Letter of the Week Storage

I’ve had a few questions on how I organized all of my Letter of the Week and K4 Kindergarten Curriculum, so I thought I’d show you all some pictures!


Since I’ve printed ALL of my printables, I had to come up with some way to store them all! I decided binders full of page protectors was my best bet. Along the top of my Ikea Expedit Shelving unit, you will find binders…lots of binders! (They are cheap 1” binders from Wal-m*rt)


Each binder has a spine label on it indicating the letter, then inside are page protectors housing all of the games for that letter. (The spine labels are part of my Letter of the Week Curriculum  in the “extras” folder and K4 Curriculum as well.)



I store small game pieces in snack size Zip-loc baggies, then put them inside the page protectors for safe keeping.



I also put several pages into one page protector, for example all of the Large Floor Numbers for Letter A are in one page protector.



If you aren’t feeling like laminating everything, page protectors are also a great way to be able to re-use the items that are to be traced like the pre-writing pages.



As you can see, I’ve put more than one game in each page protector just to make the most out of my space.



And that’s it! Lots of binders, and lots of page protectors! Just because I know you’ll ask, I think I purchased 1 box of 100 page protectors.

NOTE: You may not need to purchase 26 binders like I did, it will depend on how many games and such you have printed from the curriculum. I’ve had other readers say they’ve fit a few letters in each binder, so you’ll want to figure out about how much you think you can fit before going crazy in the binder isle ;o)

For the K4 Curriculum, I used 4 binders.

So, for what it’s worth, I hope that helps some of you on the organization side of things!

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  1. so cool I just did this to all the pumpkin , police , and Christmas stuff that I Got from U Thank You so much me and my hubby totally love and have recomended your blog to alot of peaple i also put ur button on my blog and will be sharing about all the activities we have done this week God bless

  2. Hi Erica! Two follow up questions: when I laminated the pages they were too large to fit inside the page protectors. Did you cut all your pages (i.e. the floor numbers, that are fine not cutting and leaving as-is)? Secondly, I have the Scotch Thermal Laminator and when I cut the pages after laminating the lamination often comes off. Your don’t seem to have that problem…just wondering if this seems to be a normal problem or if my machine might be a dud. 🙂 As always, thanks for everything!

  3. Ooh, one more question. I see you have the Lakeshore blue tubs – I was thinking about purchasing a set either from there or Oriental Trading to hold my file folder games, each child’s lapbooks, and books for our reading station. How do you like them?

    • Hi Erin, I love them, they’re nice and long so you can fit longer books in them. I guess the only thing is they’re not that wide, so you can’t fit that many of them in there…but we’ve had them for years! I used to use them as our workboxes in our pre-workbox days LOL! They were for my son, one for each day of the week!

  4. I use a file box for mine. With a hanging folder for each letter. Then I just slide it to my preschoolers shelf and put out new stuff each week.

  5. Wow! More cool ideas for organizing things. We homeschoolers love those sheet protectors. They are SO handy. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. One question–where do you do your printing? Our home desktop printer eats ink like you wouldn’t believe, so that’s not really an option. I just can’t find anywhere that is reasonably priced to print off color or black and white!

    • I bought the curriculum & have the same problem because I am printing for my 4 yr old quadruplets. I am even printing some of the stuff in “fast copy b&w” and I’m still tearing thru printer ink. If someone has researched efficient home printers or a cheap outside-the-home option, I’m all ears!

      • Hi Charity,
        if you’re printing for Quadruplets, I think I’d just print one copy of everything still and rotate the activities for them so you’re not printing multiple copies. Just print multiples for things like cutting, coloring, and do a dot pages. Those are all black and white mostly anyway.
        Hope that helps!

      • We purchased a Brother laser printer/copier (the one we wanted went on a great sale at Staples). It prints beautifully! We’ve run out of toner once already and found the name brand toner at a phenomenal price on Amazon. I’m printing most on card stock, as well, and also found it cheapest at Amazon.

