iPhone Apps for Moms

I’ve shared some of our favorite educational iPhone and iPad apps here: Educational iPad Apps, and here: Educational iPad Apps 2. So today, I wanted to share some of the apps that I love as a mom! They’re not necessarily educational, but things that help me stay on focus, keep track of things, and remember what the heck I’m supposed to be doing from day to day!


YouVersion Bible: There are several bible apps out there, but I like this one. It has several different reading plans and devotions to pick from, along with many different versions.



Errands To-Do List: This is a great app for adding in errands that you need to do. I usually run errands all on the same day so as the week goes by, I’ll add in things I need to do so that on my errand day, I can hit everything!



ShoppingList: I absolutely LOVE this app! I always have my phone handy, so it’s easy to add in grocery items as I remember them. You can also separate your list by store location, so when you’re shopping it makes it really easy to check off items, and not have to run back to the produce section because you forgot something!

Another favorite feature of this one is that you can email your list! Great for Dad who can stop by and “pick up a few things” on the way home. It’s all categorized by section which makes it easier for him to find things too!



Weather+ : Well, this weather app is just fun. I love the pretty backgrounds, and they’re animated, so when it’s raining outside, it’s raining on your phone screen. My favorite are the gently falling snowflakes! You can also add several locations, which make it fun for my kids too. They like to see what the weather is like across the globe, so we track one region on each continent.



ShopSavvy: I always want to know the cheapest place to get something, and now I can find out instantly! I just scan the barcode of the item in question, and ShopSavvy will look up other retailers in my area including online and let me know the best price available!



OpenTable: Make reservations for your favorite restaurants right from your phone! The only downside to this one is that not all restaurants are on the program yet, but quite a few are, 15,000 across the US, Canada, and UK.



TipStar: I always hate adding tips in my head, I know, I’m a horrible homeschooler LOL! But this bad boy will figure out my tip for me, and you can also divide the tip by the amount of people you’re out to dinner with so you know how much everyone owes! Handy for girls night out!



JoAnn Stores App: This is great, no more carrying around paper coupons! Simply pull up your iPhone app and select the coupon you’d like to use. Hand the cashier your phone and they’ll apply the coupon to your purchase!



Michaels Store App: Same as the Jo-Ann’s coupons app, just look up the most current coupons on your phone!



Sticky Notes: Great for adding quick notes to your phone, the only issue with this one is that you have to save the image to your photos, then add it as your lock screen wall paper to see them. I use the errands more often.



Netflix: Great for keeping your kiddos busy during appointments, they can look up and watch movies on your phone! Just make sure you have a decent data package or you’ll go over fairly fast!



Shazam: Can’t remember the name of that song? Just open up Shazam, and let it listen, it will locate the song and artist for you!



Have a favorite mom app to share? Leave a comment, I’d love to see what other moms find useful!


  1. Lovely list! I must add that I’m addicted to “White Noise” by TMSoft. They have a ‘lite’ version which is free is perfectly adequate for helping one fall asleep or block out other noises (like snoring!!). The full version is also only about $2 so well worth it!

  2. Loved this list. I got the weather app for my iPad and iPod touch. Thanks for sharing. I really like iHandy Translator app a lot. It comes in handy while living and traveling around Europe. We also really enjoy the Google Earth app as well.

  3. Jillian Lauder says:

    Nice list! Thanks for sharing. I have so many apps that I would recommend, mGifts for iPad (keeps track of presents that you buy for any occasion), Waze GPS and Traffic for iPad (no need for a Garmin anymore and it’s free!), Home Budget with Sync for iPad (love, love, love this app. It is my virtual checkbook and my husband can see what’s going on with the finances at all times) and finally ShopKick for iPhone (earn points everytime you enter certain store or scan selected items that you can redeem for giftcards). Hope this helps someone!

  4. I love the app called “KEY RING” because you can scan all your store discount cards into it and not clutter up your keys with all of them AND any store coupons will show up on it so you don’t have to always remember to print them out before going to that store……like Michaels!

    I also love the “FOODUCATE”. You scan different foods and it will give them a grade. It’s how I make my kids pick better cereals. They scan it and if it is anything lower than a B, we don’t get it.

    “iMapMyWALK” is another one that will track your walking distance, speed and stuff. That way you can see the actual distance of the walks you take.

    “Trails” is my last one to tell you about. It will show any local mapped out hiking or walking/jogging trails near you. Great for traveling.

    Thanks for your tips on apps as well!

  5. My absolute favorite home organization app is Cozi. They have a main website and now the app. They have an awesome family calendar that everyone in the family can sign into and add in their schedule. Each member has a color, so the while thing is color coded. You can put in repeating schedules of all the activities and even filter who’s calendar you want to look at. It has shopping and to-do lists that I can email. My newest favorite addition is the menu planning. I can pull my favorite recipes from all my recipe boxes across the web into one place, and then drop and drag it on the calendar and then add the ingredients to my shopping list! I am going to be deleting a few apps off my iPad b/c Cozi works so well for me and my family! Love it!

