frequent trips to the library for books and videos. We love learning and love to keep it going all summer so there is no major review needed when we kick back into full gear in the fall.

  5. My boys are 4 and 2 and I am about to have our third in a few weeks. I haven’t yet “officially” started homeschooling but as a teacher, learning is part of our play time. We sort trains, play foods etc. by color, size. We are always counting and categorizing. My boys love to learn. My 4 year old is reading and doing basic Math. He loves Geography and knows the U.S. states and capitals most of the names and locations of countries in the world. Like I said, they love to learn and learning is fun! I am mentally preparing for more of scheduled school time this fall. I would love for my boys to have some activity books to work on this summer as I know they would love them as well:) Thank you!!! I love your website and so glad that I found you online:)

    Danielle Wilson

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