Hi friends! I have a new Air Animals Notebooking Pages bundle for you today! This one is great for any animal study you might be doing including individual research projects.


–>> Get the Air Animals Notebooking Pages Bundle here! <<–


What’s included in the bundle?

There are 29 different air animal specific notebooking pages included in this bundle along with some blank pages making this bundle customizable for use with any animal study of your choice! The blank pages can also be used with my Expedition Earth and Road Trip animal studies, though the individual animal pages included aren’t specific to those units.


The Air Animals Notebooking Pages Bundle includes:

  • 2 blank air animal fact sheets
  • 29 different animal specific pages
  • Blank note taking template to use for any additional journaling or note taking as needed.


As I mentioned there are blank pages where students can journal information on individual animals. One of the pages is totally blank, with just blank spots for information on each animal’s facts. The other page has a few headers to help students list particular information on each animal’s information such as habitat, skin type, size, young, diet, and predators.



I have also included individual animal pages where students can gather information on the animals listed in the pages. I’ve included some of the more common animals along with a variety of more rare animals for a good selection to choose from. The pages should also fit with other unit studies that you may be doing or they can also be used to create your own animal unit study!




And finally I’ve added in some blank note taking pages which can really be used with any subject. Students can use them for additional notes if one page of information isn’t enough space, or they can be used as plain note taking pages for any subject!



I suggest printing the pages as needed. If you plan to have your students do a report for all of the individual animals I’ve included, you may want to print them and have them spiral bound at a local office supply store. You can also hole punch the pages and add them to a three-ring binder or metal clasp file folders.


–>> Get the Air Animals Notebooking Pages Bundle here! <<–


COMING SOON!!! Farm Animals, Insects, Land Animals, Reptiles, Sea Animals and I’ll bundle them when they are all released!



I hope you enjoy this bundle, if you have a specific notebooking bundle you are looking for please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to create those pages for you!


  1. Hi, I wonder if you could recommend a good resource to pair this with. We started out using the internet but that is a little difficult for my 8 year old. I was wondering if there is a good companion book?

    Celeste Owens
    1. Hi Celeste,
      These pages are really meant to be used to help teach your kiddos research skills. But for an 8 year old I think I’d suggest heading to the kids section in your local library and see if you can find books on various animals. If they don’t have the specific pages I’ve created you can use the blank ones in the unit for any books on animals your kiddo is interested in 🙂 Read them together or better yet find one that is at their reading level so they can read the books themselves.


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