Join the 2010 Ultimate Blog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

The 2010 Ultimate Blog Party is about to start and this is my first time participating! I’m looking forward to meeting new blogging friends and surfing all the fabulous blogs that are out there for moms!

Here’s what 5 Minutes says about the party:

“The Ultimate Blog Party has become an exciting tradition in the “Momosphere”. It is a bloggy carnival where participating bloggers publish a “party post” introducing themselves and then party hop through the linky lists meeting other bloggers.”

There will be a ton of blogs linking up and lots of great prizes, simply click on the banner above to join in the fun! (You don’t have to have a blog to visit all the great sites!) Check out 5 Minutes for Mom for details.

So who am I and what can you find here?

My name is Erica and this is a homeschooling blog full of ideas, resources, and FREE printables! I also have a wonderful preschool Letter of the Week curriculum. Visit my sidebar for lots of other great homeschooling blogs and websites!

I’m also offering my Letter of the Week curriculum via download or CD as a prize to 2 winners for the blog party! It’s prize #106, so make sure to list it in your prize selections on your post!!

Here are just some of the things I share on this blog! Have fun looking around, and feel free to email me if you have any questions

If you like what you see, please leave a comment! If you have a blog let me know, so I can visit you as well!

Have a Happy 2010 Ultimate Blog Party!

My top prize picks:

  • Any of the Amazon, Paypal or Target gift cards
  • 18 – Goodie Basket for Mom
  • 19 – Prize Package of Preschool toys
  • 37 – $20 Visa Gift Card
  • 49 – $25 gift card to Starbucks
  • 70 – $25 Kroger Gift Certificate
  • 72 – Your Shape for Nintendo Wii A fitness video game


  1. Can't wait for the party to get started! Just found out about it today and I'm ready to jump in too :)Love your site, I think we're going to start using your curriculum in the fall, thanks!!

  2. I always like what I see 🙂 You are bookmarked everywhere, I don't want to miss anything!

  3. I signed up too! Looking forward to it – it;s my 1st time! 🙂

  4. i am joining in the party too.. i also wanted to let you know that i love your site and have been a follower for quite some time now!

  5. Oooh, your site looks like a great resource! We love homeschooling, and are always looking for new ideas. 🙂

  6. Great to meet you. I love your header. I'm a homeschooler, too!

  7. Oh, love your site! Very informative 🙂 Nice to meet you and happy party week!

  8. Love your blog:) I do have one, but I just started a couple months ago so there isn't much on there but apparently when you decide to homeschool the next step is start a blog so that's what I did! Ha ha!!

  9. I will definitely be bookmarking your blog as a preschool resource!Party on 🙂 Party With Tiff (UBP post)

  10. Hello from UBP! I am a homeschooling mama of 4 as well! Great to visit with you…I'll be back 🙂

  11. Here for the party.Reading your post, I think I should go post my top prize pick. I've always wanted a pony, but now that my youngest is 5, I am so OVER dealing with the poop of another creature so maybe the pony isn't such a good idea. Hmmm…

  12. I am stopping by from UBP10. Great blog! Love everything! I am following you!

  13. I'm stopping by your blog via the UBP. Found your site a few weeks ago, and I love it (I'm following). I homeschool my two little girls, and I'm always looking for resources.

  14. What a pretty blog. 🙂 I don't have kids yet but I am going to bookmark this because I am collecting ideas for when I do have kids. You have a very creative style of homeschooling! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  15. Ooo girl, you're speaking my language. I love free 🙂 Nice to meet you!

  16. I love doing lapbooks. Cute blog. I have three boys and three girls.

  17. I am stopping by from the UBP to say hello!I checked out your blogging tips and recipes. I would love to try the one for Green Chili.Have fun with the UBP!

  18. Hi. Just stopping by from the UBP to say hi 😀 I love your blog. And your design is kinda cute as well :DI hope you drop by to say hi. 🙂 Was nice to meet you! Have a great weekend.

