Spelling You See Review & Giveaway


Good morning readers! We’re nearing the end of the school year and I for one can’t wait until the break is here! I’m ready for sun, swimming, and relaxing! And yes, we do take a traditional summer break just to give everyone (including me) a little rest and recuperation before kicking off the new year! But… That time isn’t quite upon us just yet. And one of the things that Turbo is needing a little more help on is his spelling.   As a result we’ve decided to continue on with spelling and possibly math over the summer. Mainly so they don’t do a brain dump of everything they’ve learned over the past year and forget it all! So when the new Spelling You See product came for review I thought it would be a perfect time to try out something new, as well as give Turbo extra practice over the summer. We’re still in the decision making process for our curriculum for next year for him, so I think this will help us decide what we’re going to do going forward. What … [Read more...]


Homeschool Spelling Curriculum Forum


Hi everyone and welcome to today’s homeschool curriculum forum! Today we’re discussing the every so popular subject of spelling.   It’s no secret that I LOVE All About Learning Press products. And I’m particularly fond of the All About Spelling program. I started using them last year for our phonics and spelling help and we’ve never looked back. One thing to note, there are only about 25 lessons in both the first and 2nd level books. I’m used to doing 1 lesson/day with my other curriculum, so obviously that wasn’t going to work. Some of the lessons for my 1st grader are pretty easy so we’re blazing through them quickly, but you are to teach to mastery with this program so after talking to the super nice people at All About Spelling I realized that you don’t need to go through 1 lesson each day. Instead you are to stay on that lesson until they’ve got the rules down pat, so we’ve slowed down a bit. Why do I love All About Learning Press so much? It’s easy to … [Read more...]


All About Spelling $50 Gift Card Giveaway!


Hi everyone, I am always thrilled to be able to offer you a giveaway from All About Learning Press, and today I have a $50 gift card for you that you can use on any of the AALP products that will benefit your homeschool! As you know, we’ve used All About Spelling for several years and recently added in All About Reading as well. I continue to love the hands-on aspect of this program, as well as the explanation of phonics rules.   One of my favorite things about the units are the colored flashcards that we review daily. They are very effective in helping kids retain the phonics rules, and enable me to remind them if they’re needing help with spelling a word. For example if they need to spell the word dodge, I’ll simply ask them a few questions instead of giving them the answer. Like this: “What are your two options for the ‘j’ sound at the end of a word? Okay, which one follows a short vowel? There you go, now you know how to spell that word.” I find this much more … [Read more...]


All About Spelling Level 7 DISCOUNT!


Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that All About Learning Press released their All About Spelling Level 7! Get a 15% off discount this week only! If you’re just starting you’ll need the Teacher’s Manual and Student Packet. You should also get the Basic Interactive Kit or Deluxe Interactive Kit that includes the magnetic tiles. Why do I love All About Learning Press so much? It’s easy to do with no prep work on my part The phonics rules are reviewed often so kiddos remember them It’s a hands-on learning style that makes learning fun Results: I personally witnessed in overnight improvement in all of my children’s spelling and reading skills The kiddos love it. ‘Nuff said. Want more information? I wrote a review of it awhile back you can read my original  All About Spelling Review here. Like All About Learning Press on Facebook Follow All About Learning Press on Twitter … [Read more...]


All About Spelling Giveaway!


Hi everyone! I know I just released my 2012 Curriculum Update and in it I mentioned that we were still loving All About Learning. It’s been a consistent favorite of mine for almost 2 years now! I know you all love it too, so I have a special treat for you today!   In honor of last week and Valentine’s day, I wanted to share a little love with you all! So….drum roll please…I’m hosting a very SPECIAL giveaway for All About Learning today! But before we move on, I wanted to clear a few things up! In my curriculum post I noted that I was using All About Spelling, All About Reading, and Abeka worksheets. I’ve since received several emails asking if I thought I needed to supplement. Just for the record, NO! I do not think AAS & AAR need any type of supplement! I simply have Tinkerbell working on the Abeka worksheets because I had them already and I just have a thing about wasting curriculum! Plus I figure it can’t do any harm to do a little extra work right? But … [Read more...]


