Little Bits Review & Giveaway


Have you guys heard of Little Bits Electronics? Well, they were new to me! But when they sent me an email to review their products, I was intrigued. I already knew that Turbo loved to play with anything electronic, and after taking a look at their website, I knew he’d love to check them out!   And I was right. After stalking the mailman for what seemed like forever (really about 3-5 days), our package finally arrived! It took him all of about 1 second to tear into it, and start playing around.   Instantly he was lurking around asking people to shake his hand. I thought it was going to be a shocking experience, but actually it was just a harmless buzzer that caused a lot of giggles around here.   He then went back to work creating more projects with the fun manual. They sent us the deluxe kit, and there are about 15 projects in the manual, but there are hundreds more projects online on their website. One thing that are so cool about these kits is that they … [Read more...]


A Beka Book Reading Review – K5


Good morning everyone! Since we’ve completed my K4 Kindergarten program last year. However since the Teeny Tot isn’t old enough for first grade yet, I decided to do the ABeka K5 reading program with her this year for review, and to enhance her reading. Here are the products that I use, and what I think is necessary out of all of their options for kindergarten. I did want to mention that I’ve had these products since Strawberry Shortcake was in kindergarten. ABeka has since upgraded some of their items, and so they might look a bit different now. Just wanted to give you a heads up! Click the play button below, or click here to see my ABeka K5 Reading Review video: Here is a list of products that I recommend getting if you plan to use the K5 reading program. 198021 Homeschool K5 Phonics, Reading, Writing and Numbers Curriculum 99201 Letters and Sounds K5 101109 Basic Phonics Readers 182389 Basic Phonics Flashcards 102083 One-vowel word cards 102784 … [Read more...]


Math U See Video Review


Hi everyone! I have an exciting post for you all today! I’m going to start a new series of curriculum reviews on my YouTube channel.  I think that sometimes its just nicer to see curriculum in person (a.k.a. video) rather than trying to figure out what it looks like online, or via photographs. I thought it might be helpful to show you how we use it, prepare it, store it, set it up, and things like that. I’ll also include what materials I recommend that you purchase when using the curriculum, and what supplies I think are optional. Remember these are just my opinions, and what I’ve found work best for us. Of course you’ll want to do what’s best for your family. I want to start off by saying that these are not sponsored posts, I really just wanted to try and give you all a better look at the curriculum that we use. So let’s get started! Today’s video review is all about our well loved Math U See curriculum. As most of you know, I’ve used Math-U-See for several years now. … [Read more...]


The Middle Ages Review & Update


Hi everyone! As you may recall, we decided to try the Homeschool in the Woods Middle Ages history unit this year. Since we’re a few months into our curriculum, I thought I’d do an update on how it was going so far. Right off the bat I have to say that our kids are really enjoying history this year. They’re always excited when it’s time for history and each day has a fun activity that makes learning fun! Right now we’re knee deep in castle life. We’ve learned about the different casts of people, various jobs, and roles that each person plays in the system. We all picked which group we would want to be in, a few people wanted to be freemen, some went for the nobles, no one was brave enough to be king, and unfortunately no one wanted to be a serf. Go figure.   We also made puppets of all of the different groups of people. This one took a little longer than expected to color, but everyone wanted their own full set of figures. So we just stretched it out for a few days. Once … [Read more...]


The Foto Finch Photography Curriculum Review


Hi everyone! I’m all about the giving spirit right now, and so I have another giveaway for you this week! I’ve had a lot of questions on our photography curriculum that we’ve started this year with my 6th grader, and so I’m going to do a review and giveaway of it for you today! The Photo Finch was created by a good friend of mine, Ernie Treu, a fellow homeschooler, and an amazing photographer! And not only is she a photographer, but she has created two different and awesome homeschool curriculum! (You can read more about Ernie in her bio here.) Both curriculum are geared towards Junior High and High School students, but my 6th grader is going through it and she’s doing great! The lessons are easy to understand, and each lesson has accompanying assignments for your student to complete. As they progress through the lessons they’ll be creating a photography portfolio of their work!   Composition & Photojournalism ($79 Download, $84 CD) This course is divided into two … [Read more...]


