Hi everyone! I just wanted to share our progress so far on some of the Literature Unit Studies we’ve been working on! We started off with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. It was a great book to begin with and I was pleased at the eagerness of my kiddos to keep reading more!



Actually they wanted to keep reading so much that we actually had to go back and play catch up with our lapbook pieces since we got so far ahead in our reading!



I guess I should be happy that reading 1-2 chapters wasn’t enough for them! Here is the start of Strawberry Shortcakes timeline. I’m loving the little pictures they are drawing to go with the story.



Here is one of her pre-reports. Apparently she thinks Edmund’s name is Edwen. Guess I’ll have to clear that up for her before her next report LOL!



Here are some of the inside pieces that we’ve done so far as well.



And here is what the finished one will look like eventually, only it’ll be more colorful! In this unit we are discussing character qualities, villains, heroes, courage, bravery, sacrifice, and forgiveness. The study also includes vocabulary terms, a book report, and story predictions.





Thanks to a friend, we also got to sample Turkish Delight… I have to tell ya, it’s a little weird…



Since it’s nice and cold outside, once we finish this book, we’re going to start with the Mr. Popper’s Penguins Unit Study! I hope you all are enjoying your unit studies as well!


  1. Estou trabalhando com o Livro “Crônicas de Nárnia” e vi que você deu algumas ideias e gostaria de saber se você pode enviar o molde do armário e os arquivos.

    Camila Basso Calssi dos Santos

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