If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, then you already know I’m a sucker for colorful things. So when I saw all of these fun perler bead bowls popping up, I just couldn’t resist!



My curriculum is colorful.

Our Homeschool Room is colorful.

And you really can’t get more colorful than these sweet little bowls!




They’re so easy and fun, and our girls have made a bunch of them and used them to hold all of their little knick-knacks, jewelry, and other odds and ends.

Ready to get started?

Hold on to your socks folks, the supply list is Caa-RAZY!


  • Perler Beads by Fun Fusion
  • Glass Bowl
  • Pam Cooking Spray
  • Oven – Preheat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit




Carefully spray the inside of your glass bowl.



You can use any oven safe glass bowl.



Dump a handful of beads into the bowl and carefully press them along the bottom and then sides of the bowl to create your bowl shape.



Place your bowl into the oven and bake for approximately 15 minutes or until the beads are melted. Keep a good eye on it.



Remove from oven and let cool. Then carefully remove your beautiful bowl!



Obviously you can’t eat out of these, they’re purely decorative!

But they’re great for adding some color to any room, and you can use them to hold just about anything!


Except for more perler beads.

Because that might get confusing.

Just sayin’.



Now, go get your craft on! And make some of these fun bowls!



  1. Those are wonderful! I will have to remember this craft and make some with my girls in the future – they would love them 🙂 Are they very durable, or do they come apart easily? My youngest girl is on the brink of five, but I also have a 3 year old little boy – I didn’t know how much they could take…

  2. Oh my goodness!! You are a GEM!! OK, truth be told I am no experienced homeschooler but, i do not want to go into my entire background here, so lets say i teach, after school, at home, my developmentally delayed (undiagnosed) 4 year old! I have been for about a year now. anyway, i have JUST been BRAVE enough to face the oven with melting crayons. First time, L.O got burned ;( Still, same day I gave another try myself of course…I have completed that and have been all over the idea of melting pony beads: however we live in a small basement apartment & cannot afford a $5,000 Fine if the main sensitive hardwired smoke alarm system goes off from the smell of Burning Plastic–Pony Beads take forever and as i have recently read, better cooking outside (not, in minus 40 temps sorry), on a grill, and for a longg time if you have to do it indoors (never mind the toxins! phew!)….SO my new venture was finding a way to MELT PERLER Beads! I have a small bag, some ideas, & was not game on trying them in the oven until I found a blogger more experienced with them –> which i havent found UNTIL NOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this with us! Thank you for the inspiration, and for the loving, open way you share about GOD on your site. It’s beautiful here and i am certain to follow and return soon. Blessings from Canada, Jeanine H & girls

  3. Hi Erica! Love the perler bead bowl idea! My kids received tons of perler beads for Christmas and have been loving them! On a side note, I just tried to download the Letter H Do a Dot sheet and it would not allow me to. Any suggestions?


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