Happy Holidays! What’s for dinner you ask? Today I have my December Monthly Meal Plan download to help answer that nagging question.

I really hope these meal plans are helping you out, they’re critical for my sanity, especially during school and the holidays. The last thing I want to be worrying about is what’s for dinner. This way I can know all of my meals are planned for and that leaves me some free time to make Christmas cookies, and other goodies this season!

I even added in some yummy Christmas snack recipes to this one for you all! Kind of takes care of some of your holiday baking and snacks all in one ;o)

Yep…I’m always thinkin’ ahead people.




Download the December 2012 Monthly Meal Plan:


I need to work on branching out and adding in some new recipes for the new year, so if you all have any yummy, easy weekday dinner recipes I’d love to have you share them below!

Hope you enjoy!


  1. HI! I have many of your monthly meal plans in my recipe binder. They are very helpful! Here are some ideas for you
    –hamburgers, fries, corn/green beans/salad
    –sweet and sour meatballs served over rice or egg noodles (this one takes a while so maybe for the weekend) (i can email you the recipe separately)
    –fried chicken strips (key is to use enough oil), mashed potatoes, broccoli
    –tofu fried rice (with bits of carrots, peas and kernels of corn)
    –pounded out chkn breasts coated and pan fried (schnitzel)
    –how about grilled cheese with soup? or applesauce?

    hope these ideas are helpful. 🙂 just let me know if you want any full recipes and i’ll look them up and send them on. you/your site has been wonderful to me for years now. 🙂

  2. We love something we call Cajun Chicken that I discovered & adopted/adapted after getting it from Publix. Everyone I’ve had try it loves it even if they choose to leave off a particular thing they don’t like. Very simple, & I just make however much we need…amounts don’t really matter
    – boneless, skinless chicken breast sprinkled with a Cajun seasoning (don’t have the brand but have used one in a green container & one in an orange container…it’s just a dry seasoning found with spices) & baked in the oven. I have used bone-in chicken, cooked then pulled off the bone.
    – black beans (canned or from dried beans that have been cooked & seasoned however you like
    – fresh tomato cut into small chunks (have used canned which isn’t as good but works if needed when tomatoes are out of season
    – grated cheese (usually use colby-jack
    – rice
    – chopped onion
    – sour cream
    Just put rice then top with everything else however you like. You can put out all the toppings like you might for a “taco bar” & let people choose what they put on it. I put everything on mine except sometimes just don’t bother with onions b/c I’m not too great at cutting things up lol.

  3. Hello 🙂 I am new to the homeschool world. Just withdrew my children from public school. I have 4 kids and I have always love menu planning and quick easy and good meals. This blog is AMAZING! Thank you so much Erica for putting your time and effort into this. With me being new I have found SOOO many things you have shared that I am going to use daily in my home.

    Something quick and easy:

    Get boneless chicken breast at your local meat market or grocery store. Have them cut them into nugget sizes for you. All grocery stores will do this at no charge. (this cuts down on your time cooking)

    Grab you a McCormicks season in a bag for chicken on the spice/gravy etc isle

    Some potatoes and fresh green beans. (You can play around with other veggies but these are the 2 I use)

    When you get home preheat your oven to temp on back of McCormicks seasoning.
    Open up the oven bag that comes with the seasoning.
    After you wash and cut your potatoes and wash and snap the beans the size you want, throw chicken and veggies in the bag.
    Then add the seasoning. Close up the way the instructions say and bake.

    All in one bag, easy clean up, SUPER good. Add some garlic bread and you have a meal 🙂

    This has become a FAV meal with EVERYONE that has tried it and its soooo good we actually sometimes eat it 2 times a week.

    April Helton
  4. Here is a super easy and very good meal
    boneless skinless chicken
    cheddar cheese
    torilla shells

    Cook chicken in crockpot all day (i cover chicken with water). When chicken is cooked I shred with a fork and put into a bowl. Then I add a jar of salsa and a cup or 2 of cheese and mix well. Take your tortilla shells, Burrito ones work best cause they are big. Fill each tortilla with chicken mixture and wrap all corners up. None of the inside should be sipping out. Fold like a burrito. Then in a pan of hot oil fry each tortilla and both sides and serve with sour cream, extra salsa, rice and beans. Makes a great dish and my family loves it.

    tina bettencourt
  5. stuffed shells-

    chicken boneless skinless
    one box chicken stovetop
    two cans of chicken soup
    pasta shells

    Cook chicken is crock pot with water, I make sure all the chicken is covers in water. I usually make enough to feed the family, 6 or more pieces. Once chicken is cooked, shred into bowl and add one cup mayo and cooked stove top. I cook stove top in microwave while im shredding chicken. Mix chicken, stove top and mayo till mix throughly. If its to dry add more mayo untill it sticks to itself.cook pasta until done and add the chicken mixture into the cook pasta shells and put in a 9X13 pan until pan is full. In a separate bowl mix two cans chicken soup and one can water and mix and pour over shells. Bake in oven at 350 until bubbly or hot. Srve with a big salad and garlic bread.

    tina bettencourt

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