Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Recipe


Do your kids beg for a Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino every time you go like mine do? Ugh. And those things are like $4/each! Being a homeschooler I quickly figured out that $4.00 x 4 kids = way more than I want to spend on drinks! Since I’m a softy and have a hard time saying no, we decided to come up with our own recipe so we could make them at home and save about a zillion dollars.   Ingredients: 1 cup of ice 1 1/2 cups of milk (You can use non-fat, 2%, or whole) 1 T. Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup (You can add another tablespoon if you like, but we thought it was a little too much.) 1 t. vanilla extract Optional: Whipped Cream topping   Directions: Blend and top with whipped Cream!   BAM! Just like that I saved myself about $16 by making them myself! Yipee! If it’s still not sweet enough you can add in a tablespoon of sugar, but we didn’t think it needed it. You can also add in a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but again, the flavoring … [Read more...]


2014 Daily Planner! & Giveaway!


Hi everyone! This post has been a long time coming. I’ve had so many requests for a planner like my Blog and Homeschool Planners, that I’ve finally put together a 2014 Daily Planner for you!   I wanted it to have it’s own design, so it’s a tad different from the others, but still similar in the bright colors! And like the others I printed it on cardstock (lightweight, the most inexpensive I could find.) Then I took it to Office Depot to get it spiral bound.   (Edited 1/6/14: Weekly Planner Pages are now included! Login to your account to download the updates!) The Planner includes: Year at a Glance To-Do Lists Bills & Payments Library Book Lists Contacts Weekly Meal Planner Monthly Meal Planner Grocery Lists Monthly Planner pages Weekly Planner Pages Notes Extra Information: Social Media, Pinterest Ideas, Recipe Ideas, Websites, etc.     Thanks to a reader suggestion I picked up some of the Pilot … [Read more...]


Crochet Beanie – Sports Team Colors


Hi everyone! After I made those cute little Crochet Owl Hats for the girlies, I thought I’d better make something for Turbo too. Boys are a bit harder in my opinion with all of the fun little crafts, but when he suggested we make a Denver Bronco’s hat I thought it was a great idea! So here it goes, my first homemade crochet beanie!   Now, I’m not a skilled crochet person, actually I’m self taught as of a few weeks ago. However I figured if I pulled off the owl hat, a striped hat should be a piece of cake! And I was right, it was super easy. Literally. Anyone could do it. So let’s get started shall we? Supplies: Medium Worsted Weight Yarn (Pick your favorite team colors. We choose the dark blue for the main hat, then white and orange for accent strips.) 5mm Crochet hook   Some abbreviations you’ll need to know to follow the pattern: ch – chain SC – Single Crochet DC – Double Crochet See, there’s only 3 basic stitches! YOU CAN DO IT! … [Read more...]


The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle


Good morning everyone! I am so thrilled to be part of a HUGE eBook bundle sale today! It’s the Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle. SORRY, THIS SALE IS NOW CLOSED AND THE BUNDLE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This one is particularly fun because it’s not just about homeschooling. Instead the bundle is full…literally FULL…no kidding…I can’t even begin to explain…of homemaking eBooks by some seriously talented bloggers and authors.   Disclosure: This post may include affiliate links, and I make a portion of the sale of each ebook bundle. Thanks for your support of this site!   As a participant I of course was able to download all of the materials, and honestly when I got to the download page I was completely shocked by the amount of things included! There are 97 eBooks included in the giveaway, PLUS over $140 worth of FREE products as well! And you get it all for just $29.97! (Retail you’d pay $640 for all of this goodness!!!) So let’s see…I’m a homeschooler, so I … [Read more...]