Hi friends! I had another awesome reader send me some suggestions to help make my Daily Learning Notebook more friendly for those of you in Australia! And also my southern hemisphere friends too!

So I’ve made a few modifications, mostly changing the pages from the traditional US schedule going August-July has been updated to run January – December. I’ve also removed the seasonal clip-art from the calendars since seasons are opposite the U.S. in the Southern Hemisphere!




–> Download the Australian Daily Learning Notebook  Here<–


The first page talks about today’s date, days of the week, and numbers:

  • What day is it?
  • What was yesterday?
  • What will it be tomorrow be?
  • Write the date
  • Color in the day number
  • Is today’s number ODD or EVEN?
  • Write today’s number
  • Write the number that comes before and after today’s number



The next page covers money and time:

  • What time is it?
  • What time was it 1 hour ago?
  • What time will it be in 2 hours?
  • Make the date in coins.



Tally Marks: We also keep track of our days in school using tally marks, at the end of the month we’ll count up all of our school days then write the number in the circle at the bottom of that month’s box.



Place Value & Temperature: Practice place value using today’s date, as well as telling the temperature.



Name Writing Practice: This download includes blank writing lines so that your students can practice writing their names. There is only one per month, but if you want them to have more practice you can print extra pages.




100 days count down: We’re also keeping track of our days in school up to 100. If you can’t read the numbers below, don’t worry! Strawberry Shortcake has taken to writing fancy little stick people on all of her numbers…



Monthly Calendar and weather tracking: We are also tracking our calendar days in school, they’ll write the month on the top of each calendar, then write the day’s number each day. At the bottom of the page is a place to track weather for each month. At the end we’ll discuss which type of weather we had most, least, etc. (The download has months in year order: JANUARY – DECEMBER)



–> Download the Australian Daily Learning Notebook Here<–


I hope you enjoy this version of my Daily Learning Notebook. And I’d like to give a special THANK YOU to Nichole for taking the time to help me perfect it for our southern hemisphere friends!!

I hope this new version helps some of you out, and I’m so excited to see all of your variations on the notebook, so a big thanks to everyone who has helped get this available in different formats and languages!

Ready for more of a challenge? Check out my other Daily Learning Notebook versions below!

MAC USERS: You will need to Install Adobe Reader, then set it as your default program to open PDF files. This will resolve any weird viewing issues you may have with PDF files. Safari tries to open the file in preview instead of full view which causes issues viewing and printing files. Hope that helps!



  1. When will you becoming out with the 2016-2017 kindergarten & prek updated version? I am homeschool planning now because my 5th baby is due in June so most of my summer will be filled with taking care of my newborn. THanks! Love all your free resources!

  2. We love your Daily Learning notebooks! My oldest daughter wants to use the cursive one this coming school year. I love how you added so much. Money, time, weather. My kids always say they aren’t learning, but it is easy and fun, but just the other day my 6 year old told me the time on the clock! Thanks for your hard work making these.

  3. What an awesome resource! It doesn’t fit our family with older kids now in high school, but I’ve passed your site on to my daughter who just began home schooling my grand kids. Since my husband and three youngest children are originally from Australia, I appreciate your making this fit for our Australian friends. Good on ya!

  4. Hi, Erica! This is unrelated, but I’m unable to purchase from your store because I can’t remember my password and it won’t email me another one. Please, help! 🙂

  5. Hi everyone!
    Few days ago I saw on YouTube homeschool lesson with this book and I liked it sooo much! But there was no link where to buy it. Luckily I found it here and with great offer ! Thank you so much!


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