        • Why didn’t I think about checking Amazon for ink??? Doh! Thanks for the reminder! =)

          • Jeb Fetters says:

            A great option for everyone is to invest in a color laser printer. On amazon right now you can get a Brother color laser printer for just over $300 and it will print color pages for about 4-6 cents/page !!

          • Trilby Bias says:

            How do you determine how much it will cost to print color pages?

    • I spent a lot of money on ink for this program. I ended up buying refurbished ink online (here: so instead of paying $20 for colored ink I paid $10. Next year we’ll be buying a laser printer 🙂

    • You might want to check out

    • I discover Ink refill kits that use the BIG bottles to draw ink upon which flow thru little tubes into your printers ink cartridges and WALLA you have a printer that prints like a champion. Look around for different web sites that sell, this was the first one I came too so you could get and idea of what it looks like. There are a lot of web sites for this and it is WAY cheaper to buy it this way.

  7. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I have the curriculum and will be printing soon, so this is really helpful. I am an organizing junkie so I really like this.

  9. I printed and laminated basically everything, and I put them all in baggies and then into file folders, and put all the file folders into a filefoldercrate thing. I then have a 1″ binder with my lesson plans and a page with “notes” as I go through the program.

    After laminated everything the things that are one page (like the magnet page) wouldn’t fit in a page protector, so I like my file folder system. One file folder per letter 🙂

  10. Sorry everyone, I should have added that I DO Cut out all my pieces. The full page pieces like the Floor Numbers, I trimmed so they’d fit in the pouches too! Just wanted everything in one spot :o)

  11. I just recently sent the whole curriculum to and it was very reasonable. I think it came out to about $75 and was sent quickly. The quality was pretty good too. This can all be sent electronically. If you go to their website it tells you exactly what to do. I did have some questions and they were very helpful in answering them. Hope this helps! Sorry I couldn’t turn the website into a link (typing on my iPad and can’t seem to figure it out!)

  12. I love how you organize each letter into it’s own binder. I just recently created a lapbook using letter C from your Letter of the Week curriculum. I am very pleased with how it turned out and I am looking forward to trying it with more letters. I posted it with pics on my blog:

    Thanks so much for Letter of the Week. It’s such a great resource!

  13. Just recently purchased the Letter of the Week curriculum and I love it! Still working on printing and organizing so thanks for all the great ideas! Your work is amazing, thanks so much for sharing all your ideas! I recently shared info about your website on my blog Can’t wait to get started using the curriculum! Thanks again!

  14. Do you sell a cursive pre-school curriculum? I wanted to teach my daughter the alphabet in cursive first

    • Shannon says:

      Children don’t learn cursive until 3rd grade and many districts are moving past even teaching it. I feel it is very important to teach it, but I can not imagine teaching cursive before a child knows how to make the letter first.

  15. I knew I could count on you Erica. I just spent hours searching the internet for an organizing system that would work for me. I do the workbox system, but because I want to plan my curriculum in advance for next year, I am looking for something to hold “extra” games, cards, and such in until I transfer them to the workbox system. I think your blue boxes (the ones on your shelf under your LOTW curriculum binders, that are labeled FIAR, Math, etc) is what I am looking for. I read in a comment above that you got them at Lakeshore or that they are available through OT, and that you like them pretty well huh? Are they still working for you, or have you found something (whether you are currently using it or not) that you think might work better for this? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  16. Trilby Bias says:

    Has anyone tried refilling ink at Costco?

  17. Stephanie says:

    Well, my dad has offered for me to print this curriculum at his real estate firm (thank you God) so I am planning to do this ASAP so I have time to prepare, We start HS on 09/10/12, a 6th grader, kinder and a 3 year old. Question… did u print everything on cardstock? Also are there any additional supplies I can go ahead and purchase to be prepared? My oldest (6th grade) is doing Abeka, my kinder is doing my fathers world and then my three y.o. is doing letter of the week. We have all sorts or scissors, markers and crayons, but I am unsure of what else to purchase.

