Hi everyone! After I made those cute little Crochet Owl Hats for the girlies, I thought I’d better make something for Turbo too.

Boys are a bit harder in my opinion with all of the fun little crafts, but when he suggested we make a Denver Bronco’s hat I thought it was a great idea!

So here it goes, my first homemade crochet beanie!



Now, I’m not a skilled crochet person, actually I’m self taught as of a few weeks ago. However I figured if I pulled off the owl hat, a striped hat should be a piece of cake! And I was right, it was super easy.


Anyone could do it.

So let’s get started shall we?


  • Medium Worsted Weight Yarn (Pick your favorite team colors. We choose the dark blue for the main hat, then white and orange for accent strips.)
  • 5mm Crochet hook



Some abbreviations you’ll need to know to follow the pattern:

  • ch – chain
  • SC – Single Crochet
  • DC – Double Crochet

See, there’s only 3 basic stitches! YOU CAN DO IT!

Basic Rules:

  1. Start your rounds in the same stitch as your chain.
  2. Join your rounds to the first DC, NOT the chain.
  3. Do NOT count the chain 2 as a stitch.

For newbie’s like myself…if you haven’t crocheted much I would encourage you to look up video tutorials on those stitches prior to beginning. There are plenty of them to choose from on YouTube and I found them really helpful when starting the pattern.

You’ll also want to watch the below video tutorial on creating a magic ring to help get your hat started. I found this DC Corochet Magic Circle Tutorial that starts with a Double Crochet and it helped greatly! Thanks Rebecca From ChemKnits!


Size: Child/Adult

(This fit Turbo – 9 years old, and me – … um, let’s just say “I’m an adult.”)

  • Start with Magic Ring, Chain 2, 9 DC in magic ring, join to first DC, ch 2
  • Round 2: 2 DC in each around, join to first DC, ch 2 (18 DC)
  • Round 3: 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next, repeat around, join, ch 2 (27 DC)
  • Round 4: 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next 2, repeat around, join, ch 2 (36 DC)
  • Round 5: 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next 3, repeat around, join, ch 2 (45 DC)
  • Round 6: 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next 4, repeat around, join, ch 2 (54 DC)
  • Round 7: DC around (54 DC)
  • Round 8: 2 Dc in first stitch, DC in next 8, repeat around, join, ch 2 (60 DC)
  • Round 9: 2 DC, DC in next 29, repeat around (62 DC)
  • Round 10-12: DC around (62 DC)
  • Change color to first accent color (i.e. white), join and ch 2
  • Round 13: DC around (62 DC)
  • Change color back to main hat color (i.e. blue), join and ch 2
  • Round 14: DC around (62 DC)
  • Change color (2nd accent color i.e. orange), join and ch 2
  • Round 15-16: DC around (62 DC)
  • Change back to main color (i.e. blue), join and ch 2
  • Round 17: DC around (62 DC)
  • Round 18: SC around (62 SC) and fasten off.

** Pattern Credit: For rounds 1-9 I followed the basic top half of the pattern from Repeat Crafter Me’s owl hat since I was familiar with it. Then I improvised for the remaining rounds. And dang, it turned out well!

The only thing I would’ve done differently if I could have found one, is added a few more rounds to the brim, then stitched on one of those fancy embroidered team logos.

But I couldn’t find one.

And Turbo was itching to get this thing on his head.



Round 19: Give your super adorable hat to someone special! Not only is this great for game day, but for keeping those little ears warm as well in the winter months!



I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy crochet beanie tutorial! If you happen to take on this project, make sure to send me a pic or leave a comment below.



  1. Nice job with your new thing, crocheting. *smile* I have issues with different yarn or something when I make hats. Sometimes they work our perfect following the directions and other times they don’t work out at all. I have tried to make many hats now and have had only two or three turn out like I had hoped, but our kids have several hats now so I am giving that craft a little rest for now. I like seeing how yours are turning out though. *smile* It’s fun to see what you can make. *smile* Thanks for sharing. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

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