Spelling You See Video Review

Hi everyone! I have another curriculum video review for you today. This one is on the Spelling You See curriculum that we reviewed and used last year. We will be using this curriculum again this year as it worked well, and it doubles as handwriting for us as well which is a bonus! Psst…stick around to the end for a fun giveaway!! --> Watch my Spelling You See video review here! PLEASE NOTE: I apologize, in the video I mentioned that the curriculum comes with the Teacher’s Manual, however it does not. The Teacher’s Manual can be purchased separately. I don't use the teacher's manual for my older students, however there are some dictation exercises in the Level B unit that does require the teacher's manual.   What is Spelling You See? For those of you who haven’t heard of Spelling You See, it’s a new curriculum recently released by the same folks as Math U See, Demme Learning. They have a unique approach where students search for things like vowel … [Read more...]


All About Spelling Video Review

Good morning readers! Today I have a much requested All About Spelling video review for you! Psst…there’s a giveaway at the bottom of this post, so keep reading! As most of you know, we’ve used this program for several years now, and we still love it! But I do get a lot of questions about what you need to order, and how we use the program so I thought a video would be a great way to share more information with you and hopefully help you learn a little bit more about this curriculum. --> Watch my All About Spelling Video Review here!     What do you need to purchase?   Every time I post on this product, I get questions like “Do I really need the teacher’s manual?” or “What do I need to purchase?”. In order to complete this program successfully, you will definitely NEED the Teacher’s Manual. The student packet is basically  a list of word cards and a few other special items needed for the unit, however without the TM you won’t have any … [Read more...]


Math U See Giveaway!

Good morning everyone! I am so excited today, I have a great giveaway for all of you Math-U-See and Spelling You See users out there! And if you haven’t tried Math U See yet, now is a perfect time to check it out. If I switch curriculum, I try to do it after the Christmas break so it’s like a nice clean start.   Math-U-See One thing I love about Math-U-See is that they teach to mastery, and that means your student might not learn a certain skill right off the bat. They build on concepts so that the math skills actually make sense for your student. Students also use the MUS visual manipulatives to help further understand whatever skill they are working at the time. However to my surprise the students do not become depending on the manipulatives to solve problems. They’re simply hands on training tools to use until a concept is mastered. This is what the Math-U-See looks like in our workboxes. I pull out their worksheet each day and keep the video DVD and our little plastic … [Read more...]


All About Spelling Giveaway!

We’re moving on to a new level of All About Learning Press spelling, and frankly I’m even excited! I’d also like to mention that the cover of this new level is Strawberry Shortcake’s absolute favorite color, so she’s thrilled! It’s the little things, no?   This year Strawberry shortcake is starting All About Spelling Level 7, and yes, we’re still loving this program!   What is included in Level 7? Level 7 is teachers students in a practical, hands-on way just like the other amazing spelling levels offered from All About Learning Press. Your student will master important spelling concepts in this upper level: Clues for knowing when to use ANCE or ENCE for the sound of /ĕnts/ as in significance and conference Strategies for spelling words with Latin and Greek elements as in deductible and hydroscope Loan words from French, Spanish, and Italian such as camouflage and scenario A writing station and story prompts to help aid in the writing process … [Read more...]


Affiliate Love…

Hi everyone! I wanted to take some time today to share some of my favorite companies with you. These products are some that we personally endorse and use in our homeschooling.   I think you should know, that I’m fairly picky on what we use. And even more so with what I will recommend to you! For that reason, I only review/giveaway products that we have enjoyed in our home and want to share with you too! So today is dedicated to the awesome companies that have supported Confessions and have a special place in our hearts!   Our Favorites:   All About Learning Press has both reading and spelling products available which we love! All About Spelling teaches encoding skills, spelling rules, and multisensory strategies to help your student become a proficient speller! All About Reading is a complete program teaching phonics, decoding, fluency, and comprehension in a fun and engaging way.       What’s in the Bible? are a series of fun DVDs that … [Read more...]


