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Expedition Earth Brazil Unit Study

Oi! And welcome to our Expedition Earth World Geography Brazil unit study! I think out of all of the countries this is one of our favorites because we get to learn all about the rainforest and the cool animals that are found there. We also get to do a fun craft which you’ll see below!   Here are some more…

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Expedition Earth: Mexico World Geography Unit

Did you know that Mexico has the second largest land border in the world? Do you know which border that is? If you guessed the Mexico/United States border then you are correct! The Mexico/U.S. border is 3,141 km (1,951 mi) long! Give yourself an extra point! There are over 100,000,000 people living in Mexico and about 1/4 of the population…

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day homeschoolers! Today is a great day to learn about one of our nation’s most influential people. Martin Luther King Jr. Day usually means people get the day off. Except for us, we’re doing school today, and taking some time to reflect and remember on the life and influences of an amazing person in United…

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The Middle Ages Review & Update

Hi everyone! As you may recall, we decided to try the Homeschool in the Woods Middle Ages history unit this year. Since we’re a few months into our curriculum, I thought I’d do an update on how it was going so far. Right off the bat I have to say that our kids are really enjoying history this year. They’re…

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Making History Fun!

Hello fellow students of life! Today I wanted to show you how we make our history lessons more fun, hands-on, and memorable!     It is my belief that when students are creating things themselves they tend to remember it better. And since history isn’t always the most exciting subject for some kids, we like to do things to make…

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We’re Loving History Pockets!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a fun addition to our curriculum this year. As most of you know we’ve been using Abeka for our history curriculum. I love that the materials are a written to each grade level. It is easy for the kids to read, understand, and remember. And I feel like the amount of content covered each…

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Homeschool History Curriculum Forum

Welcome to day 4 of my Homeschool Curriculum Forum/Discussions! Today we’re talking all about the subject of history. Now I have to say that historically speaking history has been a large part of most homeschooling families. I on the other hand haven’t been quite so enthusiastic regarding the topic! While I have done my own Road Trip USA which includes…

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Imagination Station Series Giveaway

I’m always looking for fun educational reading for my kids, so I was totally excited when I was contacted to review the Imagination Station adventure series! I was equally excited to see my kids jump at the chance to read them! The Imagination Station series is a historical fiction adventure series for young readers, published by Tyndale House and Focus…

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