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2015 Castlewood Canyon Hike

Hi everyone! This past summer we took a hike along the Castlewood Canyon near Franktown, CO. This is really close for us, and a beautiful area for hiking as well as nature walking. There are several loops you can take depending on what fits your family best, including a paved trail as well.   I also find this is a…

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2015 Denver Aquarium Field Trip

One of the things I love about homeschooling is that we get the opportunity to go out and experience things first hand. That’s why I try to schedule in a few field trips each year. It’s always a nice change to our normal school days. I try to plan them according to what we’re studying so that they fit naturally…

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Fun at the Lake!

Hi everyone, most of you know we moved to a new house 2 years ago and we’re enjoying it so much. We’re right off of the lake so that makes for lots of fun fishing trips, and afternoons at the beach! And since we live in Colorado this is probably the closest thing I’ll get to living at the beach…

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The Silk Road Museum Tour 2015

Hi everyone! We had the pleasure of taking a tour of the Silk Road exhibit held by our local Museum of Nature & Science this past year. It was so cool! And it fit right in with our Expedition Earth world geography studies, so that was a win win! While we weren’t allowed to take any photographs, the exhibit had…

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Sherlock Holmes Mystery Solved!

Hi everyone! We had the pleasure of checking out the Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science this week and it was so cool! I wasn’t sure what my kids would think initially, but it ended up being a really neat exhibit. Unlike most special exhibits they host, this one was hands on, and the kids…

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2015 Butterfly Pavilion Field Trip

Hi everyone! We haven’t been to the Butterfly Pavilion in a few years, so the kids were excited to take a tour again this past year. This time Jason was able to come with us, and the kids are always excited when Daddy joins in on the fun! The Butterfly Pavilion is really fun, but doesn’t take that long to…

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Mythical Creatures Museum Tour

Hey everyone! I thought I’d share another fun field trip that we took this year. We headed out to the Museum of Nature & Science for their mythical creatures display. This one was just for fun and mainly because Miss Lady Bug loves unicorns!  And they had a ton of cool mythical creatures to check out. The first one we…

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2015 Denver Mint Tour

Good morning everyone! I have another super fun field trip idea to share with you today! We had the chance to take a tour of the US Denver Mint which is located in Denver, Colorado. The Denver Mint prints coin money, and offers daily tours to the public. You do have to sign up and there are some restrictions, so…

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2015 LEGO Americana

Good morning everyone! We had the pleasure of visiting our local shopping mall during the LEGO Americana Tour this year and wow, was it cool! I was absolutely amazed at these displays. And the designers and builders of these are to be commended because they were absolutely fabulous! If you weren’t able to attend on of the shows, I thought…

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South Dakota Vacation

Hi everyone! This summer we took a fun trip to South Dakota and I just found the pictures when I was browsing around my computer. And in the spirit of blogging, I thought it would be fun to share our adventures today!  If you haven’t had a chance to visit, there are definitely some things worth seeing there!   Mount…

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Butterfly Pavilion Field Trip

  We had the privilege of touring the Butterfly Pavilion this summer. We’ve never been there before and while the tour was short, the scenery was incredible!     I’ve never seen that many different types of butterflies before. They were flying all over, and with all the luscious flowers tempting them, we were able to get some good photos!…

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Trip to Mars and beyond

We took a day during our Geography studies to veer off course a tad and ventured to Mars for the day. We also saw the space shuttle along with an Egyptian Mummy display and the Amazon Rainforest! They were at our museum this week and even though we aren’t in Egypt or Brazil I wanted to make sure we caught…

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