Market Bag Crochet Tutorial


Hi everyone! I recently saw the cutest bag ever, and knew right away I wanted to try it. It’s the Market Bag Tutorial from Redheart and it’s super cute! Keeping in line with my usual demeanor, I didn’t follow the directions exactly. I wanted to make something a little smaller for the kids, and it turned out to be a great library bag for the Teeny Tot! I also made one for Strawberry Shortcake, and am in the process of making one for Tinker Bell, but she’s requested some modifications so I’ll have to post that one separately. I’m a brand new crocheter. Crochetee? Crochet person? Whatever. The point is I’m new, I don’t know what I’m doing, and I still managed to pull this off! I’d also like to note that I’m horrible at reading actual printed crochet patterns, so I watched the below video tutorial to help me out. Seriously, have you seen a crochet pattern? They look like a sports play book or something. No clue how to read them. It’s like a foreign language. And I’m still in … [Read more...]


Summer Boredom Busters for Kids Part 2


Hi everyone! I’m back with another day of Summer Boredom buster ideas for kids! This is a great series for anyone looking for some fun ideas to fill those long afternoons and rainy days this summer! Click on the images below to see each idea!         This post is part of my Summer Boredom Buster Series, click below to see more ideas!   Stick around tomorrow for more fun Summer Boredom Busters! … [Read more...]


Hands on Easter Activities for Kids


Bunnies, chicks, eggs…oh my! All of those things are fun, but I really want my kiddos to get the real meaning of Easter as well! So here are a few of my favorite ideas to help make this Easter special! Since Easter is quickly approaching I’m in the mood for Easter Activities! Yesterday I shared the mini resurrection Easter garden you, but today I wanted to share a few more fun hands on Easter ideas with you!   Easter Garden If you missed yesterday’s post, creating a mini resurrection Easter Garden is a wonderful idea to remind your family of Jesus this season! Click here for detailed instructions on creating your own mini resurrection Easter garden.   “Life of Jesus” Bracelet This is a great Easter craft for kids as well as a wonderful gift! Here is the story: One night there was a bright start, which guided three wise men. They carried three gifts to give to the King of the earth upon His birth. He grew up to become a carpenter, and a fisher of … [Read more...]


Foil Fish Kids Craft


Ready for a fun kids craft? I don’t know about your kids, but mine love anything involving aluminum foil. We’ve used it to make boats, balls, leaf impressions, moons, magic wands…you get the idea. We like foil. Plus it’s recyclable, a nice bonus. So today we’re going to make some fun aluminum foil fish! This is a great project even for younger kiddos, and it goes well with my Letter of the Week Letter F activities too! Note: We’re making fish, but you could really do this with any theme you prefer. Let’s get started! Supplies: Colorful construction paper Sharpie markers A pencil Tin foil Glue stick Scissors Optional: some type of plastic netting for texture   We started off by creating our background. So we used a light blue paper for the sky, then cut a wave shape out of darker blue and pasted it to the front.   Next draw your designs on a sheet of aluminum foil using a pencil,  then trace over it with a black sharpie. … [Read more...]


DIY: Duct Tape Purse Craft


  Hi everyone! It’s Friday, and I’ve deemed this day “Fun Friday” on my blog! So in an attempt to add a little excitement to the day, I have a super cute Duct Tape Purse tutorial for you! Strawberry Shortcake has become the master duct tape crafter and so she’s going to do a video explaining how to make this really cute purse. Where do you get colorful duct tape? You can find really fun colors of duct tape now. We purchased ours  at Michael’s Craft Store and Office Depot. But I’ve seen colorful duct tape all over. As a matter of fact the polka dot tape in this tutorial is actually shipping tape, so you can mix and match them!   Supplies: 1-2 colors of duct tape (You can do this with one color, but the dual done is a little more exciting ;o) Scissors   Ready to get started? Watch the Duct Tape Purse Tutorial here!     After she was done with her purse, she made a bunch of accessories to go with it. These were all her own … [Read more...]


