I know, I know, she’s not exactly a Teeny Tot anymore! And she’s been begging me to change her blog name for awhile now, but she’s come up with some seriously crazy names and I just don’t want to commit to those yet, so for now…

It’s time for another Teeny Tot Tuesday post!

Except that she’s not so teeny.

And she’s not really a tot.

And she’s in kindergarten now, which I’m in denial over.


Moving on…You can see her full curriculum in our curriculum post for this year, but she’s also doing some of my k4 work that she didn’t finish from last year as well.

Number Writing:

She completed the 1-20 handwriting worksheets last year, so I moved her on to the K4 Number Writing Worksheets this year. These are great because not only does she have practice writing the numeral, but she is also learning how to write the number word, as well as recognize the number by finding it in a grid of numbers at the bottom of the page.



Letter Hunt Worksheets:

Here she’s working on my K4 Letter Hunt Worksheets where she has a certain letter she has to find in the story. We read the story out loud, then she circles all of the letters, in this case she’s hunting for the letter “M”.



Number Do-A-Dot Worksheet:

One of her favorite counting activities are the do-a-dot counting pages. But she likes to put sticker on them, and that works for me! You simply count the items on each card, then place that many stickers in the dots below.



Missing Numbers:

Here she finished her number order puzzle. Some of the apples are blank and she has to cut out the correct number and glue it in the blank. I really like these sheets and she did a great job.





Although she knows all of her shapes already, she still likes to cut and paste, so she’s working on a shapes booklet. She used my shape tracers and instead of tracing over them, she cut them out and pasted them into a construction paper booklet we just stapled together.



Sight Word Search:

She’s also working on her sight words, this is my Sight Word Search worksheet. She’s just circling the words, but you can have your child highlight them, or even do-a-dot marker the words.



Beginning Sounds:

We’re working on beginning blends now, but I still have her review beginning letters as well. This is from my K4 Beginning Sounds Consonants worksheet. She has to circle the picture that begins with the same letter as found at the front of each row.



Number Order Puzzles:

The number order puzzles are one of her favorites! Instead of laminating them for reuse, I just printed them. Then she cuts out the strips and glues them in place on a piece of cardstock.



Here is her finished product:




Of course we always practice a little reading each day. Here she’s working on reading one of her beginning readers from Abeka. She says the name of each letter and the sound it makes. On other pages are some beginning blending as well.



Beginning Math Cards:

Lastly she worked on the beginning math cards using clothes pins. She is to count the objects added together on the cards, then place a clothes pin on the correct answer.



And that’s a little glimpse into the Teeny Tot’s life these days! If you’d like more information on all of these fun activities, visit my Kindergarten Worksheets page or check out my K4 Kindergarten Curriculum!


Is the Letter of the Week Preschool preschool curriculum too easy for your student? Are you ready for something a little more challenging? Then the K4 Kindergarten Curriculum is for you! The K4 Curriculum is geared towards kids ages 4-5 who are kindergarten ready and want a fun hands-on kindergarten curriculum. All of the items you see in this post, plus a ton of extras including lesson plans are included in the K4 Kindergarten curriculum.


Have fun kindergarten activities to share or using my K4 Kindergarten curriculum? Make sure to leave a comment below!


  1. I loved seeing the pictures of the curriculum in use. We purchased the K4 Curriculum from you earlier this fall. My daughter and I both love using it. As I was reading this post, she walked by and noticed the pictures. She got so excited about seeing another little girl using the same worksheets. 🙂 She immediately wanted to be friends. It was so cute!

    Elizabeth 🙂

  2. Erica thank you for this post! When I click on the link for your current online curriculum it links to an older post from 2009-2010. Just wondering if this is right or if you have an updated post for your current kindergarten curriculum? Thank you so much!! xoxo Martha

    Martha Underwood
  3. Erica, I just want you to know how encouraging it was for me to read your blog this morning. I’ve been panicking that my 5 year old isn’t doing enough and is so far behind, that he should be reading, etc, etc…and then saw that he’s doing the same things as your daughter and I KNOW that you KNOW what you’re doing and your kiddos are smart…thank you for taking the time to encourage those like me!

    Kathryn Garcia
  4. Thanks for sharing.
    I began homeschooling my 1st grader this year, I also have a three year old. I am focusing a lot on my 6 yr old and its nice to find some more things for my 3 year old.
    I have also started blogging and I am trying to come up with a curriculum for my daughter. I am trying to document it on my website. It is nice to find websites like this because this is what helped me start homeschooling. So I hope I can also give in return to the homeschooling community and share what my family and I do.

  5. Love your site! New to homeschooling, so lots of questions… I notice that your daughter is wearing a headset in a few photos. Are they noise cancelling? Any suggestions as we will be homeschooling 4 children in different grades? Thanks much!!!

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Yes, sometimes it can get loud with four kids and birds! So sometimes they wear those headphones. They’re my husband’s shooting headphones, so they cancel out loud noises but they also have a small speaker on the side that she can turn on so she can hear me if she needs to.

      Here’s a post I did on teaching multiple grades:

      I hope that helps, please email me if you have any other questions!


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