Math U See Giveaway!


Good morning everyone! I am so excited today, I have a great giveaway for all of you Math-U-See and Spelling You See users out there! And if you haven’t tried Math U See yet, now is a perfect time to check it out. If I switch curriculum, I try to do it after the Christmas break so it’s like a nice clean start.   Math-U-See One thing I love about Math-U-See is that they teach to mastery, and that means your student might not learn a certain skill right off the bat. They build on concepts so that the math skills actually make sense for your student. Students also use the MUS visual manipulatives to help further understand whatever skill they are working at the time. However to my surprise the students do not become depending on the manipulatives to solve problems. They’re simply hands on training tools to use until a concept is mastered. This is what the Math-U-See looks like in our workboxes. I pull out their worksheet each day and keep the video DVD and our little plastic … [Read more...]


Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas


Good morning readers! Today I’m so excited to help promote Kirk Cameron’s new movie, Saving Christmas. I’m a HUGE fan of the entire Cameron family, and have been since way back during the Full House and Growing Pains days!   Through the blogosphere I’ve gotten to know Melissa (Cameron) Fleming, and had the pleasure of writing for Candace Cameron Bure’s website, and now I have the pleasure of helping promote this amazing film by Kirk Cameron. Saving Christmas is an entertaining and informative movie, that lets your family see Christmas in the true light of Scripture as it was played out in actual history. It also helps explain all of the theological significance of things like the Christmas trees and lights, along with who St. Nicholas really was. Not only does this film bring the focus of Christmas back to Jesus, but it’s also absolutely hilarious! It’s the perfect movie this Christmas season! Check out the trailer…   SAVING CHRISTMAS is in theaters for a … [Read more...]


Highlights Which Way USA


Hi everyone! I have an fun giveaway for you today! The folks from Highlights Which Way USA came upon my Road Trip USA curriculum and thought it would be a great fit to use their Which Way USA Magazines to go with it. And guess what? I told them that I already used the magazines during our own Road Trip USA journey and we loved them! AND I would love to giveaway some to one of my readers!   What is Which Way USA? Which Way USA is a U.S. geography book club for kids! The magazines sent out are a great way to learn about all 50 states! They include a colorful fold out map, a fact sheet on the opposite side. They also come with a full color magazine that has a lot of games, activities, state facts, and collectible state license plate key tags too! And you can get state stamps as well! The Introduction Set is $6.95 + shipping and handling for two state books, accompanying state maps, Official Game Guide, collectible license plate key tags, and access to online … [Read more...]


Spielgaben Version 4 NEW!


Hi everyone! Spielgaben has taken their great product, and made it even better! And I have a special deal today for you too!  See the brand new version 4.0 here! The new version comes with 2 sets of play boards. It includes a wooden checker grid, and a dual sided plastic board to help make use of some of their smaller manipulatives a bit easier. It also comes with extra geometrical figures, as well as vortex balls and rods to help foster creative building and learn about core basics of mathematics through hands-on play.   The new version also includes an improved, expanded, and fully revised curriculum based digital learning resource to help you incorporate the play based learning into your daily routine.   What’s the cost? The set will be retailed at US $449.50 which is a bit higher than their current version due to the increased amount of products you’ll receive. But my readers can get this new version for over 20% off with a discounted price of US … [Read more...]


Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht


I received this precious gift from one of my favorite authors and people, Darlene Schacht. Some of you may remember her from the wonderful book that she co-authored with Candace Cameron Bure called “Reshaping It All”. Ever since then I’ve remained friends with Darlene and have continued to be inspired and encouraged by her amazing blog Time Warp Wife and all of her sweet facebook posts. I always look forward to hearing from Darlene, and when I heard she was releasing another incredible book I couldn’t wait to see it! Psst…keep reading for a chance to win a FREE copy!!   So what is her new book all about? Love gets messy. Financial problems, sickness, aging parents, a chronically unhappy spouse . . . trials will inevitably come that threaten your marriage. No matter how long you’ve been married or how strong your relationship is, sooner or later you are going to have a mess to clean up. Messy Beautiful Love is about cleaning up messes God’s way, exchanging … [Read more...]