Hola amigos! I have a great math game giveaway for you today! It’s called Pop for Addition & Subtraction by Learning Resources.



This game is actually a really fun way to review math facts in a less boring…we hate flashcards…kind of way. The container looks like a cute gumball machine, and each math fact is on a colorful gumball as well.


  • Cost: $9.99
  • Includes 90 math fact cards (1-10), 10 pop cards, a spinner, and instruction guide.
  • For 2-4 players, but we’ve all been known to play together!

How to play:

To play the game each player takes a turn spinning the spinner. The picture your arrow lands on tells you how many gumballs you can take. If you can answer the math facts on the back of the gumball you get to keep it. If not you have to put it back in the box. Whoever has the most gumballs at the end wins!



But beware…there is a “POP” card and if you draw that, ALL of your gumballs have to go back into the box!  I believe Strawberry Shortcake just drew one such card…



This game is great for elementary level kids, and you can also separate out the gumballs if you want to work on just addition or just subtraction. I like to do them both.



The kids think it’s fun because it moves so fast, and they would much rather do this than speed drills or flashcards!



Here’s a close-up of the cards. They’re very durable thick material so should last for quite sometime provided the dogs don’t eat one or anything.



They also make a phonics version, so if you like this game, you might also want to check out my “Pop for Letters” review which is the same concept only using the alphabet instead.

Want more information?

Buy It: Get Pop for Addition & Subtraction for just $9.99

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