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    2016 iHomeschool Omnibus

    Hi everyone! it’s time for the 2016 iHomeshool Network Omnibus sale! Every year the amazing iHN bloggers put together a huge sale full of awesome resources at an incredibly discounted price for all of you! It’s full of material not just on homeschooling, but parenting, relationships, … [Read More...]

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    May 2016 Monthly Meal Plan

    Hey guys! I’m so excited for May because that means we only have one more month of school left! I start getting really bad summer fever right about now and with the weather warming up I want to do just about anything else besides hang out in the kitchen cooking. So that’s where my monthly meal plans … [Read More...]

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    Tip Tuesday: Motivating Your Students

    Hi everyone and welcome back to Tip Tuesday! Today we’re talking about how to motivate your students to want to do a good job and work diligently! I think as homeschoolers motivation can be an issue, well it has been for us anyway! My kids tend to think that since they’re at home, they don’t have to … [Read More...]

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    2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Picks

    Hey guys! Today I’m sharing our top 2nd grade homeschool curriculum picks with you! As I’ve said before, every family is different, so what works for us may not be the best fit for your family. But hopefully you can use these as a general guide to get started! I hope these posts are helping you … [Read More...]

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    Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken

    Hey guys, I have a super easy and delicious recipe for you today. As most of you know I don’t have a lot of time to fuss around in the kitchen, but I still like to have home-cooked meals as well. This recipe covers both needs beautifully! We have sports in the evenings on most days and so my slow … [Read More...]


Homeschooling: When You Want to Quit Paperback

Hey guys! I had so many questions on when the new Homeschooling: When You Want to Quit book would be out in print. Well, it’s available now!   Whether you’re just starting out or are already a seasoned homeschooler discouragement hits us all at one point or another. We all doubt our decisions, worry about curriculum choices, and have moments of sheer panic. The inner voice asks, “What am I doing? This is crazy! I can’t educate my children at home!” Or maybe that voice screams out in frustration, “I’m utterly spent. I can’t take one more minute of confusing fractions, tedious read alouds, or messy science experiments!” This book addresses nearly every potential frustration point that a homeschool mom faces. We tackle the irritations that make you want to throw in the towel for good. ​ What is included? Here is a small sampling of the chapters… An Introvert’s Perspective When you want to quit because your personality craves alone time Because You Work at … [Read more...]


Tip Tuesday: How to Make Reading Fun

Hi everyone, I’m back today with another fun Tip Tuesday for you all. I remember when we first started homeschooling. I had visions of kids cuddling up and reading quietly on the couch during the afternoons. It was just one of the many preconceived notions that I had about homeschooling.     But just like all of my other stereotypes, my envisioned reading scenario wasn’t playing out in our home. Now that’s not always a bad thing, because I’ve learned over the years that each homeschool looks different. And that’s okay, flexibility is what homeschooling is all about! However I do want to teach my kids to enjoy reading. I want them to read for both fun, and to learn about things that are interesting to them. Over the past several years we’ve tried all kinds of structured reading programs. And today I want to share what I’ve learned over the course of our homeschooling years, and how we’ve moved out of the structured reading curriculum box and into a whole new world … [Read more...]


Daily Learning Notebook: German Version

Guten Tag! Thanks to the help of a kind reader, (thanks Mishelle!), I am so excited to release my Daily Learning Notebook for you all in German! YAY!! It’s been so cool to see how many people use my Daily Learning Notebooks. And I can’t tell you how excited I am that so many people have come forward to help translate them into other languages. I think these are such a fun way to learn the basics of a new language, or to help learn in your own native language as well.   –> Download the Daily Learning Notebook ~ German Version here! <– What’s included? The first page talks about today’s date, days of the week, and numbers: (All translated into German of course!) What day is it? What was yesterday? What will it be tomorrow be? Write the date Color in the day number Is today’s number ODD or EVEN? Write today’s number Write the number that comes before and after today’s number The next page covers money and time: What time is it? … [Read more...]


2015 Denver Aquarium Field Trip

One of the things I love about homeschooling is that we get the opportunity to go out and experience things first hand. That’s why I try to schedule in a few field trips each year. It’s always a nice change to our normal school days. I try to plan them according to what we’re studying so that they fit naturally within our year. One of our favorite places to go is the Denver Aquarium. It’s so fun and there are always new things to see there. It’s also a great thing to do when the weather isn’t so nice outside. This time we used a fun “I Spy” type worksheet from Abeka’s Understanding God’s World student activity book. Since it fit with our theme I thought it would be fun to actually go and find all of those animals in person at our local aquarium instead of just coloring them on the worksheet. And any time that I can make a field trip a little more educational I’m up for it. Don’t get me wrong, we take plenty of trips where I don’t require them to write anything down. Mainly … [Read more...]


