Welcome to this week’s Teeny Tot spotlight! She’s been more active than ever during school these days.

Here she is working on a Letter U Do –A-Dot page. She did pretty well keeping her dots in the circles, apparently she’s been paying attention to her sister ‘cuz I sure didn’t teach her how LOL!


She had fun using toaster tongs to transfer pom-poms to her ice cube tray. (Just because I know you’re going to ask…I got the cute orange slice ice cube tray & Toaster Tongs at Bed, Bath & Beyond)


I was surprised at this one, but she grabbed my preschooler’s letter Y magnet page and insisted on doing it herself. She did a pretty good job if you ask me! If you do this, just make sure you watch that they don’t slip any little magnets in their mouths, they can wreak havoc on the body!


And another one of our LOTW games in action, she put the beads on the cards, then spent forever taking them off and putting them into a Ziploc baggie. Again, another choking hazard…I can’t seem to get away from hazards these days!


She worked on our wooden lacing shapes. These are pretty cool, good for little ones since they’re wooden and very sturdy. They are great for developing fine-motor skills.


She also had fun playing with our 3-D Feel & Find game from Guidecraft. She also cheated most of the time, maybe that’s why she won.


She’s been showing more and more interest in our Preschool Letter of the Week activities. She of course couldn’t match the letters, but she did work on attaching the clothes-pins to the Letter Match Disk!


That about wraps up our week with the Teeny Tot!

Click here to see more of her antics, I mean “activities”!


  1. I have something similar to your letter magnet activity called "Button Art." My almost-three-year-old loves to play with it, along with any other little one that comes over for a playdate who is 2-4 😉 The buttons are really large, so less of a choking hazard. http://www.amazon.com/Alex-Little-Hands-Button-Art/dp/B003AP4JPE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid;=1305311995&sr;=8-1I think my sister bought it on Amazon, but I've seen them at Toys 'R Us, too. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  2. I got a good laugh when Amelia my almost-5-year old daughter saw I was looking at your pictures of your young tot and saw all the things that I got from your website. She said "She's in MY school !"

  3. She is just the same age as my little guy. He turned 2 on Nov 8. Do your big kids have a hard time concentrating with her around? My 6 yr old son has the hardest time staying focused with him around, even if the little guy is doing his own thing. It is our biggest struggle in homeschooling (and we will add another in the fall so we will have ages 6,5,2,nb) Any suggestions would be appreciated. I love your blog, BTW. I send people to you all the time.

  4. Im so glad i found your site. I have 2 1/2 and she wants to go to school. So i have trying to come up with ideas to teacher things so she thinks she is in school. She knows primary colors, shapes, can count to 7 and sign her abc. I love the teeny tot school.

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