Happy New Year! I know I say this every year, but I really just can’t believe 2014 is gone already!

I think I lost track of time somewhere around August…which seems to happen every year…go figure…

I suppose it could be because that’s when school starts, and it’s also my busiest blogging month as far as orders and emails from you all. Sports start back up, and it’s also the time of year that I’m knee-deep in working on our church women’s retreat. So for me, it all hits at once, then snowballs from there. And bam! Before I know it, another year has passed!

I hope you all had a great year, and am praying for an even better one in 2015. For us, 2014 brought some not so great health news for our families, but we’re thankful that God is working and everyone is currently doing well.


What’s Happening?

This year Strawberry Shortcake will turn 12, Turbo will turn 11, Tinker Bell will turn 9, and the Teeny Tot, who will be 7 this year, has agreed to stay 5 forever to keep her mama happy. She’s also agreed to let me call her “sweet baby” for as long as I want. If anyone knows how to keep children from growing up let me know.

Strawberry Shortcake is about 1” away from being as tall as I am and 1 size away from stealing all of my shoes. It’s so crazy when your kids start becoming young adults! But she’s amazing, talented, and a much better cook than me! So I’ll be passing along that task soon.

Turbo and Tinker Bell have decided that they love roller hockey, so we spend a lot of our afternoons there for games and practices. They’re both having a great time and Turbo is hoping to move up to ice hockey soon. Yikes.

Here’s a fun photo re-cap of some of the fun we had this year…



I’d also like to say thank you to all of my readers. You guys are the best subscribers in the whole internet! No kidding. You’re always so kind, thankful, supportive, and I love reading all of your sweet comments! Seriously, I mean it. I don’t think any other website has as awesome of subscribers as you all.

And just for some more new year’s fun, here were my top 10 posts for the year!

2014 Top 10 Posts:

  1. Letter of the Week
  2. Homeschooling 101 Series
  3. Mini-Van Express Tickets
  4. Kindergarten Number Writing
  5. Prek Numbers, Shapes, & Colors Review
  6. A-Z Handwriting Worksheets, A-Z Cursive Handwriting
  7. Sight Word Sentences
  8. Daily Learning Notebook
  9. My Printables
  10. Daily Homeschool Schedules

I look forward to what this year will bring and have some fun ideas for the blog, so we’ll see you in 2015!


  1. They DO grow so fast! My eldest (turning 13 this coming year) is just about as tall as me too! She already steals my shoes and clothes! LOL! It’s fun, but oh does it pull on my heart strings! I’m excited for this new season for sure!

    Have a Happy New Year’s Eve, Erica!!!

  2. I made my 4yo daughter promise to stay four and joked that she wasn’t allowed to turn five. When her birthday came around she told me that this year she’s turning five, but next year for her birthday she’ll turn four. Then five again, then four. Very sweet!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year to y’all! Looking forward to 2015!

    I hear you on not wanting our littles to grow up! I am having a hard time with my youngest turning 1 in a few days. My 4 yr. old keeps saying that I should buy some “No Grow” at the store. I told her that if I could find it, I would

    Karen M.

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