March 2016 Monthly Meal Plan

Good day! Are you starting to get overwhelmed with school, activities, and life in general? So much that you haven’t had time to cook a decent meal in weeks, and you’re living off of take out and cereal? Fret no more fellow homeschooler because I have our March Monthly Meal Plan up for you today! These seriously take the stress out of cooking for me. Thankfully I have a daughter who loves to cook and helps me stay on track. It can be so easy to hit the drive-thru on busy days, but hopefully this will help you be better prepared so that you can have home-cooked meals on a regular basis! I take my monthly meal plan each week and make a grocery list then head to the store. Right now I have to go on weekends usually because that’s about the only spare time I have. I get just what’s on the meal plan for the week and that way I’m sure to have ingredients for all of my meals. I also find that weekly shopping helps with things like produce which can spoil easily. And it keeps our budget … [Read more...]


Tip Tuesday: Managing Laundry for a Large Family

Hi everyone and welcome back to Tip Tuesday! Today’s tip isn’t exactly homeschooling related, it’s more homemaking related. Have you ever wondered how we keep on top of laundry with a large family? Well, this week's Tip Tuesday is all about how we organize and handle our laundry!   With a family of six, laundry can get a little bit overwhelming! But today I’m going to show you how to say goodbye to piles of dirty and clean laundry cluttering your house. Here are a few of my tips to keep your laundry from piling up, so let’s get it washed, folded, and put away! Check out my Large Family Laundry Tips video below!   My Laundry Tips: Do one load each day. I combine colors and whites if they aren’t too different in tone. If I have a lot of blacks/whites then I will separate them into two loads. Since our laundry is upstairs, I start a load in the evenings after everyone has put dirty clothes in the laundry room. But if your room is downstairs, start a load … [Read more...]


Expedition Earth Russia World Geography Unit

Dobrey Dyen! And welcome to another episode of Expedition Earth World Geography, this week we’re learning all about Russia! As you can see, my kids take their studies very seriously! Here are some of the things we learned about this week: Where Russia is on the world map & located Moscow A song in Russian How to Say ― Hello in Russian: привет (Privyet), Good Day добрый день (Dobrey Dyen) How to Say ― Thank You in Russian: Спасибо (Spasibo ) How to pray for the Russian people Listened to Tchaikovsky – Nutcracker About children in Russia Studied the Tundra Completed a Russia lapbook activity Completed and classified animals of Russia Learned new Geography terms: Tundra, Plain, Peninsula, Swamp Learned about the North European Plains, Kamchatka Peninsula & Vasyugan Swamp Learned major landmarks and other fun facts about Russia Made Matryoshka Dolls (Psst…all of the above fun stuff is included in the Expedition Earth … [Read more...]


Fun at the Lake!

Hi everyone, most of you know we moved to a new house 2 years ago and we’re enjoying it so much. We’re right off of the lake so that makes for lots of fun fishing trips, and afternoons at the beach! And since we live in Colorado this is probably the closest thing I’ll get to living at the beach LOL! Jason took this photo, and I love it! It captures perfectly how nice it is to hang out and relax by the lake during the summer evenings!   My husband loves to fish and the kids do too, so they go down all of the time in the summer and hang out. He’s always taking a brood of kids down to fish.   Miss Lady Bug is his number one fishing buddy. She’ll go even if the weather is poor. She loves to hang out with her daddy and catch all of the fish. She’s actually done a pretty good job of it too!   They usually throw the fish they catch back, but today Turbo and his friend were excited to fry it up and have a taste. It wasn’t too bad either! A little fishy though, go … [Read more...]


Tip Tuesday: Curriculum & Teacher Manual Storage Tips

Good morning homeschoolers! Today I have another organizational Tip Tuesday for you! Today we’re talking a little bit more about storage solutions for your homeschool.     Ever wonder what I do with all of my teacher’s manuals and student workbooks? And what about all of that curriculum that we aren’t currently using, but I know we’ll need in the future? Find out how I keep all of my teacher stuff organized and how I store our student workbooks and long term curriculum in today’s Tip Tuesday: Curriculum & Teacher Manual Storage Tips video!   I hope you enjoyed today’s Tip Tuesday, and if you have any storage tips to share, make sure to leave a comment below! Happy Homeschooling! … [Read more...]


Expedition Earth: Thailand World Geography Unit

Sawa dee ka! And welcome to our Expedition Earth World Geography week where we’re learning all about Thailand! Of course we always start off by finding the country on our world wall map. This year I printed & laminated an extra sheet of our country flags and we’ve been adding them to the map as we go. It’s been kind of fun to track all of our travels! Here are some of the things we learned about Thailand: Where Thailand is on the map, the Gulf of Thailand, the Mekong River, and the capital Bangkok. How to say “Hello” in Thai – Sawa dee Ka! We prayed for the Thai people About children in Thailand Completed a lapbook activity Completed and classified animals of Thailand Learned new Geography terms Made a Krathong floating boat craft Learned more about Thailand—National Geographic Learned about the Thailand Floating Markets We watched a video on the Floating Market (Warning, there is mention of Thailand’s red light district at time stamp … [Read more...]