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Expedition Earth: Venezuela Unit Study

Buen Dia’! This week we’re venturing to Venezuela for our Expedition Earth world geography unit study. I hope you’re enjoying riding along with us on our travels! Did you know that kids in Venezuela have hot chocolate for breakfast? It’s a very thick soupy pudding mixture that children dip bread in! We didn’t have any soupy hot chocolate, but did…

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Expedition Earth: Panama Unit Study

Good morning and welcome to our Expedition Earth world geography curriculum where we’re learning all about Panama! I hope you join in with us because we’re having so much fun with our world geography studies!   Panama has the lowest population in Central America, but is the most industrialized country in Central America. It also has the most diversified wildlife…

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Expedition Earth Brazil Unit Study

Oi! And welcome to our Expedition Earth World Geography Brazil unit study! I think out of all of the countries this is one of our favorites because we get to learn all about the rainforest and the cool animals that are found there. We also get to do a fun craft which you’ll see below!   Here are some more…

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Expedition Earth: Mexico World Geography Unit

Did you know that Mexico has the second largest land border in the world? Do you know which border that is? If you guessed the Mexico/United States border then you are correct! The Mexico/U.S. border is 3,141 km (1,951 mi) long! Give yourself an extra point! There are over 100,000,000 people living in Mexico and about 1/4 of the population…

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Expedition Earth: USA World Geography Unit

Hi friends! Want to learn all about the United States in a fun hands-on way? Look no further! As promised, I have our Expedition Earth World Geography study on the United States of America for you today.     Here are some more of the fun things we learned about on our expedition this week: Recited the Pledge of Allegiance…

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Expedition Earth: Canada Unit Study

Salut and welcome to our Expedition Earth week on Canada!   Here are some of the activities we did this week along with things I managed to capture on film! Say “Hello” in French: salut (silent t) , “Thank You” : merci Locate Canada and capital Ottawa on the wall map Sang a Canadian song Completed mapping and flag worksheets…

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Expedition Earth Spain Unit Study

Hola! And welcome back to another Expedition Earth post. This week we ventured through Spain learning all about their culture, landmarks, animals, climate, people, and more!   Here are some of the things we covered this week: Located Spain and it’s capital on the map and completed our mapping worksheet Learned about their flag How to say “Hello” in Spanish…

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Expedition Earth Italy World Geography Unit

Buon giorno and welcome to our Expedition Earth week on Italy! As a country near and dear to my heart, we enjoyed learning about our heritage,  and I even learned some new things about Italy too! Psst….everything you see below can be found in my Expedition Earth World Geography curriculum.   Here are some of the things we covered: Located…

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Expedition Earth: United Kingdom Unit Study

Shwmae & Hello!! Welcome to this week’s world geography unit. We’re meeting in the United Kingdom as part of our Expedition Earth World Geography Curriculum, I hope you will join us there! We had some a few fun crafts this week which always makes things more interesting, and we finished our week at an English Pub which meant I didn’t…

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Expedition Earth Russia World Geography Unit

Dobrey Dyen! And welcome to another episode of Expedition Earth World Geography, this week we’re learning all about Russia! As you can see, my kids take their studies very seriously! Here are some of the things we learned about this week: Where Russia is on the world map & located Moscow A song in Russian How to Say ― Hello…

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Expedition Earth: Thailand World Geography Unit

Sawa dee ka! And welcome to our Expedition Earth World Geography week where we’re learning all about Thailand! Of course we always start off by finding the country on our world wall map. This year I printed & laminated an extra sheet of our country flags and we’ve been adding them to the map as we go. It’s been kind…

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Expedition Earth: India

Namaste! I hope you have a few minutes today to join us on our Expedition Earth travels through India! We’ve learned a lot about India culture this week, and tried some amazing food as well. We started off by finding India on the map, then we located the capital, as well as the Mediterranean Sea an Dead Sea. India is…

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