Hi everyone! I have an exciting post for you all today! I’m going to start a new series of curriculum reviews on my YouTube channel.  I think that sometimes its just nicer to see curriculum in person (a.k.a. video) rather than trying to figure out what it looks like online, or via photographs.

I thought it might be helpful to show you how we use it, prepare it, store it, set it up, and things like that. I’ll also include what materials I recommend that you purchase when using the curriculum, and what supplies I think are optional. Remember these are just my opinions, and what I’ve found work best for us. Of course you’ll want to do what’s best for your family.

I want to start off by saying that these are not sponsored posts, I really just wanted to try and give you all a better look at the curriculum that we use.


So let’s get started!

Today’s video review is all about our well loved Math U See curriculum. As most of you know, I’ve used Math-U-See for several years now. We did venture out and try a couple other programs, however we found that Math-U-See seems to work best with our learning style.

Click here to see my Math-U-See Video Review

Another cool thing about Math U See is that Homeschool Planet has pre-made lesson plans for Math U See curriculum, so you can just add it into your planner instantly!

Supplies mentioned in this video:

I apologize that the video ended up kind of long! I wanted to be thorough and give you as much information as I could without boring you to death!

By the way…you know you’re a homeschooler when…you are willing to watch a 20 minute video on math curriculum LOL!

I hope you enjoy this series, and I’ll see you next time with another fun curriculum review!


  1. Hi Erica,

    My oldest son is currently in 6th grade and this is our first year to homeschool. He was previously in a Classical Christian private school K-5th. He has always used Saxon since 5K and is currently in Saxon 8/7. I am thinking about switching him to Math U See because we aren’t satisfied with Saxon. My question was if I were to start him in Epsilon this November, would he be able to complete the book by the end the school year (May). He needs review with fractions, so that is why I wanted to start there.
    Saxon is starting to become more difficult and I don’t feel the spiral approach is best for him. I also want him to wait until 8th grade to begin Pre-Algebra. I feel we need to slow things down a bit and truly master the concepts. Thank you for your time!


    Lisa T

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