Welcome to day 3 of my Christmas Extravaganza! Today I have a giveaway from one of my absolute FAVORITE companies!

This year Turbo is participating in a boys LEGO Education co-op where we are using the LEGO Education Simple & Motorized Mechanisms kit with the Introducing Simple & Motorized Mechamisms Activity Pack (a.k.a Teacher’s Manual with lesson plans).

This kit is fabulous! The lessons start off with some simple concepts, then build upon those to create some super cool machines! The boys are learning about motorized machines, and gearing mechanisms, and will learn how to calibrate and capture wind! It comes with 10 principle models, 18 main models, and a storage bin for all the pieces.

NOTE: We’re very careful to keep this set separate from his regular LEGOs as you will need specific pieces to complete the projects.


For the first lessons, we had each group build a different axel type, then they each did a presentation on their type. Next, they were allowed to test out other groups’ axels so they could see the difference between the types.


The boys work in pairs, 2 boys per one LEGO Education kit. They take turns building the first few assignments. Later on, the kits are designed with 2 books per assignment so they will each build their own portion of the product. Then they will combine their pieces together to create a completed project.


Here are the 3 axel types we created for the first lesson. They learned about the difference between straight and split axels. And we discussed which type of machines would work best based on the functions of the axel types.




Here is a video of our second lesson where they learned about gearing mechanisms.

We were all excited about some of the knowledge they acquired during this session. And they will build upon this knowledge later on when creating more complex machinery and be able to determine which type of gearing system will be needed based on the function of the machine they’re working on.

IMG_4181web IMG_1692web

They built 3 different gear types for this lesson…


I have had several questions regarding the Activity Pack for this product. The Base set comes with 396 LEGO Technic elements and full-color building instruction booklets for the models. So while you can just use these like you would a regular LEGO set where students build the sets on their own.

But the LEGO Activity Pack actually includes lesson plans to go with all of the models. So if you wanted to use this in a classroom or co-op setting like we are, you really do need the Activity Pack as well. It teaches basic understanding of simple machines, structures, and mechanisms included in the kit. It comes in a 3-ring binder and provides 30 lessons featuring 37 principle model activities. It also includes a CD-ROM with teacher’s notes, student worksheets, and a glossary.

Here are some of the concepts introduced in the Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Activity Pack:

  • Investigating the principles of simple machines, mechanisms, and structures
  • Experimenting with balanced and unbalanced forces
  • Measuring distance, time, speed, and weight
  • Investigating powered forces and motion, speed, and pulling power

Time for the Giveaway!

LEGO Education is offering a giveaway of their Fairy Tale and Historic Minifigure collections! This kit is full of a variety of mini figures that allows your kiddos to reenact beloved fairy tales and their favorite movie themes! It includes 22 mini figures including an accessories kit for each one as well.

Just fill out the rafflecopter below for your chance to win! Happy Holidays!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Can you give suggestions as to how folks could go about starting a Lego group like the one Turbo is in? As far as.,… how many base sets did the leader order, did they order the “getting started package” and split the cost per family? This would be a great group to start in my homeschool community and I would love your input 🙂 Thanks for sharing and continually blessing us with your website!

    1. Hi Alycia,
      Yes, you need 1 base set per 2 students (they share 1 kit). You would need one Activity Pack to teach the lessons. We have 6 boys, so 3 base sets and 1 Activity Pack. We just started up with some friends, and they’ve been meeting for a few years now once a month.


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