  18. What is a list of essential supplies I will need to get started ?

  19. Erica, how do you have your K4 curriculum separated in the 4 binders? I’m trying to figure out the most logical way, but I figure you’ve probably got it already done, so why reinvent the wheel? 🙂

  20. Where did you get your blue tray (that I see your little one doing dot-dot letters in?

  21. This is our fourth year homeschooling and I have fallen in love with your letter of the week program! I plan on printing everything to use with our 2yr old when the time comes and with the preschool class I teach at our co-op this year. For storage I am putting everything for each letter in a manila envelope, three hole punch them, and place them in a three ring binder(s). I will label each envelope with a sharpie. Maybe stickers or stamps………….we’ll see. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  22. Glenda Perkins says:

    I have just found your website and LOVE your activities! I would like to print the magnetic page sheets for each letter, but it takes me to 4Share and the file is not there. Is there another way to print them?
    Thanks so much.

  23. Thanks for everything! I love your curriculum! Do you print everything in cardstock and then place in the page protectors or do you just use regular copy paper?

  24. Hi, I LOVE your printables! I have been/will be teaching my son sign language and was wondering if the sign language cards pictured above (in your how to store post) were part of the Letter of The week curriculum? If so are they part of your free printables and if so where can i find them or are they part of the paid for curriculum you offer? Im thinking of purchasing the Letter of The Week and was wandering. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  25. Hello,

    This is my first time trying to homeschool my 4 year old daughter. I am a little nervous on homeschooling my daughter because I do not know if I can actually do it. I have read that I have to buy and print the whole set of the Letter of The Week? Do I have to teach my daughter on an isolated part of the house so she can focus or anywhere would be fine?

  26. I just wanted to share another option of storage for the LOTW curriculum. Instead of using a separate binder for each letter, I purchased some letter-sized expandable file pockets (around $20 on Amazon for 50 of them) and I store each letter in one file pocket. This also allows all the laminated pages to fit in as well. I put all the filled file pockets in a file box and everything is in one place with minimal space used!

  27. I would seriously pay you to create these folders for me!

  28. Catherine says:

    first of all, let me say that I LOVE your site! Question, I’m laminating most of the page that I’m not putting in a workbook. However the laminated pages don’t get in the sheet protector. Are you putting ur laminated pages in protectors too? What am I doing wrong? Do I need a specific size? I bought the one that holds multiple pages up to 70 sheets. Thanks!

  29. Karleen says:

    Hi! This is one of the only a few places I could find to get a comment to you. Do you know that under the heading “Free Printables” that some of the items in the categories are *not* free? I was hoping to download a sample of a Literature Unit, but each of the ones listed takes you to the purchase page. I realize you have given great explanations & great photos of the Literature Units, but I was hoping for a few sample pages, even if they were various pages from various studies. And, wanted to make you aware of that the heading “Free Printables” isn’t accurate for some of the categories! Not complaining at all — I love your blog & FB & Pinterest pages, and recommend you to local homeschoolers often!!

    • Hi Karleen,
      I apologize for any confusion, I try to make sure everything is linked on my site so people can find things. Maybe I should rename the link. Or put a note at the top of each page. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  30. Hi Erica –

    Do know if Lakeshore Learning still sells the blue bins?


  31. Hi I just stumbled upon your blog and its soon amazing, so much info. I homeschool a 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old and have one on the way. We have pretty much just been learning through play and flash cards. I have recently started to do weekly theme but its pretty difficult for me to find things that they can both do and keep up the theme.
    My question is, what age do you recommend this curriculum for? and also, do you think it would work to do 2 letters a week or mix? I appreciate the structure of this, i see how helpful it could be for us but I think my eldest may by a little advanced for this, yet not so ready for the K4. Any suggestions? Thanks so much

    • This curriculum is recommended for preschool aged students around age 3-4 or so. But keep in mind all children are different, some are ready earlier, and some later. You can organize it however you want, if you’d like to try and squeeze in 2 letters a week you can do that as long as your student is learning the information and not feeling rushed 🙂 The K4/5 Kindergarten is for 4-5 year olds ready to move on with reading and beginning math skills.

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