Hi everyone! I’m back with another video in my Quilting 101 series today. I think one of the hardest things to do is find a good sewing machine. But today I’m going to share with you my favorite features that I think will be helpful in your search for a machine that will be best for basic home sewing and quilting.



Keep in mind that if you plan to do embroidery the features will be different. The features I’m talking about today are specifically good for general sewing, piecing and free motion quilting your projects!

So let’s get started!

Watch Quilting 101: How to Choose a Sewing Machine



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  1. Would love to see a video on quilting with kids/sewing with kids/how to get kids started sewing/quilting! I’m sure you have some great tips on that subject!:) Thanks!:)

  2. Oh dear! You just killed me saying that you wouldn’t consider Singer or Brother Sewing Machines.

    Before buying my new SM, I did my homework and looked for one with the following features:

    Straight stitching
    Feed dogs down
    Start /stop button
    Speed control
    Needle down
    and just a few different stitches because I AM NOT GOING TO SEW ANY GARMENTS.

    The one I found with the features I needed is a Brother Innovis 10a (50th anniversary edition of Brother in Europe because I live in Italy) affordable (350.00 Euros almost US$400) but not cheap.

    For stright stitching and practicing on a sandwich is ok but as soon as I tried to FMQ on the real quilt, is a disaster. The fabric seems to get stuck in the plate, Of course I try to move it unconciously and there is the leap on the thread. It is hard to sew on the fabric joints (?) because it gets stuck or doesn’t flow smoothly.

    FYI the feed dogs are down, I put a new needle, I tried to do it with the pedal and/or the start/stop button, I am using Hobbs batting so it is not thick at all, gloves, I have an extension table, BUT… I am using a generic FM foot.. Do you think that can be the reason it isn’t working properly?

    In Italy they don’t know much about quilting so that is a problem.I purchased it online so it gets difficult to explain the people on the other end of the line what you are experiencing. Especially because quilting terminology in italian is horrible.

    I apologize for this long message but I hope you will be able to help me.

    I discovered you last night and I love your videos.
    Thank you SOOOO MUCH!


    1. Hi Adela,
      I’m sorry you’re having issues, I wouldn’t think it was your FM foot, as long as the foot fits your machine okay. Also have you checked your tension? And also make sure you’re using higher quality cotton thread. I like Aurifil 50Wt 100% cotton thread.

      Needles: If you’ve tried a new needle and your thread is breaking you may want to go to a 90/14 needle size, I like Organ Needles.

      If you’re having a hard time moving the quilt once you have a real quilt on it, you may want to get one of the Supreme Slider Free Motion Quilting Mat: http://amzn.to/2bvUxwa

      It’s definitely different pulling around a whole quilt versus a test piece, so the slider might help your quilt not get caught in the face plate.

      Also, here’s a video on how to FMQ that might help you out as well since it includes some trouble shooting tips 🙂


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