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    Hands on Easter Activities for Kids

    Bunnies, chicks, eggs…oh my! All of those things are fun, but I really want my kiddos to get the real meaning of Easter as well! So here are a few of my favorite ideas to help make this Easter special! Since Easter is quickly approaching I’m in the mood for Easter Activities! Yesterday I shared … [Read More...]

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    FREE Parenting Webinar with Amy McCready!

    Good morning parents! Are you wondering how to get your kids to listen without nagging, reminding, or yelling? Look no further! I’m partnering with Amy McCready in another great FREE parenting webinar for you! Amy is founder of Positive Parenting Solutions & TODAY Show contributor. Together … [Read More...]

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    The Time Machine Literature Unit

    Hi everyone! Today I have another fun literature classic for you, The Time Machine Unit Study! Hope you enjoy! Story Summary: The Time Machine tells the story of an anxious scientist who discovers how to travel through time. He starts in London in 1895 and travels all the way to the year … [Read More...]

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    Easy Chicken, Rice, and Bean Burritos

      Hi everyone! I have another simple and fast recipe to share with all of you busy homeschoolers out there! After saying this was fast, I realized that I normally make these a few days after I’ve made my Southwestern Chicken Tacos, refried beans, and Spanish rice. That way I can just pull … [Read More...]

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    World Geography: South Africa Unit Study

    Our Expedition Earth World Geography journey has brought us to the continent of Africa. So, Haai! And welcome to South Africa! The kids have been excited about Africa and it’s finally here! Here are some of the fun activities we did for the week: Some Things We Learned: Where … [Read More...]


The Wind in the Willows Unit Study


Hi everyone! I have a brand new Classic Literature Unit Study for you today!   Introducing The Wind in the Willows Unit Study & Lapbook The Wind in the Willows is a cute story about Toad, mole, Rat, and Badger, four great pals who live in the country. Students reading this story will join along in a fun adventure where the friends set out on an adventure, get into mischief, come up with inventive schemes of getting  out of said trouble, defend one another, and share an enduring friendship that rises above species!   For this unit I am using the Classic Starts The Wind in the Willows version. I find the Classic Starts a little easier for younger readers, but you could certainly use this unit with the original version if you have an older student. The assignments are written to go with the Classic Starts edition, but the concepts are the same, so you should be able to complete the lapbook using any version you choose.   Watch a video of The … [Read more...]


2014 March Monthly Meal Plan


Good morning! I hope you are having a great year so far! I’m back today with another Monthly Meal Plan for you. I hope it’s helping you get your meals planned, and relieving a little bit of stress from your day!   So today I have our March 2014 Monthly Meal plan for you all! Download the Monthly Meal Plan: 2014 March Monthly Meal Plan PDF 2014 March monthly meal plan Word Doc (Editable) Here are some of our smoothie recipes: … [Read more...]


World Geography: Spain Unit Study


Buenos Dias and Hola! Today I wanted to share our Expedition Earth week on Spain! Of course we started off our week finding Spain on the map: Here are some of the things we covered this week: Located Spain and it’s capital on the map and completed our mapping worksheet Learned about their flag How to say “Hello” in Spanish – Hola, buenos dias (good day), gracias (thank you) Prayed for the Spanish people Learned a song in Spanish Completed a lapbook activity Learned about and classified 6 animals of Spain Vocabulary: Geography from A-Z: Straight Learned about Christopher Columbus (Even though he was originally from Italy, he spent most of his adult life in Spain) Learned about Pablo Picasso and tried a painting inspired by Deep Space Sparkle Went out for Spanish food…okay, so here it was more like Mexican food, but still yummy! Here is our white board for the week. We review all the facts for our country each day before we review its location on the … [Read more...]


Cucumber, Lemon & Mint Detox H2O Recipe


Good morning! With the weather starting to warm up a little, the realization that I’ll be wearing shorts is starting to creep up on me! With our recent move, general school craziness, and everything else going on in our lives I haven’t been eating as healthy as I would like to. I’m definitely ready to get my heath back on track and one of the best ways to do that is to start off with a delicious and refreshing detox water!   Why Detox Water? We all know that water is beneficial for our bodies, and a necessity to our good health. But it’s also a great way to flush out toxins, and it helps reduce bloating and makes you feel better all around. This particular recipe is like a double detoxifying beverage because of it’s yummy ingredients! Lemon: Not only is lemon known for it’s antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers. But it’s also a powerful detoxifying cleanse for your liver and a digestive aid as well. It helps cleanse and alkaline the body. If … [Read more...]


Son of God Giveaway!


Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be giving away 2 Prize Packs to see the brand new Son of God movie opening THIS FRIDAY, February 28, 2014 in over 3,000 theatres nationwide.  I can’t wait to see this film! I always love to see things that bring people back to Christ on the big screen. And I’m excited to see how the filmmakers tell the story of Jesus. From the trailer it looks like an excellent depiction of the life of Christ. And with a PG-13 rating I’m hoping it will be more family friendly version as well. Interested? Keep reading to see what’s included in the Prize Packs I’m offering to you!     About the Film: “From the award-winning producers of the record-breaking miniseries The Bible, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, comes Son of God, the larger-than-life story of The New Testament, to be released by 20th Century Fox on February 28, 2014. Son of God is a major motion picture that brings the life of Jesus Christ to the big screen like never before. Told with … [Read more...]


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Unit Study


Hi everyone! I’m really excited to be releasing some new Classic Literature Unit Studies for you all! My kids have been absolutely loving these this year and we’re taking a break from our regular reading to dive into some of these fun classics! For this unit I am using the Classic Starts 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea version. I find the Classic Starts a little easier for younger readers, but you could certainly use this unit with the original version if you have an older student. The assignments are written to go with the Classic Starts edition, but the concepts are the same, so you should be able to complete the lapbook using any version you choose.     20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Unit Study & Lapbook 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is an underwater fantasy adventure that is exciting as it is unusual! The story follows Professor Aronnax and his men who are setting sail in search of a “monstrous sea creature” that has been sighted somewhere in the Atlantic … [Read more...]


DIY: Duct Tape Purse Craft


  Hi everyone! It’s Friday, and I’ve deemed this day “Fun Friday” on my blog! So in an attempt to add a little excitement to the day, I have a super cute Duct Tape Purse tutorial for you! Strawberry Shortcake has become the master duct tape crafter and so she’s going to do a video explaining how to make this really cute purse. Where do you get colorful duct tape? You can find really fun colors of duct tape now. We purchased ours  at Michael’s Craft Store and Office Depot. But I’ve seen colorful duct tape all over. As a matter of fact the polka dot tape in this tutorial is actually shipping tape, so you can mix and match them!   Supplies: 1-2 colors of duct tape (You can do this with one color, but the dual done is a little more exciting ;o) Scissors   Ready to get started? Watch the Duct Tape Purse Tutorial here!     After she was done with her purse, she made a bunch of accessories to go with it. These were all her own … [Read more...]


Tri-Fold Lapbook with Flap & Pocket Tutorial


Hi everyone! I remember back when we first heard of lapbooks. I was totally confused. I had no clue what a lapbook was, let alone how to make one! Since then we’ve had the pleasure of adding several fun lapbook units to our homeschooling days.     What’s a lapbook? A lapbook is simply a hands-on learning tool that you can use to enhance any subject you want! Typically a lapbook is constructed of a manilla file folder, then the insides are decorated with fun “mini-books” that include information on your subject. Lapbooks can be as simple or complex as you like based on the ages of your students. They can include stories, poems, pictures, graphs, artwork, and anything else you can think of! How do you use a lapbook? I don’t typically use a lapbook as a primary means of learning, but some are certainly detailed enough that you could. We usually add a lapbook to a unit we’re studying as a supplemental hands-on activity. So for example when … [Read more...]


Updated Homeschool Room Tour!


Hi everyone! As most of you know, we recently moved. And I’ve had a ton of requests to see our new homeschool room setup! Obviously we brought all of our furniture with us, so it’s fairly similar to before. But the new room is a tad smaller, so I did make a few adjustments to the layout. So without further ado…here’s our Updated Homeschool Room Tour! Here is the entry to our room. I have my little reading bench, calendar area, and a few posters on that wall.   As you can see most of my room is setup as it was before, so there aren’t any really drastic changes. I did clean out a bunch of the clutter, so believe it or not, there is actually less stuff on my shelves than before! Of course I kept the white board, and my favorite Ikea Expedit Shelving unit.   There has been a change since I filmed the video! Actually it was only a few days after of course! But most of you know, we added two little budgies to our room! I’ll have a post … [Read more...]


Homeschooling 101: Creating Lesson Plans


Hi everyone! I’m back today with another Homeschooling 101 post for you! Last time around we discussed Gathering Curriculum, so today we’re going to talk about what to do with it!     Now that you have your entire curriculum chosen and purchased, it’s time to plan out your year. There are a couple schools of thought in this area. Some people choose to plan their lessons as they go, assuming that it will be easier to make changes as needed since they haven’t planned too far ahead. I personally like to plan out our entire year, even though there’s a possibility something will change. It’s been my experience that having my year completely planned out makes my year go more smoothly and reduces my amount of stress during the year as well. Changing just one thing is quite easily done. Some people prefer to schedule only a few weeks or months in advance since things might change. Homeschooling schedules can be very flexible based on your own needs, so again, do what works … [Read more...]