DIY: Valentine’s Heart Craft Tutorial


Good morning readers! I’m back with some more fun Valentine’s day activities for you! Today Strawberry Shortcake is doing a Valentine’s Day Heart craft for you! Click here to watch the Valentine’s Day Heart Video Tutorial, or press the play button below! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Here are a few pics to send you off with! We found this super cute polka dot shipping tape at Michael’s craft store. It’s so fun because any color you put it over will show through the dots!   Here’s the Teeny Tot hard at work. The button/glue combination is very dangerous. So you need protective eye-wear incase it accidentally flies in your eyeball.   And here is her finished project. She decorated hers with some heart stickers, and more pink duct tape.   And here is the finished project! It’s super cute and easy way to add a little Valentine’s Décor to any room! I hope you enjoyed today’s Valentine’s Day Craft Tutorial! Join us … [Read more...]


DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial


Hi everyone! I’ve seen a ton of DIY Sharpie Mug tutorials all over the internet so I was dying to try it! I mean, seriously? Sharpie on a mug? Like that’s gonna last past the first wash. Whatev’s. But the rebel in me decided I would try it out for my self. And you know what? They worked! With one very important caveat… Check out our DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial to see how to create these awesome personalized sharpie mugs for your BFFs this Valentine’s Day!   SUPPLIES: Plain white mugs ( I purchased these at Target, but you can find them all over.) OIL BASED SHARPIES. I REPEAT. OIL BASED SHARPIES. (You can find these at your local craft store. Make sure it says Oil Based. The regular sharpies you have hanging around your house will not stay put once you wash them.) Rubbing alcohol and cotton puffs Some candy of course. Optional: Candy bag, baker’s twine, and a Valentine’s Day tag!   All of this is explained in the video, but … [Read more...]


DIY: Valentine’s Butterflies, Flowers, and Hearts


Hello awesome readers! As we continue on with our Valentine’s Day Ideas, I have a super fun and inexpensive Valentine printable to share with you!   Today we’re working on Valentine’s for our co-op friends and we’ve decided to go with some homemade Valentine Butterflies, Valentine Flowers, and Valentine Heart Pencil (or Straw) toppers.   DIY: VALENTINE BUTTERFLIES: These guys are super cute and easy to make. First we purchased some Valentine suckers, and then printed out our own cute little butterflies to attach them to!   Just print out these cute little butterflies on colorful cardstock, make slits for the suckers, and voila! You have an easy DIY Valentine your kiddos can make!   You can also print them on white cardstock, then color them as desired! Oh, and don’t forget the glitter. No Valentine is complete without glitter!   --> Download the Valentine Butterflies here! <-- DIY VALENTINE FLOWERS: Next up we made some cute … [Read more...]


DIY Perler Bead Bowl


If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, then you already know I'm a sucker for colorful things. So when I saw all of these fun perler bead bowls popping up, I just couldn’t resist!   My curriculum is colorful. Our Homeschool Room is colorful. And you really can’t get more colorful than these sweet little bowls!             They’re so easy and fun, and our girls have made a bunch of them and used them to hold all of their little knick-knacks, jewelry, and other odds and ends. Ready to get started? Hold on to your socks folks, the supply list is Caa-RAZY! Supplies: Perler Beads by Fun Fusion Glass Bowl Pam Cooking Spray Oven – Preheat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit   Directions: Carefully spray the inside of your glass bowl.   You can use any oven safe glass bowl.   Dump a handful of beads into the bowl and carefully press them along the bottom and then sides of … [Read more...]


Rainbow Loom Earrings Tutorial


Hi everyone! My kids have been getting their craft on with some serious Rainbow Loom action these days! We purchased them as gifts, and man was that one of the best gifts EVER!! I’ll be sharing some of the fun things they have made, but let’s just say that they definitely didn’t stop at those plain old single row bracelets! Oh NO my friends. They’ve moved on. We’ve got earrings. Penguins. Necklaces. Turtles. Unicorns. Pencils. And a variety of super fancy bracelets. Ones that take more than one loom if you get my drift. But those will all come on another day. Today Strawberry Shortcake is doing a Rainbow Loom Earring tutorial for you! Tip: Purchase the real Rainbow Loom’s and not the knock-off’s. We purchased ours at Michael’s Craft store, and I believe that is currently the only approved retailer for this product. The main reason being some projects require you to re-arrange your loom, or even use more than one loom and the Rainbow Loom is the only one at this … [Read more...]