    • Heather Pfeifer says:

      Thanks for posting this about Cozi! I didn’t realize they had an app. I use their online calendar. This will be so much easier! Blessings!

    • Hi, Annette!

      thanks so much for sharing. it’s just what i’ve been looking for! Want to share a recipe with you. A great way to get capsicums into little ones.

      chicken burger:
      minced chicken
      diced onions
      diced capsicum
      chopped parsley
      Olive oil
      Salt & pepper

      Mix all the ingredients together and form shapes that adhere to the bread that you have.
      Grill them (using hot pan) till brown on both sides and cooked thru.

      serve with bread, fruit yoghurt that mango goes very well with it. I usually give the children carrot and cucumber sticks too.

      Hope you enjoy this simple, yummy and vegetable full recipe!

      Thanks again!


  6. Thanks for the list. I’m assuming these can be used on an ipod touch too, right? I know you would have to have wireless access to use some of these though.

  7. Heather Pfeifer says:

    Thanks for posting this! I just got an iphone this week and am gathering some useful apps! Perfect timing! Love your blog!

  8. Three others I’d add to the list are:
    BookCrawler~you scan in the books/Bible studies you own. It can be organized by genre and you can keep track if you’ve loaned them out. I use it to keep track of the classics and lit for homeschooling so I don’t get multiple copies of the same book. Just keeps me better organized!
    P Tracker~ keeps track of menstrual cycle, tracks symptoms and mood swings, weight changes etc. this would have been great during conception days but still handy and it’s pass code protected so kids won’t be dinking around on it. It’s girly and pretty too!
    Starbucks~ I typically have multiple SB gift cards in my wallet, car, house… This app let’s you put all the cards on your phone, keeps track of balances, and you just pay with your phone. Love this one!

  9. Sarah Dufton says:

    Our house would fall apart without Cozi Central. It does scheduling, shopping lists, and a number of other things. My husband can add things from the computer at home, and I instantly have the information on my phone and visa versa. They can email you your schedule, etc, and the web access is free – I forget what the app cost…

  10. I love that Shopping List one. . . I’ll have to get it!

  11. Jennifer creekmore says:

    I just got an iPhone yesterday and this is an awesome list! Thanks!

  12. Thanks for the list! I have downloaded a few . I just learned about Grocery Pal by Twicular, Inc. It is free. This is the description: “This amazing app points you toward sale items at your local supermarkets and discount stores every week! Find weekly sales today at SAFEWAY, Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, Walmart, RiteAid, Target, Publix, ALDI, Kmart, Food Lion, Albertsons, Save-A-Lot, Stop & Shop, H-E-B, Smart & Final, Harris Teeter, plus 100 more brands!”

    Looks like it is worth a try!

  13. Good list! I really like Chore Pad and I personally do a lot of reading with the Kindle app.

  14. Thanks for the list! Got some great ideas and here are a few I would suggest:

    1. iHealth Trax – fabulous for tracking family health history/data. Has separate pages for each family member so easy to track illnesses and I especially like it as I can chart fevers (temp as well as time of day) and also when any medications were given. Great for those midnight doses of Tylenol (I enter it as soon as I give a dose to a fevered child). That way when you can’t remember in the morning what you gave to who and when you can just check your phone. Allows for summaries which are pure gold when in the Dr’s office describing how long a child has been sick. There’s also a feature for notes for each person where I keep their current doses of Tylenol and Ibuprofen for those times when we’re traveling. Saves me worry and a call to the Dr when I can’t remember for each child. There is a free version of the app but we have the paid version and I LOVE it.

    2. Reminders. Comes with the iPhone IOS 4.0 but can sync with other phones on the same calling plan so we use it to keep a grocery list as well as list of errands. Syncs automatically through iCloud and now my husband and I have a current list of what we need and need to do for whenever we’re out.

    3. 1 Password. Keeps track of all those logins and passwords from all the different websites visited. Worth the money both for the iPhone app as well as the desktop version. The iPhone version has a second (and sometimes a third, depending on your settings…) layer of encryption do even if you don’t have your phone set to auto-lock (which I’d HIGHLY recommend) if your phone is stolen they won’t be able to break into your websites or steal info off the app. The desktop app allows you to sync passwords across phones on the same plan as well as install a plugin to your Internet browser which allows you (once you’ve entered the main password) to login to any site with just one click. There’s also a section of the app devoted to what’s in your wallet to keep track of bank cards and credit cards kept in your wallet along with the customer service numbers of each to easily report them stolen if that should ever happen.

  15. I love these tips! I have to share my new favorite app. My friend just told me about AppsGonefree. It tells you about apps that are free for a few days. I hate paying for apps so this is my new favorite! I just got a $10 app for free 🙂

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