Hi friends! I’m back today with our 9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum haul, where I’ll be showing you everything we plan to use for our 9th grade student this year!

If you have been around since the beginning, you’ll know that we have four children. The oldest two are attending a four-year university for their Bachelor’s degrees. My high-school senior is doing dual enrollment through a community college. And that means that I’m down to just one child homeschooling!

It’s crazy looking back on the years! I remember when we had all four kids gathered around a communal table doing science experiments, art projects, and fun games. Now they’re mostly grown and my how time has flown by! I miss those days, but I’m also excited to see what their futures hold. And looking back, I can officially say that homeschooling has been truly beneficial for our family! I’m so glad we persevered and am proud to see the amazing young adults my kids have become.


With that said, let’s take a look at what my 9th grader will be doing this year. We are moving more towards online for her at home. And she will also be participating in a program through our local school district for elective classes like art, Astronomy, sewing, theater, and robotics. It’s a great program and wonderful for homeschoolers.

Our 2020-2021 9th Grade Curriculum:

Don’t forget to fill out a Notice of Intent to Homeschool if your state requires it. We send ours in two weeks prior to our start date. You can learn more about that here.

Make sure to check out my New to Homeschooling page where you can find out all of the information you need to get started!

Check out more 9th Grade Help below!

Download the 9th Grade Daily Schedule Below:

I’m not doing a video for our picks this year, but you can watch our 2020-2021 9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum video here to see a few more details on the BJU Press Distance Online program.


  1. Congratulations Erica. I am so happy to have been able to follow you and your family on your journey. It is because of you that I decided to have a dedicated homeschool space and to continue homeschooling my children. Continue to do great things.

    Attilah Overton

  2. I just want to express my gratitude for your heart to share with all of use *strangers* on the internet all these years…words from your blog encouraged me to step away from the idea of traditional school for my first child (and now all five!), which was a hard thing for me to do as an elementary school teacher! Thank you for helping me have courage to step into my calling as a homeschool mama 12 years ago! Your online words (and your content and creations!) have been priceless to my family over this time. With love from our family to yours!

  3. Aaawww! I remember when teeny tot was in diapers. Is it hard for her to do her school work alone? Thanks for inspiring the whole world to homeschool. I couldn’t have done it without your wisdom. You gave me the confidence to do it. Unfortunately, my kids hated it but I waited until God said I was done and He did so quickly and loudly ☺️. I homeschooled my kids for 7 years. I still remember when I told my youngest he was going to public school if he wanted to. He started shaking and crying with joy. It was the right choice for us even though my kids didn’t agree. Sometimes we didn’t agree with what God wants but He sees the beginning to the end. We do not.

  4. Would you mind touching on if you would still recommend MathUSee for elementary/middle school math? I know you mentioned you switched because you wanted a program more college prep, but now having the gift of perspective, would you still have used MathUSee before switching to Teaching Textbooks/Shormann for high school math? Do you feel their foundation using MathUSee was enough to prepare them? Would you have used a program more similar in rigor to Shormann at the elementary/middle grade level? Thank you.

    1. We did use MUS for three of our four children up until high school. Once we got to Algebra we switched to Shoremann Online Math, it’s a bit better prep for college level math in my opinion. My fourth child didn’t do so well with MUS, so she used Teaching Textbooks until high school and then switched to Shoremann Online Math as well.

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