Hi everyone! Are you looking for a fun way to teach addition to your children that doesn’t involve flashcards in the typical way? Well, look no further! I created this fun game called “Add It!” and I wanted to share it with you all today!

(Note: I edited the game board so it now goes left to right. This picture is opposite what the board looks like in the download. Thanks for the suggestion Gwendolyn, that does make more sense!)

How to play the game:

  • Take an addition flashcard and place it on the game board.
  • Using any manipulative of your choice, place the correct amount
    of objects into the top green box based on the top number on the
    addition flashcard.


  • Place the correct amount of objects into the middle yellow box
    based on the bottom number on the addition flashcard.
  • Using the “Scoop”, scoop all of the objects from the green box &
    the yellow box, down into the blue box.
  • Count the total of objects and place the correct number card
    onto the bottom of the addition flashcard.


  • Pick a new card and play again!

IMG_4370 IMG_4371 IMG_4372 IMG_4374

The download includes:

  • Addition flashcards for numbers 0-9 (ie: 1+1, 1+2, 1+3…1+9)
  • 1-20 answer number cards
  • A game board
  • 4 “Add It” scoops (I glued mine to cardboard then cut them out to make them more durable.)


Click here to download the “Add It” Game!

Hope you have fun!


  1. Ericka- I have been a lurker on your site since you posted this game!! You have so many wonderful ideas!! Thanks for sharing this game. I printed it for my daughters back in April–they have played it without the little sweeper thing because I never got it finished. Well–I just finished the sweepers today and I used the Peel and Stick Foam to back your download of the sweeper. I actually backed each sweeper twice with foam to really reinforce them. As I was making them I thought of something else that would work– chip clips! Just thought I would share!! Thanks again!!!

  2. Hi, your blog is awesome. It opens automatically when I open my browser. Thank you so much for being a blessing to so many of us. I love your Add it & Subtract it games, but I am unable to download. I keep getting an error message that says it's not a true PDF file. I see the extension is pdf, but how else can I access this file. Is it something I can pay for and have emailed to me?Thanks

  3. I love this game! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work with us! I put this game together today for my daughter and see really enjoyed it. I blogged about it and shared a link to your site on my blog.Jeanette

  4. this is another great creation. i will be on the lookout for subtraction, multiplication and division lol. sebastian is 6 and already doing all add, subtract, starting multiply, wants to know about dividing too lol. he is too funny and is ust unstoppable.

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