  19. Just dropping in from UBP10! You have some fantastic ideas! I can't wait until my kiddo is old enough to do some of these activities/lessons!check out my blog:

  20. Love crafting! Looks like a fun site. Stopping by from UBP. Party on!

  21. It's great to meet you! I love your crafts section. I'm always looking for crafts to do with my kids. Have fun at the UBP!!

  22. What a great resource site for homeschooling families. Nice to meet you. Happy partying!

  23. hey glad you joined the party!It's kinda fun isn't it?I've enjoyed coming for a few years now, but always find new things going on! Thanks for offering out a prize! i hope I win!!

  24. I'm loving all your resources. Our son is starting preschool work now and love that I have found a site to get more information for him at.

  25. Stopping by for the party. There is a lot of homeschooling moms. I am kind of lost on the idea of homeschooling.

  26. Hello! I found you by way of the UBP! I'm Conni, ( – homeschooling mom and army wife. Nice to meet you!

  27. Hi! I'm stopping by from UBP. I'm new to blogging. This is my first blog party and I'm having a blast! I'm also new to homeschooling this year and will be following your blog!

  28. Great to meet you! I came here via the UBP! 😀 You have a beautiful family! I'm a homeschooler, too! 😀

  29. Stoppin’ in on the #ubp10 hop!! Love your blog and I’m your newest follower and twitter follower!! I love meeting new peeps! Love your post! We homeschool too! I've already found 5 HS families on this hop! So happy to find your blog!@Susieqtpies at Scraps of Life (! I’m linked up! I’m #584, #254 and #374!!! Oh yeah! It is going to be a fun week!!!

  30. Dropping in from the UBP today! You have a beautiful family. It is nice to meet you!

  31. stopping by for the PARTY! Love your blog and the resources- we homeschool too~

  32. I'm party hopping today even though I don't have my post up until tomorrow! Love your site and your hs ideas! I'll be back.

  33. Your blog is wonderful!! Someone shared a few links with me recently from your blog and I decided I needed to add you to my google reader. 🙂 We also homeschool. It's nice to "meet" you today!

  34. Stopping by from the UBP! I am also a homeschooling mom – only I have one extra little one. Great to 'meet' you. I'm off to check out the rest of your site.

  35. so glad to find you by following the UBP I am now following. I have a few little ones that I often take care of and love to have worksheets etc.. that will help them learn and now I know where to find some thanks

  36. Looks like you have lots of great resources here. Stopping by from the UBP.

  37. Excellent blog! Happy UBP!

  38. I'm ecstatic to find you! I am considering homeschooling in a few years, and love all the inspiration I can get!I'm excited to look around more. Stop by FTSN for some peanut butter pie when you have time! Michelle

  39. Hello! I love your blog! I stopped over from the UBP but I've been here before! I'm now a follower! Have a blessed weekend!

  40. Hello,I just was checking out your blog yesterday after a friend recommended you and it is funny to find you at the party too. Your letter of the week homeschool stuff looks really interesting and I am planning on emailing you about it!I will be following you on bloglines. Please stop by and visit me too.

  41. I have visited your site many times before… you have so many items that are such a blessing to us. Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent with homeschooling families!! Hope you enjoy the UBP!! :)

  42. Just taking this fine opportunity to say that I'm a recent subscriber…and I love your blog!

  43. Nice to meet you!

  44. I love your blog and started following through links from Tot Schoolers. Thought I would drop by from UBP too!

  45. Hey! I'm dropping in from the UBP but already stalk ya!Have a great week!

  46. What a pretty blog! Happy ubp!

  47. I will definately take a look around! I love homeschool blogs with lots of great ideas! 🙂

  48. I love lapbooks! Thanks for a new fun site.

  49. Stopping by from UBP. I am not a homeschooling mom but I am always looking for other ways to teach my children at home what they are not getting in public school.

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