Shalom! And welcome to our Expedition Earth World Geography week on Israel!



And of course we always start out by locating Israel on the map. This is the smallest country we’ve done so far, so the kids really had to look to find it.


As we enter into each country we make sure add our flag sticker and date our passport with our entry date. When we’re done at the end of the week, we add in our exit date.

Here are some of the highlights of the week:

  • Where Israel is on the map, the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, and the capital
  • A song in Hebrew
  • How to say “Hello” in Hebrew
  • How to pray for the Jewish people
  • About children in Israel
  • Completed a lapbook activity
  • Completed and classified animals of Israel
  • Learned new Geography terms
  • Made a stone inlay craft
  • Learned about the Dome of the Rock
  • Learned about the 7th Wonder of the World: Petra in Jordan


We learned some fun facts about Israel including how to say hello in Hebrew. Then we added our new word to our word wall.



After learning about some of the fun facts, they each designed a postcard to send back home. Along with a special note on the backside.




Of course we also made sure to fill out our Israel worksheet with all of the basic details.



We learned about the flag of Israel as well as its meaning.



We added Israel to our world lapbook…



Of course we couldn’t forget to add our animals to our animal wall, and then we took a picture with everyone’s favorite animals. We finally have our first arthropod on our wall! Whoo hoo for the Yellow Crab Spider!




We also did a couple of really fun and colorful salt water density experiments. For our first experiment, we filled 5 cups with the exact same amount of water. Then we added 1 tsp to the first cup, 2 tsp to the second cup, and so on. We labeled our cups with some clear tape and a sharpie.


Next we grabbed a clear straw and then dipped it into each cup in order adding a little of each color to our straw. Make sure to keep your thumb over the top of the straw until it’s submerged in the liquid so that it will suck up a little of each one.



We added a “trash” cup to the end of the row so that everyone could take a turn. When they were done they could let the liquid out into the trash cup. That way they didn’t accidentally dump the entire mixture of layers into one of our experimentation cups.



For our second experiment, we placed a raw egg into each cup and noted on our experimentation worksheet what happened in each cup.



We had success with our 5th cup! This helped the kiddos see how the increased salt level helped objects to float like in the Dead Sea.



Here are a few pictures from our trip through Israel back in 2010! We made these cool inlaid stone coasters which were fun.



We played the Israeli version of tic tac toe. instead of marking your spot with an X or an O they use colored rocks. And instead of putting them in the blanks the rocks are placed on the intersections of the lines. 3 in a row wins!



We also learned about the Dome of the Rock, and made a painting with foil on top.



We also checked out this fun middle eastern restaurant with yummy falafel. The kids didn’t love it, so we skipped it this time around. But it was still a fun experience!



That’s it for this week! Want to join in with us on our journey across the world? Get your copy of Expedition Earth here!


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  1. Did you by chance pray for the Palestinian families and their children as they are persecuted daily in Israel and the occupied territories? This has been seen though my first hand travels in this country. There are more than just Jews in this country…


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