All About Spelling: $50 Gift Card Giveaway!


Okay everyone, get ready for another AWESOME giveaway from All About Spelling! Due to the wonderful response from my last giveaway, Marie Rippel from AAS has offered to giveaway one $50 Gift Card to one of you! If you haven’t tried it yet, oh my goodness, you are soooo missing out! We started using this curriculum last year and absolutely love love love it!     I personally think they should have named it All About Phonics because it really is a phonics, spelling and reading program in my opinion. I wrote a review of it awhile back you can read my original  All About Spelling Review here. This year I started working with Tinkerbell (Kindergarten) and the AAS Level 1 program. She’s doing a great job, we’re taking it a little slow to make sure she gets all of the phonics rules, special sounds, and spelling rules down pat. So far I’m really impressed with what she’s able to do already, and the phonics practice has really helped her reading as well! With All … [Read more...]


All About Spelling Giveaway!


Oh my goodness! If you haven’t tried All About Spelling yet you are soooo missing out! We started using this product last year and absolutely love love love it! I personally think they should have named it All About Phonics because it really is a phonics, spelling and reading program in my opinion. I wrote a review of it awhile back you can read my All About Spelling Review here. I was previously using a different spelling program and my daughter was getting 100% on all her tests. I thought she was doing great until I realized that she was actually just memorizing her list for the week, but then later when asked to recall a word she should have learned it was long gone. With All About Spelling, kids learn why words are spelled as they are. They drill the phonics rules until they are mastered and that is what has made the difference for us. I noticed a marked improvement in both the reading and writing skills of my children after starting this program. Now when they go to … [Read more...]


K4 Expansion Pack ~ Sight Words

Hi everyone, I’m excited to share my new Sight Words Practice Cards with you. They’re part of my K4 Expansion Pack! --> Click here to download the Sight Words <-- To play: Cut out the Sight Word tiles, then use them to build the words. Laminate then use dry-erase markers to write in spell the words. Play “Sight Word Bingo”. Have students put a pom-pom, or glass bead on each word card as it is called, 3 in a row wins! Use magnetic letters, or any other alphabet tiles you have to spell the words on a cookie sheet. Use tracing pages to practice sight word handwriting and spelling. Click here to see my other K4 Curriculum Activities! These activities are part of myK4 level expansion to my Letter of the Week Curriculum, click on the images below to see more activities! Hope you enjoy! … [Read more...]


All About Spelling Prek – Level 1 Reading

It's Official! All About Reading Level Pre-1 is ready to order! Get it before midnight on March 7 and receive $20 in free product! “The new All About Reading program is unique because it begins with Level Pre-1 for preschoolers and kindergarteners, and it focuses on what we call the Big Five Skills. These five fundamental pre-reading skills include letter knowledge, phonological awareness, print awareness, listening comprehension, and motivation to read. It is this specific set of skills that helps pre-readers understand the basics of language and how it works, preparing them to learn to read. With All About Reading Level Pre-1, your child will play special games, enjoy little crafts, and engage in charming storytime activities--all the while absorbing these all-important Big Five Skills.” Click below to see all of the All About Spelling Products: … [Read more...]


All About Spelling Sale!

Ad you know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE All About Spelling products! I’m excited to let you know that they’re having a 2011 New Year Sale! Here is their list of new and sale products: NEW! Spelling Review Box. Store your All About Spelling flashcards in our new Spelling Review Box! By popular demand, this box is large enough to hold the flashcards from all seven levels of the program. Your cards will fit perfectly, and you won't have to run out to get multiple index card boxes. Reg $9.95 Sale Price $7.95 NEW! Divider Cards. There are 12 sturdy laminated divider cards, ready to insert in your index card box or our Spelling Review Box. No more floppy divider cards! Reg $4.95 Sale Price $2.95 NEW! Spelling Tote Bag. Store your All About Spelling books and supplies in this sturdy tote bag. It helps keep you organized! When you are ready to teach, just grab your tote bag and go. Reg $14.95 Sale Price $11.95 The Deluxe Interactive Kit now includes the letter tiles, magnets, … [Read more...]