Hi everyone! We’re already gearing up for school within the next couple of weeks! The summer always flies by no matter how much I try to slow it down. I don’t know about you, but the school season brings a whole new level of chaos to our day. And one of the things that helps keep me sane is having a meal plan!

So without further ado, here is August 2016 Monthly Meal plan for you! I hope it helps you out as well!




Download the 2016 August Monthly Meal Plan:

If you haven’t already used this before, you can click on any of the underlined menu items to get to the recipe.

I like to shop once a week, so I just make a list off of my menu plan and head to the store. I find that I spend less when I shop off of a list, then flying by the seat of my pants. I also end up with ingredients that will actually go together instead of a bunch of random items that don’t amount to anything.

For more fun recipes, visit my Recipes Page!

Here are some of our favorite smoothie recipes, just click on the image below!

kid friendly green smoothie recipe


  1. You are awesome! I’m so greatful that I find your website. So, so kind of you to share all the things you do. As a new homeschool mom, you have been more than helpful (which I’m learning the support of homeschool mom’s is amazing) your kindness and willingness to share overwhelms my heart. Thanks for being a faithful servant and sharing your many talents.
    With love,
    Laura Drose

  2. Such a great resource! I sure do enjoy your blog 🙂 Only thing is I wish you had a vegetarian meal planner! Is strawberry shortcake in 7th grade this year? I’m following with her curriculum because my daughter is 12 and in 6/7th grade. She’s severely dyslexic so some studies are at grade level some are below. Thanks for all that you do! The Vigil Family

  3. Thank you for sharing “free”ly. I truly appreciate all of your resources, as this is my 2nd year at home with my children. Last year I was so unorganized and this year I vowed and prayed to do better. Thank you!

    S. Roland
  4. Hey, I think it’s great that you plan your meals for an entire month. How do you budget for that? Sales change weekly so do you make a big purchase at the beginning of the month? I also have 4 kids (5th grade and younger) but they are healthy eaters and I worry about having enough for them. Thanks for all your tips!! I tell everyone about your blog!


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