Have you guys heard of Little Bits Electronics? Well, they were new to me! But when they sent me an email to review their products, I was intrigued. I already knew that Turbo loved to play with anything electronic, and after taking a look at their website, I knew he’d love to check them out!



And I was right. After stalking the mailman for what seemed like forever (really about 3-5 days), our package finally arrived!

It took him all of about 1 second to tear into it, and start playing around.



Instantly he was lurking around asking people to shake his hand. I thought it was going to be a shocking experience, but actually it was just a harmless buzzer that caused a lot of giggles around here.



He then went back to work creating more projects with the fun manual. They sent us the deluxe kit, and there are about 15 projects in the manual, but there are hundreds more projects online on their website.

One thing that are so cool about these kits is that they are polarized and magnetic. So you can’t accidentally put two wrong sides together. The pieces simply snap together magnetically to create fun projects.



This makes it easier for  younger kids to participate in as well. And the projects are fairly easy, but fun to create too. I’ve since seen this kit making its way around the house.

They also have an online community & forum,  where you can see other projects, get tips and tricks, as well as a Little Bits Blog full of fun projects.



It’s definitely been a hit around our house. And because you all know I LOVE to giveaway goodies to you guys, today I have this fun kit as a giveaway for one of my readers!




Little Bits is offering $20 off of your first kit as a special for my readers! Just enter code:  CONFESSIONS20   at check out!

And make sure to fill out the rafflecopter below to enter to win a Little Bits kit for your family!

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  1. My goodness there were so many ideas and things they can make on their website. I would need for the kids to come look but its late so I will guess for them. I think my daughter would love to try the catapult as we just did two different ones last week. My son is more into it than she would be and I can imagine him wanting to try it all.

    Jeanette G.
  2. My little boy watched Goonies last year and has been obsessed with making boobie traps ever since. He would be in heaven with a kit like this, so many amazing possibilities.
    It might not be as much fun for his little brother, who usually finds the most recent boobie trap.


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