Spelling You See Review & Giveaway

Good morning readers! We’re nearing the end of the school year and I for one can’t wait until the break is here! I’m ready for sun, swimming, and relaxing! And yes, we do take a traditional summer break just to give everyone (including me) a little rest and recuperation before kicking off the new year! But… That time isn’t quite upon us just yet. And one of the things that Turbo is needing a little more help on is his spelling.   As a result we’ve decided to continue on with spelling and possibly math over the summer. Mainly so they don’t do a brain dump of everything they’ve learned over the past year and forget it all! So when the new Spelling You See product came for review I thought it would be a perfect time to try out something new, as well as give Turbo extra practice over the summer. We’re still in the decision making process for our curriculum for next year for him, so I think this will help us decide what we’re going to do going forward. What … [Read more...]


Christmas Extravaganza Day 13: All About Learning

Hi everyone! I have a super fun product for you all! One of my favorite companies, All About Learning Press is sponsoring our giveaway today! If you don’t know already, AALP products are one of my top picks for teaching spelling skills, reading, phonics, phonograms, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and decoding multi-syllable words. And If you’ve already been using All About Spelling or Reading you already know that this is a fun hands-on program! Tinker Bell loves the fun activity sheets included in the Student Activity Pack for the reading program, and thanks to the AALP spelling program she’s one of my best spellers!  She actually asks to do these fun sheets all the time! And I figure if a kid is asking to learn it’s a good thing.   Ready to add this wonderful program to your homeschool? The awesome people at All About Learning Press is offering a giveaway of of the All About Spelling Level 1 PLUS the Deluxe Spelling Interactive Kit to one of you! Fill out … [Read more...]


Homeschool Spelling Curriculum Forum

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s homeschool curriculum forum! Today we’re discussing the every so popular subject of spelling.   It’s no secret that I LOVE All About Learning Press products. And I’m particularly fond of the All About Spelling program. I started using them last year for our phonics and spelling help and we’ve never looked back. One thing to note, there are only about 25 lessons in both the first and 2nd level books. I’m used to doing 1 lesson/day with my other curriculum, so obviously that wasn’t going to work. Some of the lessons for my 1st grader are pretty easy so we’re blazing through them quickly, but you are to teach to mastery with this program so after talking to the super nice people at All About Spelling I realized that you don’t need to go through 1 lesson each day. Instead you are to stay on that lesson until they’ve got the rules down pat, so we’ve slowed down a bit. Why do I love All About Learning Press so much? It’s easy to … [Read more...]


All About Spelling $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

Hi everyone, I am always thrilled to be able to offer you a giveaway from All About Learning Press, and today I have a $50 gift card for you that you can use on any of the AALP products that will benefit your homeschool! As you know, we’ve used All About Spelling for several years and recently added in All About Reading as well. I continue to love the hands-on aspect of this program, as well as the explanation of phonics rules.   One of my favorite things about the units are the colored flashcards that we review daily. They are very effective in helping kids retain the phonics rules, and enable me to remind them if they’re needing help with spelling a word. For example if they need to spell the word dodge, I’ll simply ask them a few questions instead of giving them the answer. Like this: “What are your two options for the ‘j’ sound at the end of a word? Okay, which one follows a short vowel? There you go, now you know how to spell that word.” I find this much more … [Read more...]


All About Learning Press $50 Gift Card

Everyone was so excited about the last All About Learning Press $50 Gift Card to giveaway that we wanted to do another one for everyone this week! Yeah! It’s no secret I H. E. A. R. T.  All About Learning Press! I started using them last year for our phonics and spelling help and we’ve never looked back. Tinker Bell has just finished up All About Spelling Level 1 and All About Reading Level 1 this year, and is reading really well. She’ll be moving on to All About Spelling 2 next year, and hopefully All About Reading Level 2 when it comes out!     Why do I love All About Learning Press so much? It’s easy to do with no prep work on my part The phonics rules are reviewed often so kiddos remember them It’s a hands-on learning style that makes learning fun Results: I personally witnessed in overnight improvement in all of my children’s spelling and reading skills The kiddos love it. ‘Nuff said. We rotate around how we do things, some days they use … [Read more...]